Better Beauty Kit: Trilogy

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Did you know besides amazing food with great quality standards Whole Foods offers a great selection of beauty products that also meet high standards. All of Whole Foods beauty products meet the strictest standards for quality sourcing, environmental impact, results and safety. 

everydaymrs trilogy

Recently I was lucky enough to get to try out the Bare Faced Beauty holiday kit-a Whole Foods exclusive with Trilogy. I’ve tried out several beauty and wellness products from Whole Foods (like these) but haven’t found anything I’ve been really in love with. Let’s face it, there are SO many options for beauty out there its hard to find what you really love. I like to call myself a serial beauty shopper. There is no one specific product that I really feel an “allegiance” to as far as beauty goes. I change foundations, mascara, etc whenever I run out because there is constantly a new “it” product out every month! 

everydaymrs trilogy

One thing that has become important to me lately is how I treat my body. What usually comes to mind when we think this is what we eat and our exercise level. Well, I don’t know about you but I have several skin issues and have for a long time. I definitely believe this probably has a lot of to with what we eat, but wouldn’t it also have to do with what we put on our body? Especially being a woman we cover ourselves in different products daily-clothes washed in laundry detergent, makeup, lotions, and potions oh my! 

everydaymrs trilogy

However, it is really hard to find beauty products that don’t have things in them that I can’t pronounce! This is where Whole Foods comes in. I’m more an “in moderation” gal, so while I’m probably not going to go au naturel I sure can try! I’ve heard SO much about rosehip oil lately and was excited to get to try it out first hand.

everydaymrs trilogy

I loved these Trilogy products from Whole Foods-they felt good going on, smelled good, and made my face feel good when I woke up the next morning! This beauty kit includes ultra hydrating face cream, vital moisturizer, make-up cleansing balm, hydrating mist toner, and rosehip antioxidant oil. After trying out these products from trilogy, I definitely want to try their cream cleanser that goes along with this line of beauty care. 

For more information on Whole Foods beauty standards, as well as a list of 400 unacceptable body care ingredients visit

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EverydayMr Gift Guide for Every Guy

Happy Friday! Just a little over 2 weeks until Christmas, that’s something to be excited about!! Now that you know what to get every gal on your list it’s time for the guys. I’m not sure about you but the men in my life are some of the hardest to buy for. This gift guide is for every guy on your list no matter what they like. Hopefully this guide will help you cross every guy off your Christmas list!

everydaymrs holiday-gift-guide


I know some guys on my list who received some of these items for Thanksmas (we celebrated Christmas early with my family this year) and absolutely loved them! For the other items like the Samsung Gear VR headset I think that techie or gamer in your family would love it. I had the chance to try one out at the Verizon store at a blogger event and it’s so real it’s crazy! Also, I don’t know about the men you are buying for but I think most guys love “experience” gifts. This doesn’t just have to be sports tickets, it could be as simple as tickets to a movie and then dinner, or ice skating if you want it to be themed for the season. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box whether your budget is $10 or $1,000! There’s a great gift for every guy at every budget.

Gift Guide:

for the adventurer: GoPro HERO5 Black

for the trendsetter: Nike Roshe Run Premium Sneaker

for the jetsetter: Patagonia Black Hole Pack 25L

for the techie: Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset 

for the sports buff: Tickets to any game your guy would love!


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EverydayMrs Gift Guide for every Gal

It’s that time of year again- a new holiday gift guide is up and I included gifts for every type of gal in your life. My gift guide for every gal this year is a little more “practical” than past years! Not only did I want to cover every gal in my gift guide but I wanted the items to be something your gal could use all the time. Whether you’ve got a fitness guru, a fashionista, or a chef on your gift list this year I’ve got you covered. 

everydaymrs holiday-gift-guide

I own a lot of these items or they are on my personal wish list this year. I like to be well rounded since I’m your everyday type of gal and ask for a variety of different gifts. 😉

Every gal likes to feel special (listen up men!) so pay attention to what their likes are and find something that speaks to who they are! You will be sure to be her favorite if you take notice of her needs and likes,we do like for men to read our minds after all 🙂 No matter what type of gal you are what items are on your list this year? 

Gift Guide:

for the active gal: Nike Women’s Air Max Thea SE Metallic Silver

for the chef: Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

for the beauty novice: TYME Iron

for the fashionista: Steve Madden Edit Women’s Boot

for the connected gal: Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch (Rose Gold Aluminum Case, Pink Sand Sport Band)

Stay tuned for my gift guide for every guy in your life! To check out my past gift guides go here: 2015 // 2014


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Charcuterie Goodness

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Holiday season. Do you get stressed during the holidays with all the entertaining, gifts, and cooking? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when the holiday traditions seem to become too much. The trick is to learn where to take “shortcuts”! One of those great shortcuts is Whole Foods


But really, what are the holidays without good food? I think almost every family has a holiday tradition that somehow involves food from cookie baking to stuffing making. Whole Foods has great selections of pre prepared food, wine, desserts and so much more. So tell me, has your main course ever taken too long to cook and your guests start getting hangry? Well a charcuterie board is the perfect answer! It has sustenance, it’s colorful and you can add pretty much whatever yumminess you want to it!


If you’ve never vistied Whole Foods cheese selection you are seriously missing out. I added some cranberry cheeses for a festive charcuterie board and also chose some goodies from the olive bar, which has more than just olives! To finish it off I added some salami and almonds.


But, of course, what is a good charcuterie board without some yummy sips? Cava it is! Whole Foods has so many great tips on their websites such as this article with their favorite wines for the holiday season and tips for pairing!


Being still somewhat newlyweds we are still creating our holiday traditions. However, at home date nights have always been one of our fave things to do! The hubs and I enjoyed this lovely goodness by the tree for a little holiday themed at home date night! 


What is your holiday tradition? Comment to be entered to win a Whole Foods gift card!



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