Have Funds, Will Travel

It’s no secret that the Mr. and I love to travel! Ever since we first were married we knew it was a goal of ours to travel as much as we can. We think marrying at a young age has given us the opportunity to travel, enjoy life and make many memories together prior to having kids! However, I often get asked how we manage to travel so much. The easy/not so easy answer to that is a budget. Though I don’t enjoy budgeting, I married a smart man who knows how to put an effective budget into place so that we can achieve the goals we have set for us! 

Our larger travel goal is to make it to Europe next year for our 5th wedding anniversary. It will be Isaac’s first time there and I’ve been itching to go back! However, we knew we still wanted a small getaway this fall to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We decided on doing a long weekend in Colorado Springs as it was drivable and wasn’t too hard on our budget. 

Gas is relatively cheap right now so if you can drive to your vacation spot it will definitely make vacations more attainable! We also chose to do it over Labor Day weekend so we didn’t have to use many vacation days-also a great way to get more vacations in in a year. 

We spent the most money on meals, but tried to be smart where we could. I brought along breakfast bars so we only ate one breakfast at an actual restaurant. Most of our lunches were pretty casual so we could spend the most on dinner. 

We had a great time visiting the local sights in Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak, Seven Falls, the Royal Gorge and even a local winery! 

Though it’s not the beach-which is typically my first pick for a vacation-it was definitely a breath of fresh air. We don’t have these views in Nebraska and for some reason they never get old!

Since we had a car we visited a couple towns around Colorado Springs including this cute historic city, Cripple Creek, nestled in the mountains. 

While we do a lot of walking around, sight seeing, and window shopping we usually don’t do much actual shopping on our trips. This cuts down on our vacation costs immensely. 

While visiting some of the local sights, like the Royal Gorge, weren’t the cheapest adventure it was a great way to spend a couple hours. We’ve also become more accustomed to spending money on experiences versus physical items. 

It’s much more enjoyable to look back on vacations together and think about all the things we’ve experienced together versus some shirt we bought that we probably don’t even have anymore! 

However, the hubs did make the first purchase of the trip which was the patagonia hat he’s wearing in this pic! I gave him a lot of grief over that 😉

Loved this bridge over the Royal Gorge that had flags of most of the states people come to visit from.

On our way back from the Royal Gorge we stopped at the Holy Cross Winery. It was such a cute little winery and we may have even brought back a couple bottles!

The Seven Falls at the Broadmoor was beautiful. We also enjoyed driving around the Broadmoor hotel at all the gorgeous grounds and amazing houses in the neighborhoods surrounding it. 

We ended our vacation with a fabulous dinner and dessert at this cool underground bar!

While we haven’t taken a trip every anniversary, we always try to do something special to celebrate. Last year we had recently moved so we just had a nice dinner out, for year 2 we went to Boston and DC, and for our year 1 celebration we had a staycation. A staycation is definitely a budget friendly way to still have a “vacation” in your own city! It’s so fun to look back and see how we have celebrated each year. Our weekend getaway to CO Springs was technically our celebration for year 4 even though our actual anniversary isn’t until October 12th. What is your favorite way to celebrate anniversaries? And what travel tips do you have?

Weekend Guide: Charleston

This past weekend I surprised the EverydayMr with a short weekend trip to Charleston for his 25th birthday! I’m here to give you all the deets on where to go and what to do in Charleston. We started out by flying to Jacksonville to meet up with my sister and brother in law and then drove to Charleston by way of Savannah.

Of course we had to stop at Paula Deen’s restaurant, Lady & Sons for lunch. The biscuits ya’ll…SO good. 

After that we worked off some of those scrumptious biscuits and fried chicken by walking around the city. 

We went down by the river and loved all the old buildings, old brick roads, and gorgeous big old trees! So much beauty in old things.

After we had walked off some of our lunch we were back on the road to Charleston. We stayed in an adorable Air Bnb close to King Street that was in perfect walking distance to many resturants and shops. 

We did a sort of impromptu progressive dinner to try to experience as much as we could. The rooftop at Stars was amazing. Great views with great looking people. I definitely recommend ordering the Flight 75!

After drinks we headed to Proof for a couple apps and mules and then ended at 492 which has a great patio right on King street. All of the food was so good we didn’t even have room for dessert, which is really saying something, I love dessert!

The next day we walked about 5 miles seeing all the old houses or rather mansions and ended up at the water for lunch.

There was so, so much to see I was completely in awe. This post is super picture heavy because I simply couldn’t get past all the beauty that was Charleston!

One of my fave houses-that ivy on the steps is incredible!

Also loved Rainbow Row-how about that purple house??

And then we found ourselves at the Charleston Distillery, so neat to see this process.

And we made our way back to Stars for dinner. Definitely one of the top restaurants I’ve been to, very good!

What’s a good vacation without brunch? We tried out Hominy Grill, super cute location with even yummier food.

This city was different than other U.S. cities I’ve been to and almost seemed a little more like Europe to me. There aren’t many skyscrapers in Charleston and it seems the highest points are all the steeples-and there are a lot of them!

We hit up another rooftop at Vendue, this one was closer to the water.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

What would be touring a new city without checking out a couple shops??

^^ That’s the EverydayMr if you couldn’t tell 🙂

And of course we had to add a little more history to our trip, it is Charleston after all. We took a ferry out to Fort Sumter which was a great experience.

