Wedding Planning

When I became engaged and started the process of wedding planning I had to define what was most important to me and where I wanted to spend my money. If you’ve looked on pinterest at all you will see so many ideas-most of them are elaborate, beautiful and most likely cost a lot of money. To me flowers can make or break the style, feeling, and design of an event. I was looking at ideas like these from pinterest:

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I loved the simplicity and glam of the gold painted wine bottles and the elegance of the flowers on the pergola. My sister and I deemed by wedding style as boho glam which I think is perfectly described in those two photos. I wanted to make it my own though and fall in theme with my color scheme which if you saw the wedding post you know that it was all neutrals with pops of mint green (my absolute fave color).

A good chunk of my wedding budget went towards flowers, photography and cinematography. I am so so happy how all of these turned out. The photographers (there were three of them I definitely recommend having at least two) captured our day, our emotions, and the elegance of it all perfectly. The flowers, in my opinion, made the venue and event as they add so much on their own. And lastly the cinematographers (there were two) put together a beautiful teaser film, its amazing how much you forgot or didn’t notice the day of only 3 months later. The full length video isn’t finished yet but I will update when I can!

This is how our pergola turned out which was one thing I wanted soooo badly and was probably my favorite part of the design:


shelbi-isaac-1336 shelbi-isaac-1337

Another place we used a lot of flower petals that made a huge difference were down the aisle:


And lastly…I got my gold wine bottles that I wanted oh so bad

shelbi-isaac-1195 shelbi-isaac-1200

To see more details of my wedding see part 2 of this post

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