bold fashion: KCFW

I love going to fashion shows. It’s so fun to see new designers, inspiring collections, and all the fabulous models, kiddos included. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to attend KCFW again, this time for the Fall/Winter 2017 season. When I was thinking of how to describe this season’s runway, “bold fashion” was the term that came to mind. This season’s designers and collections definitely didn’t disappoint the inner fashionista in me. 

This first collection I’m going to show you was so 70’s inspired to me and had all the jewel tones every fall fashion lover will envy. Tiffany Brown’s “Chelsea Girl” collection was probably one of my favorites during Friday night’s runway. 

One of the reasons I love fashion shows are because it shows off a bunch of fun, unique pieces. While this collection definitely still had those, it also contained so many “wearable” pieces I would love to have in my closet!

The wide leg look is so flattering on many body styles, though I’m not sure I could wear the pleated look on the backside. Maybe it would help though 😉

Nasheli Juliana’s line was a little “flying nun” inspired if you ask me! So fun and bold for sure. 

This kid’s collection by Ethel & Dean is everything I totally see my future kids wearing. It’s still whimsical and kid friendly but so unique and different from all the other adolescent fashion out there.

Love the bold fashion prints, accessories and details in this collection. Not to mention the kid models were so stinkin’ cute and took that runway seriously!

I really enjoyed Joshua Christensen’s line as well. Love the use of bright colors paired with bold prints or accesories. I love a designer who isn’t afraid to get a little on the wild side!

These are truly just a sampling of some of my faves from the Friday night runway show. Later this week I’ll be sharing more from Saturday’s, which was the final runway for this season’s KCFW. It is going to be so much harder to pair down my faves from that evening. Be prepared for an even more photo packed post!

KCFW Interview: Jillian Lapping

If you didn’t already know this week is KC Fashion Week! I will be headed up there tomorrow as official press for Friday and Saturday night’s shows. Part of being press for KCFW meant that I had the opportunity to interview one of the designer’s. Love that the designer I was paired up with fits so well with my blog as I started this soon after I got married and most of my first posts were about weddings! Continue reading to find out who I interviewed for KCFW:

  1. What is your name and fashion brand?

“Hello! My name is Jillian Lapping and my brand is My Heirloom Bridal. My Heirloom Bridal is all things bridal, custom dresses, restoration of family heirlooms, and bridal accessories.”

everydaymrs Jillian Lapping

  1. When did you start designing? What inspired you to become a designer?

“My mom taught me how to sew when I was 13, I just always loved it and it became a serious hobby of mine all throughout highschool and undergrad at Mizzou where I majored in French. I realized how much I really just loved to make things. Every year I would fill out an app for FIT in NYC but not turn it it. Finally during my senior year I sent in an app to FIT and Parson’s. FIT actually lost my application of all things but Parson’s accepted me! I started officially designing in 2005 after graduating from Parsons in children’s wear then denim before I moved on to designing bridal wear.”

What made you choose bridal wear?

“It’s just such a special occasion, I would really be up for designing for any occasion that is that special. I love that I’m designing something that’s reserved for an extra special time in your life!”

How did you end up back up in KC?

“I moved back for a design job and to be with my now husband who lived in KC area as well. I always wanted to come back because NYC is super saturated and I love the fact that KC has a great local community.”

  1. Have you shown your work at KCFW previously (or is this your first time)?

“I’ve shown my work one previous time at KCFW last year for their fall show previewing Spring, this will be my first time showing in the Spring for the fall collection.”

  1. What made you decide to apply as a designer for KCFW this season?

“Honestly, I learned a lot from the first time, and I was very happy with how it turned out. However, I wanted to be able to attend this season’s show so that I would be able to show to the public and potential clients that I can design for all seasons.”


Have you shown at other fashion shows or only KCFW?

“I’ve worked for other fashion shows backstage at NYFW but last year at KCFW was the first time with my own line.”

  1. What’s one word you would use to describe your clothing/bags/jewelry line?


  1. Where do you draw your inspiration from when you design?

“I draw inspiration primarily from historical fashion. I’m a big nerd on documentaries and different time periods. I love how what people are wearing reflects the time period, like Christian Dior’s new look. This season for my collection focused on the Edwardian period in England. For example, Charles Werth who designed all the gowns during that time for debutantes and the who’s who. During that time we saw silhouettes change, Charles started listening to women, and came up with the bustle then changed once he listened more to what the women in that time period wanted. We also saw the movement of women deciding what did and didn’t work for them with their fashion which brough about the 20’s slightly after, where nothing was fitted at all and started dressing in shift style dress.”

