Come on in…Make yourself cozy!

Hi there! Welcome to my living room I hope you enjoy your stay here! (well virtual stay that is) Today I wanted to show you around my living room which I consider mostly/almost/pretty much done! Just needs a few last touches in certain places that I’m keeping my eye out for the “perfect” things. I’ve shared before here about getting a lot of my furniture/home decor for steals at places like TJ Maxx.

First up is a main shot of my living room

Living room edit

I’m so so happy with how this turned out, I feel like the palette is a wonderful neutral that lets me play when the seasons change but is gorge all on its own as well. This room of the house has probably received the most work out of all the rooms. We got new floors, (no we didn’t install those ourselves…I’ll leave that to the professionals) my sister and I painted the walls gray and trim white, (yes even those high arches, thanks sissy!) painted the awful honey oak fireplace a different shade of gray than the walls and now has all new furniture. (thanks mom and dad for a lot of this!)

Living room coffee table


This little coffee table is one of my favorite items in my living room. My sister and I found it at a local flea market, I added casters to the bottom and set this beautiful, big basket on top complete with our wedding photo book.

bar cabinet


And upppp next in the living room is my adorable little navy bar cabinet that my sissy gave me for one of my bridal showers…I am absolutely in love especially because I’m a wine connoisseur now (okay so that might be a bit… okay a lot of an exaggeration but hey it helps me look the part of one right??)

living room chair


This beauty of a chair just walked on into my life…and living room today for a steal of a deal so I just couldn’t say no. It also fits the bill of what I needed in this corner to better connect my kitchen to my living room. I love how the wood brings some much needed warmth in to break up all the whites and greys.

Where’d ya get that?

White Sofa with Nailhead trim: Dillards $700

Grey Tufted Barrel Upholstered Chairs: TJ Maxx $200/ea (I’ve also seen these in brown leather and a navy linen)

Wooden Trunk Coffee Table: Flea Market $50

Basket on Coffee Table: TJ Maxx $30

Navy Bar Cabinet: Target $100

Rattan Rocking Chair: Burlington Coat Factory $50

Both yellow and mint throw blankets: TJ Maxx $20/ea

Yellow Tripod Floor Lamp: Shade from World Market $15, Tripod Floor Lamp Stand: Target $30

All the frames and accessories have either come from (you guessed it TJ) or from flea market/estate sales!

And that’s all folks! I’m still adding some finishing touches to my fireplace mantle that I am hoping to find at the First Friday sales in KC next weekend and then I will show you that as well. Hope you all enjoyed your “stay” in my living room, come back soon!


Favorite Fashion Brands

Favorite Fashion Brands

Since working in a fashion boutique and having the opportunity to be a buyer and go to market I’ve had the chance to try, see, feel, and learn more about fashion brands. As part of being a stylist we were always trying on the new shipments that came in full of beautiful goodies and because of that I learned what brands I loved and that I would stick by. These are only five of my favorite brands that I’ve come to love and wear again and again, a few are staples in my wardrobe!

1. Wildfox-I talked about this brand in one of my previous posts. Though it’s fairly pricey for “just a sweatshirt” it simply is not just a sweatshirt. If you feel one of their products whether it’s a tee or a baggy beach jumper as they like to call their sweatshirts you will be hooked. Especially if you decide to buy said BBJ, you will become obsessed and you will buy one again and again…you’ve been warned. But in all seriousness not only does it feel good but it doesn’t make you look like a slob when you’re in the mood to dress down and just be in sweats. Wildfox in my opinion has taken dressing in sweats to a completely different level. After you’ve read this post go buy a wildfox immediately…seriously it’s that good.

2. Hudson Jeans-This is definitely a staple in my wardrobe and since I first tried them on it immediately became one of my favorite fashion brands. Hudson is an incredible, premium denim brand. Before trying Hudsons I thought that designer or premium lines were crazy expensive and Gap jeans were just as good. This is seriously not true…I am a fairly thin woman who is fairly tall and it is hard to find jeans that hug my figure (thus making me look like I actually have a figure) and that wouldn’t stretch out over a time. My first pair of Hudsons that I bought over two years ago (that I wash and dry regularly) still keep their shape. My favorite style is the Collins skinny which unfortunately they don’t make anymore, but I also love the beth baby boot and the krista skinny. I can’t speak enough about how great these jeans are and how they are worth every penny, I even got my mom hooked!

