How to Tell if You Have the Best Parents

Do you have the best parents in the world? Well, I do and I plan to continue to keep bragging about my family this week! I know that some kids don’t respect, love, or even like their parents all that much, and while I’m sure some have great reason to I am happy to say that I love, like, and respect mine a whole lot more each and every day.

A few fun facts about my parents: they are both extremely hard-working, beautiful (yes my dad is man-pretty), and they have the strongest love for each other.  I am my mom’s mini-me in so many ways: OCD organizer, deep-thinker,  and of course sassy. My mom is such an amazing woman who continues to teach me so much everyday. I will always treasure the weekends filled with endless TJ trips and raspberry cokes from Noodles.
My dad has given me so much as well (including my sarcastic sense of humor) he’s always loved me despite my mistakes, has taught me what to expect from my husband and that I should strive to be the best me I can be.


I just happen to think I have the best parents around and feel so blessed to be in the family they’ve created. I know I have made many mistakes and will most likely continue to but knowing that they will always be there to back me and pray for me is a huge comfort. They have always worked to help me be the best version of me and they have taught me many life lessons. I couldn’t be any happier with the parents God chose to give me. I strive to continue to make them proud, love them, and continue to be a godly daughter to them. I can only hope that I will be a great parent for my future kids as I have had two of the best examples in my life.


My First Best Friend

Best friends.

It’s sometimes a petty word we like to throw around but Kylie is truly my BFF.

I don’t know any two closer siblings than my sister and I (even though she wasn’t too excited when she first found out about me). People usually laugh and say it isn’t possible when we tell them that we don’t fight. It’s true people, we have hardly ever fought. I could count our fights on one hand and one of those is over a pair of shoes. Imagine that.
I sometimes think we should have been twins knowing the connection we have with each other, we can figure out what each others thinking and usually know the end of the sentence we’re trying to say. My sister is more than just a sister to me. She’s been my playdate, babysitter, TJ  Maxx date, friend, cook, interior designer, caregiver, and most important of all she has been the best listener around. I have learned so much being a sister to her and I have learned what true sisterly love is.

We have talked many times about how we hope that our future kids will have this bond that we have. I don’t know why we have it, I don’t know what my parents did so differently that made us this way but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Come back later this week and hear more about the rest of my family!


5 Things I’m Loving

Maybe it’s because it’s the first day of Spring, or that it’s 75 degrees out. OR maybe it’s because its sunny, 75 and the first day of Spring but I am one happy girl today! Here’s the 5 things I’m loving today:

1. Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies


So you’ve heard all about my oil pulling and if you haven’t you can check it out here. That has led me to want to try other things with coconut oil. If you do a quick search on google you will come up with so many different things from using it on your hair, as a moisturizer, cooking ingredient and the list goes on. In this recipe I found on my BFF, interest it uses coconut oil as a butter substitute and also uses brown sugar as well as white sugar which if you haven’t tried you definitely need to. It’s a fave cookie ingredient of mine.

2. Gold


This is actually a shot from our wedding but I’m still addicted to gold. Really all metallics. I incorporated it into my wedding a lot with the wine gold bottles as decorations and other accents as well. I’ve chosen to incorporate it into some parts of our home as well.

3. Beach Waves Hairstyle


Since cutting my hair I’ve been yearning to try new hairstyles. I like keeping it straight because it’s such a blunt cut now which is a huge change from my hair I’ve had for so long (pun intended). Over the weekend I also tried to make my hair look “beach wave-esque”. This was so super duper simple and all it involved was your own hair, your trusty hair straightener and of course hair spray. Start with the straightener at the top of your head taking one section into your hand and place it between your straightener. Then clamp down twist your hand up then down repeating as you go down through the section. Repeat until all your hair is beachy good!

4. Bountiful Baskets


This may be one of the best things my sister has ever told me about! But seriously, I’m not even being dramatic. So here’s the scoop-it’s this amazing organization that provides you with a basket of fresh produce every week or at least every other week. And here’s the amazing part…it’s only $15 say whaaaaat??? And $25 if you would like all organic, I’m not quite that granola yet so I went with the $15 option which my sister and I split. The picture above is seriously everything we received in the basket for the first time, you can also choose to add on different things such as asparagus and jalapeño fresh baked bread. We chose not to try any of those things since it was our first time but I definitely want to next time! That’s more than enough produce for the hubs and I so I’m super happy Kylie and I decided to split it. I’ve been very happy with the quality of the produce and have made several salsas with it so far and am making truffle thick cut french fries tonight also! You need to go check it out.

5. Green Tea


In tune with my health-ier lifestyle I’ve been reading lots about what I should be doing, drinking and eating. One of those things I read was green tea. I happen to love lots of types of tea so this was easy for me to want to do. I really wanted to start drinking iced green tea as a replacement to all of my diet coke addiction so I headed out to heaven on earth (Target) and picked up Tazo’s Iced Green Tea. It’s super easy to make (once you figure out that boiling water doesn’t work well in a glass pitcher…whoops) and a delightful drink. Add some agave and a sprig of mint if you’d like and you’re good to go!

These 5 things are definitely adding to my happiness on this beautiful, sunny, spring day!


It’s Gettin Hot in Here

What’s better than going into a room that’s 100 degrees and burning 1,000 calories??

Not much I tell ya, not much.

what you didn't know

 I’ve been saying lately how I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle. This includes eating healthier, cutting back on my diet coke intake (yikes), drinking more water and working out. Here lies hot yoga-it encourages me to drink more water, especially on the days I take class and is one H-E-double hockey sticks of a work out. Yes I just said that.

Since taking hot yoga, my body feels good. I leave class feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed. After taking it and seeing how much I love it and that I actually want to go work out and look forward to the days I take class I wanted to know more. Is hot yoga just a fad or much more?

I’m definitely no expert on any type of yoga but here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Bikram yoga like hot yoga (which is what I practice) is taught in a heated studio
  • Bikram yoga has 26 poses that are used everytime where as hot yoga can be many different poses
  • Hot yoga rooms range from 80-100 degrees (the studio I practice in is 95-100 degrees)
  • The heated room obviously makes you sweat, a whole lot, which helps your body detox
  • It encourages you to use muscles in ways you wouldn’t normally
  • Primary purpose of yoga is to heal. Like one of my instructors said “yoga isn’t meant to get your body beach ready, but rather to heal your body”

Those are just a few of the many benefits and facts about hot yoga. So do I see hot yoga being a fad? I honestly don’t, bikram yoga has been around for a long time. Hot yoga is just a different variation of that and as far as I have seen has quite a following of people. My sister and I were hooked after the first class so I would encourage you to try it out! No need to worry about not being flexible enough or sweating too much. Everyone in the class is too focused on their own body and it’s movements that you won’t have the time to look around at anyone else, and they won’t have the time to look at you!