  1. What’s your favorite thing about being a designer for KCFW?

“My favorite thing about being a designer for KCFW is that I have complete control over all of it. Since I do custom work it’s my job to consult another person to design what they want but for KCFW its completely different.”

  1. What makes your latest collection or design aesthetic stand out?

“The fabrics, the fact that it’s non traditional, Edwardian period for silhouettes combining traditional with non traditional. For example the skirt might be very traditional bridal looking where the bodice is a different color. I used different fabrics, texture, and color that makes it stand out from other bridal wear.”


  1. Anything else we should know about your brand?

For example what’s the process to design a custom gown for a bride?

” They start by letting me know their wedding date so that we know the timeline. I always want to create something super specific for their body type so I have them identiy what three parts of their body they love the most and which wants they want to camoflauge. I then try to figure out how to create an optical illusion-to draw your eye in-like if they don’t really have a waist I try to create the illusion that they have an hourglass shape.

Then they create a pinterest board of what they like, once that’s done I meet with them about what elements will and won’t work for their body type. Finally once we go through that process I start sketching several different options then we start narrowing down what she may like from the different sketches and combine them to create one beautiful gown that fits exactly what she wants. Once we are decided upon a final design I start the measuring process, looking at fabrics and then start making it!

On average the process takes about 3 months but sometimes much longer if they have more time before the wedding.”

What are your clients like?

“I have super non traditional clients, they want someone else to take the ring. They want it to be different and don’t want anyone else to have seen something like it or have that same thing.”

How are brides finding you?

“In all honesty up to this point its just been word of mouth and since last season KCFW has been helping send a lot of clients my way as well!”


Thanks Jillian for taking the time to allow me to interview you! I look forward to seeing your collection this season at KCFW along with all the other designers!

Photo credit for all gown images: Cassidy Parker Smith.

Shopping Designer on the Working Girl’s Salary

Shop Designer

Do you love designer clothes? Do you love shopping? Are you a working girl? (or guy no judging here!) Then this post is for you! If you’re like me you have a craving for designer brands-not because they carry a certain label on them but simply because they are of a better quality and design but if you’re also like me paying full price for designer items just isn’t. going. to. happen. So what’s a girl to do? Find a way around it! There are so many sites out there that offer quality, authentic, designer clothes at much lower prices. I want to share a few of these with you that I’ve found and love!


I’ve talked a little bit about thredUP here before. Like I said before this is the women and kids-clothes and shoes only version of ebay, except their clothing is always in excellent condition (as it is used) certain items they get still have tags on them as well. They recently starting selling designer handbags as well. They have brands ranging from Free People to Rebecca Minkoff to Kate Spade and Hudson. I have found their site to be easy to use, search and find exactly what you’re looking for! You can also sell your own clothing through their consignment set up, you simply a order clean out bag, they send it to you (for not cost right now), and you send it back and they will pay you! I just ordered my first clean out bag and will let you know how it goes. If you use this link here to shop thredUP you get $10 and I get $10, give a little get a little right??



Tradesy is really similar to thredUP in that it is like consignment store shopping online except if you want to sell items through their site you will list it (instead of send it in) like on ebay. They will recommend pricing, send you packaging materials and even help you with returns should you need it. I like this site as it’s been around a little longer and I think they have more inventory usually. They also have some higher end items like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. This site is great for seriously anything you are looking for. They have designer wedding dresses (Maggie Sottero and Vera Wang), Loubotin heels (I don’t own any…yet but hey at least my husband knows the brand…someday maybe!) and Lululemon workout gear-hot yoga anyone?-just to name a few! Seriously check out their website, it’s worth perusing! Like thredUP use this link but you get $25 this time…holler!!



The RealReal is like Joss&Main meets Tradesy. Did you follow that?! They have new daily sales full of fine art, handbags, accessories and clothing, for example: Prada and Fendi, How to Wear: Summertime Black and Prints Revolution. They have seriously beautiful and amazing pieces for sale here! You can also consign with them in which you will receive up to 70% of the sales which is super amazing if you’ve ever consigned before. They take all the hard work away from you, you enter in the items in which you will be sending to them and they will email you a packing slip and shipping label in which they will reimburse you for if they accept the item. Here is another $25 credit for you to use while shopping there!

I’m sure there are many more sites like these three that sell designer clothing at amazing prices, do you have a personal fave that I didn’t list? I would love to hear about it! Cheers (with cheap wine of course) to designer shopping on the working girl’s salary!

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