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Gifts under $20

This time of year the “giving” and gift list seems endless. Am I right? From secret santa to white elephant to coworkers, bosses, friends, family, kids, spouses etc. it can all seem a little much! I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been feeling the push towards less. Less stuff, less decor, less clothes and along with that less gifts.

If you asked most people what they got for a gift 5 years ago, or heck even last year I would bet most couldn’t tell you. BUT I don’t think that means we should just nix all gifts. However, I think we could get better by overall giving less and gifting more experiences. It also relieves SO much pressure from all the “stuff” and financial strain it puts on a lot of people. So for my first gift guide I wanted to do an all encompassing -or all the people gift guide under $20!

A lot of these gifts can pretty much be for anyone but I’ll separate links into categories so you can easily scroll to who you need to buy for!

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Secret Santa, White Elephant, Coworkers:

For Him:

For Her:

A couple shout outs to specific items:

Fabric Shaver:

I actually just picked one of these up at Aldi and have been going a little fabric shaving happy. I’ve used it on sweaters, upholstered furniture, blankets etc. It’s SO amazing. If you have any OCD or fashion types on your list this is for them!


We played this game as a family last holiday season and it was so fun for all ages! They have multiple versions-pictures, duets etc. Great to bring to a party or give as a gift to friends and family.

Hearth & Hand Animal Wood Toys:

I have shared these on my stories now a few times. The Hearth & Hand toys are probably my favorite. They are so pretty, and durable! I originally got these for Leni’s stocking but she talked me into bring them out early 😂

I hope this under $20 gift guide helps you buy for a multitude of people on your list. For some other tips on how to be a great gift giver check out this past post of mine as well as this one! And make sure to check back for the rest of my holiday gift guides this season.