Also got great views of the Ravenel bridge from the ferry!

Thankful for this bird that entered my shot at just the right moment!

Cool looking out through the Fort to see the entire city of Charleston!

Our last restaurant stop was at 5 Church, which you guessed it was in an old church. 

Honestly probably one of the coolest looking restaurants I’ve ever been to. The stained glass was incredible.

Loved all the light fixtures and live edge tables as well. Perfect mix of old, new and different textures.

The food, rose, and company was great! Isaac got a free dessert for his birthday, the bread pudding. We were both skeptical at first as we’re not big bread pudding fans. However, it was so SO good!! Definitely recommend this restaurant and save room for dessert. Overall, the trip was a success and the hubs was happy which is all that mattered! Charleston quickly became one of my favorite U.S. cities. I’m not one to usually want to visit the same place multiple times although I would love to go back here. We only touched a smidge of the city and history in a short weekend that this place had to offer. 

EverydayMrs Travels

Happy Monday friends! Today I wanted to talk about travel because it seems summer if any season is the time of travel. I wanted to share some of my travel essentials with you today: my amazing getaway bag from Stella&Dot, the travel jewelry box also from Stella&Dot which is also great to hold essential oils or little things you need at the beach or lakeside, a cute phone case, a pineapple float (just because) and of course my yeti! And what would a trip be without a great app? I teamed up with a really fun gaming app that I’ve been using over my summer travels to the lake, to see family, and our new future home!

Untitled #9
The app is called Word Addiction you can download it here. It is so fun you can play alone or challenge friends and find tips and tricks here.
How to play:

All players have access to all the letters on each turn. Scores are determined by the color of the letter tiles. Build words crossword style in any direction. Earn an extra 100 points for building a six-letter word or adding letters to an existing word to make it at least six letters. Earn 25 bonus points if all 62 letters are used in a given game.

To begin, one player rolls the die to determine the maximum number of letters that can be used on that turn. Build your first word anywhere on the board! Build as many words as you’d like using that number of letters. After submitting that word, the next player rolls the die to determine his/her maximum number of letters to be used on that turn.


62 colorful letters and two blank spaces are displayed around the board for each player to choose from on each turn.


Bridge and blocks are in a different location on each game board layout. You get 10 board layouts that include varying placements of bridges and blocks for free when downloading the app, but you can purchase or earn more as you become more addicted to the game!

Bridges can be used to make two different adjacent words on the board. In the example below, JOT and QUOTED are not linked together by sharing a letter like a typical crossword, but rather, only connected by the bridge.

Blocks are obstacles that stop play in a certain direction. In the example below, the word DRIVE was built up to a block on the left hand side, so another word cannot be formed on the right hand side of the block.


Players earn stars when earning 500 or more points in a game.

Stars can be used to buy more board layouts or to buy blank tiles .

Word Addiction is kind of like an updated version of scrabble but a lot easier to travel with 🙂 I had a lot of fun playing it solitaire as well as playing it against friends like other local blogger Sharmin! I love traveling, going new places and trying new things. What are your favorite places to go, necessities to bring and must have apps?

Anniversary in the City

I promised you to post more about our anniversary we took so now that it’s been almost a month I figured it was high time! We started out in Boston and ended up in DC and had a blast in both cities. We had both been to DC but hadn’t been to Boston so it was fun for us to experience a new city together and experience a city we had both been to separately before but now got to go to together!

everydaymrs boston

Our first night in Boston at this cute little restaurant and bar at the Charlestown Navy Pier with a great view of downtown Boston!

everyday mrs MIT

everydaymrs harvard

We spent our days exploring, walking miles upon miles, and learning how to be city slickers by riding the subway!

everyday mrs boston

everydaymrs fenway

everydaymrs fenway

everydaymrs lobster

We tried lobster, Maine lobster, to be exact for the first time. Sorry Larry the lobster…

everydaymrs wine tour

And then my husband surprised me with an amazing anniversary present (as if the trip wasn’t enough) a sparkling wine tour that took us to several different local restaurants in Boston where we were able to try some delicious sparkling wines as well as a few great eats!

everydaymrs wine tour

We ended at this cute little restaurant that had a private room up this narrow staircase, exactly how I envisioned Boston!

everydaymrs dc canal

We then headed to DC! We stayed in Georgetown, which we couldn’t have loved more! Such a fun area full of great shopping and eating.

everydaymrs white house

everydaymrs whitehouse

While we didn’t see the Pres, I did get asked to do an interview about the Democratic Debate!

everydaymrs washington

Just hanging out at the Washington Monument with this in the background! You’ll notice hats were my bffs on this trip because 1. they are a great fall fashion accessory 2. they helped with windblown/rained on hair 3. I like them!

everydaymrs city anniversary

On the evening of our actual anniversary…

everydaymrs champs

everydaymrs capitol

And on our last day in DC we took a private tour of the capitol which was so fun.

We had a great time on our anniversary trip exploring these fun cities, the great weather made it even more special of a time for us!

If you’re looking to travel to these cities our top EverydayMrs’s (and Mr) approved activities are:

  • City Wine Tour in Boston
  • Take a stroll (or 5) down Newbury street in Boston’s back bay
  • Tour these cities on foot, take advantage of your two feet, you will see so much more! (definitely use the subways and users when needed though!)
  • Take a private tour of the capitol by contacting your local Representative

If you missed my other posts about this trip go here and here.