Are you into the embroidery trend like I am right now?  I am loving it, especially when you stick it on an olive jacket! This is one of my favorite go to items right now that is reasonably priced and versatile. Being a “blogger”, especially one who is sometimes a fashion blogger, there is all the pressure in the world to have different outfit on the daily. However, for most budgets that just isn’t feasible or practical. So while I’ve done many posts on buy this, not that I’ve not done many on how to wear the same items multiple ways. 

With my styling clients it’s always about quality not quantity. And quantity doesn’t always equal buku bucks! Quality to me can be a great pair of jeans-which you should defintely own-or a staple piece from somewhere like Target or H&M that you can wear again and again. This jacket to me is one of those staple pieces that is reasonably priced and SO on trend. 

Immediately when I saw this jacket I knew it was so me and would be something I would wear again and again. Plus, it’s olive ya’ll. Such a great color on so many people and what I consider a neutral. It’s a funny coincidence I noticed while curating this post that I wore the same earrings every time I wore this jacket. I did not plan that guys, that is way too much effort! But I do love these mint leather earrings from Nickel & Suede

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I show it here styled 3 different ways, apparently every time with the same earrings, but besides that everything is different. The first is in Target I just pulled it on over top of a striped black and white top with my favorite ripped jeans and fave new slides from ASOS. Next I wore it on a cold, rainy day in Omaha with a comfy Wildfox long baggy beach jumper, tights and Hunters. And lastly just this week with my striped “good vibes” shirt from Target (go get it, you won’t regret it so comfy and cute!) 

So why should you care about my grainy iphone outfit pics? You shouldn’t! However, what I love to share if trendy, new, fun fashion is totally attainable for everyone. As well as doesn’t have to be super though out, contain new items everyday, and pieces you never wear again. While the idea of wearing one thing only once sounds ideal who wants that? I want to like a piece so much that I want to wear it again and again which is exactly what this jacket is to me. So if this jacket isn’t your cup of tea then go find that fashion item that you love! What item in your closet do you have on repeat that you’re pairing with every outfit? I would love to hear about it!