Prime Day Deals!

Happy Prime Day! I told my hubs that Prime Day is like a national holiday which means it deserves it’s own post! Instead of a Buy This, Not That post it’s more like just buy it all because it’s all such a good deal. 

Instant Pot // Roomba // Vince Camuto Watch // Splendid Dress // Handheld Steamer // Designer Jeans up to 60% off-love these

These are just a few of the great Prime Day deals that are out there. First things first, if you aren’t a prime member you have to be to take advantage of these amazing buys. We use our prime membership so much that I get irritated ordering online from other companies now because not only do I usually have to pay shipping but it definitely doesn’t arrive in two days! I also love Prime as I’ve started using the subscribe and save program to order things like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent that I can never remember if we’re out of when I get to the grocery store. Not only does it show up on my doorstep every month or month or two depending upon the schedule but if I subscribe to at least 5 items I get 15% off! I love a good deal-especially on things that are necessities. 

Hopefully I’ve talked you into Prime by now-and no I don’t get anything if you sign up I just love my prime membership that much! Now onto some of the deals I included above: do you have a pressure cooker yet? I love mine and this is a great deal on one of the post popular ones out there. While I don’t have a roomba I’m trying to convince the hubs I need one and I’ve heard this is one of the best deals ever offered on a roomba. And one of my top, all time, must have products is a clothes steamer. I have a standing one but thinking a small handheld one would be great, especially for travel!

As far as clothing, handbag and accessory deals Amazon is having 30% off a bunch of amazing fashion deals. I listed a few up above that caught my eye but there are so, so many more! 

Now get to shopping! Also, don’t forget that deals do expire and can sell out so if you see something you like act on it!


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New Year Fashion Steals

There are just too many fashion steals out there right now to just leave it at yesterday’s Buy This, Not That post! If you like to peruse Instagram for the new year’s steals or you stalk your email to see which store has sent you their latest deals this is the post for you. There’s always a fine line after Christmas between feeling like you just received so many gifts but there are so many great steals out there that belong in your closet! Anybody else out there feel stuck in between these two feelings like this EverydayMrs? Well in case you’re still deciding which side of the fence you’re on let me tempt you a little more with a couple of my favorite steals out there that I found!

new year's steals

Maison Jules Collarless Faux Fur Jacket // Kate Spade Chatham Lane Harris // Hudson Flares // ASOS Scuba Pencil Skirt // TOMS’s Leila Boucle Bootie

Did I miss something out there that should have been included? Let me know!