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Bumpdate 20 Weeks!

I’m popping in today to share my very first bumpdate for Baby G. I had planned on writing this a lot earlier than now but it seems the first 20 weeks have already flown by! I’ve been sharing some bump pictures, nursery plans and a few other details on Instagram but other than that I haven’t shared too much just yet. 

bumpdate 20 weeks

First Trimester

bumpdate 20 weeks

Overjoyed-our first ultrasound at 7 weeks. Baby G was so small but we were able to see the heart beat, it was incredible.


bumpdate 20 weeks

Real life- sucking on a preggie pop in the Menards parking lot


Whew, I’m so glad that I’m past that. I never want to be the pregnant woman who complains a bunch but man, that first trimester was pretty tough on me. I won’t go too much into detail but I was VERY nauseous and had days where I didn’t leave our bed or the couch. I tried to eat often but that didn’t stay down most of the time, foods I loved (like red meat) sounded terrible, and I had absolutely zero energy. We found out super early that I was pregnant (3 weeks) and started feeling bad around 5 weeks up until about 15 weeks!

I am by NO means an expert on being pregnant but a few things that did help:

-purse snacks!! I always had crackers on hand for those times that nausea hit out of nowhere

-preggie pops-helped to curb some of the nausea even if only temporarily

-switched to prenatal gummies versus the large horse pills and took them after my biggest meal

-stopped cooking-haha this sounds ridiculous but I could NOT do smells that come from cooking

Telling Husband & Family

bumpdate 20 weeks

What I had waiting for Isaac on the day we found out, trying to redeem my not so great delivery of the news!

bumpdate 20 weeks

After facetiming my parents to tell them!

I have told Isaac for years now that I would tell him in some elaborate way that I was pregnant, I had all these plans for when that time came and wanted it to be so special. However, that all kind of went out the window the minute I found out at the doctor! I was shocked, excited and overwhelmed and text him a picture of my pregnancy tests. At first he thought I was joking, once I assured him I was not he was also super excited! Unfortunately, he was in work meetings that whole day so I didn’t get to see him until late that night. At that point I did have a book and a cute little onesie waiting for him then šŸ™‚

We wanted to tell all our family in person, but because of distance not all of that happened as planned! I facetimed my sister the day I found out because I had to share with someone besides Isaac, we both cried, it was so amazing to share with her at that point!

We were able to tell Isaac’s parents in person, they were surprised and overjoyed! My sister help us surprise my parents and tell them over FaceTime. We gave all the grandparents the How to Babysit a Grandpa/Grandma books to help them prep šŸ˜‚

Second Trimester

bumpdate 20 weeks

Morning of our 20 week ultrasound

bumpdate 20 weeks

11 week ultrasound on top compared to 20 week ultrasound on bottom

At 20 weeks I’m in the midst of the second trimester and things for the most part are going much more smoothly! I have more energy and the nausea has subsided. However, I think nausea has been replaced by trouble sleeping and low back pain. Hot baths, my pregnancy pillow and heating pads have been my friend! I’ve also started working out again since I have energy back which has helped. I’ve been trying to get a lot of yoga in to help with the literal growing pains of my belly and the back pain.

We had our 20 week ultrasound last week, it’s amazing to see how much that baby has grown since our last ultrasound at 11 weeks! Another thing about this pregnancy that has surprised some people is the fact that we don’t plan on finding out the gender! Don’t get me wrong, I want to know what we’re having but we both think it will be SO fun to be surprised in that delivery room. Also, it will be great for everything we get for baby to be gender neutral for future babies we will hopefully have! We had to look away a few times at this last ultrasound for the tech to check gender, I held strong but the hubs definitely wanted to peek. We both think it’s a girl, I guess we have a 50/50 shot of being right!

I’m excited to continue sharing our journey with you! Below are some affiliate links of things that have helped so far during this pregnancy!



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