3. Kate Spade-Onto handbags…I am a girl who love loves to change up her handbag therefore spending a lot of money on one is hard for me to do…enter Kate Spade Outlet. Really good outlets like Kate Spade and Saks Off Fifth are the best thing to grace this planet. I know I’m dramatic but for a girl who loves fashion these stores are amaze. Anywhooo back to Kate Spade…what a lovely lady. She makes beautiful handbags like the lovely mint one I included in this post (yes mint is my fave color) they are of great quality and the company backs that up. I had a problem with one of the first bags I had and they refunded me…quick and easy no problemo and I went to buy another. I am willing to pay good money for items that are beautiful, of good quality, and have a great company who is willing to back up their quality and brand.

4. Vince Camuto-I’ve just recently become a lover of Vince…he’s become my secret bf. I actually see a lot of him at TJ Maxx believe it or not and Dillard’s carries this brand as well. Vince Camuto’s style I would describe best as “the working girl who knows how to have fun”. The styles are so completely on trend and aren’t afraid to take risks. I love the styles that hug your figure (in great fabrics that don’t look like they are hugging), are in fun colors, they love leather (who doesn’t?)  and he plain knows fashion. Check him out and he too can become your new bf.

5. Alex and Ani-Alex and Ani is a fairly new jewelry brand who uses recycled metals and are made entirely in the US-for those of you that like that kind of thing. For those of us who plain like fashion these are adorable. They come in both gold and silver and a variety of different charms and beaded styles. For a girl who likes some good arm candy they are perfect for stacking, mixing and matching. The bad thing is though you can’t buy just one. I have two initial charms, a dove charm, tree of life, two different beaded ones, and a cross wrap.

I hope you check these brands out because they easily have become some of my favorite brands that I love to shop for and see what they are coming out with next! What are your faves?

Best Wedding Gifts


Wedding gifts collage big

Since getting married in October I can say confidently I’ve used all of my wedding gifts and would love to tell all about my faves and not so faves! Obviously, I registered for most of the gifts we received and then some were surprises! However, I will have to say I do love people that stick to registries as they are made for a reason but if you do personally know the bride or groom very well then I think it’s acceptable to get them a gift not listed on their registry. Just remember…every bride and groom has their own style which might not be yours, they probably need/really want the things they registered for (hence the registry ;)), and they will not have a use for 50 frames once they’re married (yes that maybe, might have happened to me…maybe not 50 but A LOT) Okay thanks for listening to my rant…here we go:

1. White Dinnerware

I am so so happy I chose for one of my place settings to be a simple, classic, elegant white style. I wanted to get dinnerware that was something I could use everyday and that I would still be happy with years to come! I ended up choosing the Threshold Round Beaded Set from Target and I have been so happy with it. As someone who changes their mind (quite often) it’s nice to have dinnerware that’s a clean set and will be able to go with my assortment of placemats, table runners, and go well for all seasons!

2. Kitchenaid

The kitchenaid is really probably my number 1 gift I was most excited about registering for! Thanks to my gracious mother in law I received my prized mint (or Ice as kitchenaid likes to technically call it) kitchenaid. I have used this numerous times and have fallen in love with all the things it can do from shredding chicken to making bread and mixing up a yummy batch of cookies it’s the perfect must have kitchen appliance. Since mint is my most favorite color and the kitchenaid happens to come in that color (along with a bunch of other super fun colors) I decided I had to have it and it would match the color of my kitchen walls as well!

