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Living Room Update

living room update

I shared a couple weeks back about my trip to the promise land…aka IKEA and wanted to share a few things that I bought on my trip to IKEA in Dallas as well as my fave TJ Maxx. Why are they so much better in Texas? Everything’s bigger…and better in Texas (or so I hear). Prior to my trip I had ordered this rug as you see up above, it’s an Overdyed rug from RugsUSA…they have some of the best deals on rugs, free shipping and so so many options! Two of my huge area rugs are now from there. I took a chance on this rug wasn’t sure if the pop of color would be too bold, but I decided I like to be pretty bold, it is in my fave color palette and the rest of my room is grey and white…so I went for it! I couldn’t be happier with my decision, I think it fits the space well and is so “me”. How much better could a rug get? Unless maybe it served me wine or something…



The reason I really went to IKEA was for a bookshelf or hutch that would fit this little wall. What we had here previously was a thrift store piece that I had tried to redo and failed. FYI laminate furniture + latex paint=no bueno. I had looked at many options online at IKEA before going so that I would have some sort of game plan and not be overwhelmed and want everything once there (this happened anyway) I had narrowed it down to two and wanted to see them in person to make the final decision. I’m so happy I chose this one. It was so fun to restyle and find more purpose and use in this bookshelf. It now can properly store what needs a home as well as be a pretty thing to look at!

living room update 1

On to my little “g” nook (have I mentioned I love the letter g and using it everywhere in my home??), I’ve had this rocking chair (which I still love) but felt like it needed a little pizazz to feel like it really was it’s own little corner of the room. I added this fun faux gray sheepskin to the back and a Kate Spade pillow and I think I added just the right amount of pizazz to it!

living room update 3

I love switching around my accessories and adding new fun little things I find. It makes a space feel new without a complete overhaul and spending lots of bucks! I owned everything here except for the sea urchins. I recently bought those little guys and love how fun they are (and their price)…seriously I want to put them and hang them everywhere!

living room update 4

Probably the highest valued treasure was this beauty I came home with! My very own, $12 fiddle leaf fig!! As if they hadn’t already IKEA really won me over with this little guy! Can’t wait for it to grow big and tall and bring me all sorts of joy…brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it!

Where did you get that?

Overdyed rug via Rugs USA

Hemnes Bookshelf via IKEA

Sea Urchin Decor via Target

Kate Spade Pillow ($12!!!) via TJ Maxx

Faux Sheepskin via Ross

Fiddle Leaf Fig via IKEA

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