Omaha Fashion Week: 10th Anniversary

Last week was a fun week to live in Omaha! Why, you ask? It was Omaha Fashion Week! Not only was it OFW, but it was their 10th anniversary season. 

I had the chance to attend as press Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night’s runway shows. 

It was so fun to be able to dress a little fancier, see some of my other fave bloggers and meet some new ones as well!

I absolutely loved this dress from my fave fashion truck. It fit so well and was surprisingly very comfortable! To shop this dress check it out at Hello Ruby!

My favorite looks of the ones I saw were from Thursday night’s runway. I loved Michael Drummond’s line as well as the “Fine Elements” line from Rebel Vogue and RF Look. 

Love the ethereal vibes from the Fine Elements line, like the green tulle dress above. 

And how perfect is this edgy glam look from Michael Drummond?

Friday nights runway was dedicated to the 10 years of Omaha Fashion Week. The runway show debuted some of the looks from each year of OFW’s runway. It was so fun to look back and also see the evolution of fashion over 10 years!

Loved this line from several years back with the newspaper details that the designer incorporated.

It was a great week of Omaha Fashion Week. It was so cool to see how much OFW has evolved over the past 10 years, it will be fun to see it continue to evolve over the next 10. Remember to follow me on Instagram @everydaymrsblog to follow along with my stories of events I’m attending!

To check out other fashion shows I’ve been to check out KCFW here and here, and ones from Austin here and here!

KCFW: in the details

The final night of KCFW was one for the books! The runway show included many KCFW “veterans” and they didn’t disappoint. For me the final evening was all in the details.

Here was my outfit for the evening! Top and shoes from Pink Saloon, pants from Target Who What Wear line, jewelry from Stella & Dot

I loved all the details in every line from the evening. I especially enjoyed how each designer’s collection was so different from the others.

This collection from Barbara Bultman was a serious stunner. With the deep, rich colors and all the textures it definitely wasn’t a bore.

This train was amazing and so different from your usual train. Maybe perfect for a beach wedding??

Next up were some fabulous jewelry designs from Georgina Herrera. This jewelry is seriously like no other. I also loved how the designer chose to have two models walk down both sides of the runway at the same time. Was a great change up and gave the audience so much to look at!

People in the audience were actually gasping when this model came down the runway because it was so amazingly intricate.

Is there such a thing as too many jewels and metals?? I don’t think so!

Beautifully paired outfits with Georgina’s jewelry designs.

The last designer was Christian Michael’s new women’s line, sHe. 

I think hands down this was my favorite line of the runway events I went to. 

The entire collection was in black and white and incorporated different stitching techniques and varying hemlines.

Love the quilted look of this overcoat with the Cruella deVille like collar.

There wasn’t an outfit he put down the runway that I didn’t enjoy.

And a couple more looks from Barbara Bultman because I just couldn’t narrow it down!

Overall I had an amazing experience this season at KCFW. I liked the change of venue and the European style runway. We were up close and intimate with the models and really were able to take in all the details. Want to see more? Be sure to follow @kc_fashionweek on Instagram!

bold fashion: KCFW

I love going to fashion shows. It’s so fun to see new designers, inspiring collections, and all the fabulous models, kiddos included. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to attend KCFW again, this time for the Fall/Winter 2017 season. When I was thinking of how to describe this season’s runway, “bold fashion” was the term that came to mind. This season’s designers and collections definitely didn’t disappoint the inner fashionista in me. 

This first collection I’m going to show you was so 70’s inspired to me and had all the jewel tones every fall fashion lover will envy. Tiffany Brown’s “Chelsea Girl” collection was probably one of my favorites during Friday night’s runway. 

One of the reasons I love fashion shows are because it shows off a bunch of fun, unique pieces. While this collection definitely still had those, it also contained so many “wearable” pieces I would love to have in my closet!

The wide leg look is so flattering on many body styles, though I’m not sure I could wear the pleated look on the backside. Maybe it would help though 😉

Nasheli Juliana’s line was a little “flying nun” inspired if you ask me! So fun and bold for sure. 

This kid’s collection by Ethel & Dean is everything I totally see my future kids wearing. It’s still whimsical and kid friendly but so unique and different from all the other adolescent fashion out there.

Love the bold fashion prints, accessories and details in this collection. Not to mention the kid models were so stinkin’ cute and took that runway seriously!

I really enjoyed Joshua Christensen’s line as well. Love the use of bright colors paired with bold prints or accesories. I love a designer who isn’t afraid to get a little on the wild side!

These are truly just a sampling of some of my faves from the Friday night runway show. Later this week I’ll be sharing more from Saturday’s, which was the final runway for this season’s KCFW. It is going to be so much harder to pair down my faves from that evening. Be prepared for an even more photo packed post!

AFW16 Finale

Is it Monday again? How did that happen so quickly? Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day celebrating all those great mamas out there! I shared about our first night attending Austin Fashion Week last week and today I’m talking about the finale runway event. We dressed up a little bit more for the finale events and had a blast! Thanks Chloe Red Carpet for being so awesome 🙂

afw16 night2

How killer does this red headed model look? She was by far one of my faves, love all those long red Merida/Ariel like locks! Talk about fierce.

afw16 night2 2

The color blocking from this designer was so on point and I loved how it looked and was perfectly pieced together to create a fabulous look that I think would look great on all ages and multiple body types!

afw16 night2 3

Loved this capsule collection featuring a vibrant print showcased different ways.

afw16 night2 4

And this designer just “made it” in my books. Her designs were unique, kept you guessing, and playful!

afw16 night2 5

I mean..seriously. So fun!

afw16 night2 6

This was one of my faves, I’m not sure where I would wear this but I’m thinking I need it??

afw16 night2 7

So perfectly describes how I feel about this..

afw16 night2 8

afw16 night2 9

That’s a wrap folks. Have you attended a fashion week before? After attending my first two this year first KC then Austin, I can’t wait to attend more. For fashion lovers like myself it’s fun to see new emerging designers as well as dress up myself for the event!