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Easy Entry Updates for Fall

This post is sponsored by Schlage, however all opinions are 100% my own.

Most people think of the spring season as a great time to update your home. However, living in the upper midwest I think fall is a more appropriate time as we head into the winter months (or half of the year like we do in Nebraska!). I’m excited to be partnering with Schlage to share how I easily updated our entryway. I will also have a follow up post in a few weeks full of other ideas for “small” updates you can make that have a big impact.

Last fall we had just moved into this home. I was newly pregnant and was painting all. the. things. I put a lot of effort into our entryway especially as I wanted it to have a big impact when you entered our home. And the impact it had was more “yikes” than “wow”. There was an abundance of pink wallpaper, brown trim, outdated lighting and a staircase that had zero impact.

You can more before photos and in progress photos of our entryway here.

As you can see we did a lot of work to the entry by removing the wallpaper, painting the walls + trim, painting the front door, putting in new carpet on the stairs and swapping out the large entry light fixture.

One thing we didn’t change was the old, outdated door knobs. Enter: Schlage Encode. We have quite a few things in our home that can be controlled via smart phone and Alexa. Being a new mom who stays home and having a husband who travels for work it is so nice having a front door lock that can be locked via my phone or Alexa. Gives me so much peace of mind being able to look on my phone and verify that our front door is locked.

It’s amazing how something like changing out the door knobs and adding in a few fun decor items (and a cute baby!) make a major impact. I think our entryway is headed more towards “wow” than “yikes!”. Stay tuned to my next post with Schlage about other little updates you can make to your entryway for a big impact.