3. Jonathan Adler Nesting Plates

These beauties are definitely one of my favorites that I registered for. They go with my style and color scheme of my kitchen perfectly. While you don’t have to register for these exact nesting trays I do think they are a must to register for. This particular set came with three differently designed plates each in a different size. The biggest one is pretty big and the small one is perfect for small side dishes/dips. These are great for just the everyday meal at home with the husband or for a larger dinner or party to put all your goodies out on.

4. Joseph Joseph Rolling Pin

I’ve always wondered how you were really supposed to roll something out to be a certain thickness. Well this rolling pin does it easily for you! It comes with three sets of removable discs that will adjust the pin to be at different heights therefore giving the dough a different thickness. Not to mention like most of the other items I registered for it’s adorable! (that’s really the key right??)

5. Michael Graves Crock Pot

Owning a crock pot is a priority to me. Like at all times…never leave home without it! I love all things that can be made in a crock pot, not only is it easy it’s delicious! The Michael Graves crock pot wasn’t the actual crock pot I received for our wedding. We registered for and got a white Bella crockpot…it was fairly inexpensive and I loved that it was white. However after only 3 months of using it the crock had cracked (again I do use it all the time but still) and I was not a happy camper. at. all. but the nice people at JCPenney let me return and the employee there (she was a saint) told me to never buy products from Bella again and suggested I get the Michael Graves one as it is the best they sell. Though it is definitely a pricier option I thought it was reasonable because of how often we use it. It also included features that mine didn’t have including a delay start and timer.

6. Cookie Cutters

This is just a fun, personal touch I wanted to throw in my post. For one of my showers that was hosted by friends of my mother in law everyone brought a recipe and cookie cutter to give to me with their gift! I thought this was a great idea on a way to start accumulating cookie cutters. I got a variety of different ones including about 10 vintage copper ones from Isaac’s grandmother that she’s had for years that Isaac’s dad and his brother had used to make Christmas cookies growing up! I thought that was so sweet of her to give me something that she had used with her own kids that down the road we will have the opportunity to use with our own kids…what a fun memory to share with them when that time comes! If you are hosting a shower I think this is an adorable touch.

As you can see none of these items are crazy, elaborate, or things I would use like once a year. They are everyday kitchen basics. Since my husband and I are both fairly young newlyweds who don’t host those elaborate dinner parties it was important to us to register for the items that we would actually use on a fairly regular basis unlike that hosting tray that’s so pretty and expensive that you would be scared to ever even use. I can tell you without a doubt that I am in love with all of these items and would buy them again and again!

Online Shopping Faves

I love to shop. I love to shop so much that I could easily make it my job, those people that are personal shoppers have it made! I like to shop in malls, boutiques, and online. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite online places to shop and why!

1. Revolve Clothing

A few years ago thanks to one of my friends and coworkers at the boutique I worked at introduced me to Revolve clothing..and it’s been love ever since. Seriously. Revolve has designer brands for both men and women including some of my faves: Wildfox Couture, Rebecca Minkoff, and Hudson Jeans.

If you are new to these brands you have to check them out. Wildfox is easily my have to have brand, with their buttery soft tees and baggy beach jumpers you are easily hooked! They also have hilarious graphics on their products which make them all the more unique!



2. ThredUp

This website is like the sexier, name brand clothing version of eBay. ThredUp sells “flawless used clothing” according to their website including brands such as BCBG, Free People and Michael Kors. This site is comparable to a consignment store except all online. This is an amazingly easy and attractive site to use. You can filter by brand, designer, size, type of clothing, shoes, and handbags too. The great thing is you can also sell your clothes there as well!



3. Lulu’s

The last online shopping website that is at the top of my favorites is Lulu’s. This store has on trend, affordable, beautiful clothing for women. It carries a variety of brands such as Ark & Co, Mink Pink, BB Dakota, and Lulu’s own exclusive line. I have used this website mostly to buy fun, flirty dresses. I love the look of the site and they are constantly changing their inventory which appeals to customers because they know that when they come back and look again there will be new items!

If you haven’t tried online shopping you definitely should! While I love going out to malls and boutiques to browse it’s also nice to do so in my own home, in my pjs! If you like to online shop what websites are your faves?

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