Happy Friday loves! I’m back today sharing another item that I think is an absolute wardrobe essential: the denim jacket. And not just any denim jacket,the perfect denim jacket. I love jackets of all types, in fact one of the last wardrobe essentials I shared was a suede jacket. A denim jacket is essential in my closet as it can be paired with so many items. Whether you are dressing up or just playing it casual it’s the perfect accessory.

denim jacket

There are so many ways to wear a denim jacket and so many different options of the types of denim jackets out there!

denim jacket

My closet has just a couple denim jacket options. Because seriously ya’ll I wear them all the time! I love classic ones, ripped ones, unique details and heavier ones for the colder months also.

denim jacket

I know this photo is recycled *gasp* but I wanted to share truly how often I’m wearing my denim jacket! This one I got from Zara in the spring because my everyday denim jacket needed an update. 

denim jacket

Just a little selfie action for you here showing one of my other faves-a denim jacket lined with fur. This one is older from LOFT, heres a similar one at a great price point. It’s perfect for the colder months when you don’t need a coat but a flimsy jacket isn’t quite enough either.

denim jacket

As you can see here I literally take my jacket everywhere. If you’re like me you are cold in restaurants, movies, etc so taking a jacket along is a necessity. 

denim jacket

For some reason I think finding the perfect denim jacket can be hard. There are cropped ones, long ones, boyfriend fit, dark denim, black denim, white denim. The list goes on! 

denim jacket

I’m linking up a couple from the Nordstrom sale that goes through August 6th that I’m loving if you’re on the hunt for a new denim jacket! 

BP Ripped Denim Jacket-if you can tell from the pics above I love black denim, thinking I might need to add this to my wardrobe!

Embroidered Jacket-loving the embroidered details on this one that sets it apart

Madewell Jean Jacket-this one isn’t on sale but I think it’s the perfect classic denim jacket

That’s it folks! Is a denim jacket a staple item in your closet? Where is yours from?

Wardrobe Essentials

It’s fun to bring introduce new, trendy items into my wardrobe each season. However, this can be expensive and leave you with a closet full of items that quickly go out of style and that you don’t love. Today I’m starting a new series to share a couple of my fave wardrobe essentials that I’ve invested in. 

First: The It Jacket

A suede jacket is definitely one of my most loved essentials. I got this one about 6 months ago and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth! I found it 70% off at Nordstrom Rack, go here. With the ever changing midwest weather it’s so hard to plan even just one day’s outfit. You can wake up in the morning and it be chilly and by the late afternoon it can be fairly warm out, am I right?? This jacket is the perfect solution for that. It’s stylish, neutral and warm but not too warm. It’s also versatile throughout the seasons. Essentials for me typically means fairly versatile, neutral items. They can be season specific like a good pair of jean shorts or a gray cashmere sweater. 

Essential doesn’t have to equal expensive either. However, if it’s something you can wear again and again you won’t want it to wear out quickly. I love shopping at places like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack or sales racks at higher end boutiques or department stores to find good deals on quality items. 

Here are a couple other ways I styled my suede jacket:

Here I paired it with some navy joggers (similar HERE), my fave transitional booties (also thinking about getting these for the summer!) and a basic white button up. 

And here again with skinny jeans (definitely will be a follow up post in the essentials series!), a flowy flirty top and this amazing choker!

I’ve literally worn this jacket no less than 50 times in the last 6 months. In makes me feel good when I wear it, it has a great fit and goes with almost everything. Do you own a suede jacket? Or what’s your go to jacket in your closet?

Fall in the City Essentials

Isaac and I are headed on our second anniversary trip soon to Boston and Washington D.C. so I thought I would put together a little fall essentials packing list that are my must haves to put in my bag!

Fall in the City Packing List

Wool Hat // Hunter Boots // Sherpa Denim Jacket // Checked Puffer Vest // Bucket Bag // New Balance 574

EverydayMrs Packing List:

  • Hunter boots: with all the rain that the east coast has been getting lately my Hunters are essential to bring, they will keep my feet dry and look cute while doing it. How can it get any better!
  • Wool Hat: bought this hat a couple months ago and haven’t had a chance to wear it yet so I’m so excited to bring it on my trip with me
  • Sherpa Denim Jacket: denim jackets are such a great wardrobe essential to bring on any trip, so the fall is no different and this sherpa lined one is no different! It’s easy to throw on top of anything I’m wearing while keeping comfort and adding in some warmth
  • Puffer Vest: is fall really fall without puffer vests?? Not in my book!
  • New Balance 574: I bought my first pair of these last year and I still love that they are fashionable but super comfortable for all of the touristy walking around we plan to do! If you haven’t picked up a pair yet trust me, you need these in your shoe collection
  • Bucket bag: every gal needs a great cross body and I love how this one is perfect for fall-the color and suede make it fabulous to go with your fall outfit and is the right size to carry around your selfie stick for all those poses with historical monuments!

Summer Must Haves

I wanted to share a couple of my summer must haves today as we’re nearing the true start of summer! The sun is heating up and the pool is calling my name..

summer must haves

1. Striped Floppy Hat

Big, floppy hats equal summertime for me. You won’t find me poolside without one on my head protecting my face, and looking cute. Dual purpose right?? Stay tuned this week to see a super cute DIY on my own floppy hat, I’m so excited about this one.

2. Wildfox Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a year round thing for me (and should be for you too!) but I feel like all the sunglass companies save their fun and flirty styles to be released in the summer. I love these sunnies from Wildfox-one of my fave brands.

3. Beach Bag

It’s necessary when going to the pool or beach to have a bag to put all your summer must haves in to take along with you. It doesn’t hurt when that bag is stylish as well. My favorite beach/pool bag is my Kate Spade Camel bag:

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.12.29 AM

I couldn’t find this one online anymore but I linked a cute, affordable one at the top!

4. Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Donut Pool Float

I’m sure you’ve seen these fun pool inflatables floating around the internet lately (pun intended). And with Friday being National Donut Day it’s only fitting that I link up the donut pool floaty 🙂

5. In the Unlikely Event Novel

Who doesn’t love Judy Blume? There’s something about summer that makes me feel giddy like a little kid so what’s better than opening up a new novel that reminds me of my childhood? Definitely will be getting this on my Kindle Fire!

What are your summer must haves? I can’t wait to be sitting in a pool reading a good book sipping on a yummy drink!