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Kitchen Transformation

If you can remember a couple weeks back (I know sometimes I can’t) I shared my kitchen inspiration for the updates and changes I wanted to make in our builder fabulous kitchen. The first phase in updating it was painting the kitchen a light/minty blue, updating the hardware from it’s 80’s fab hardware (the house was built in 06 mind you) and taking out the linoleum and putting in engineered hardwoods which you’ll see in these pictures.

kitchen before 1. jpg

Honey oak cabinets in all their glory…

kitchen before 2

Kitchen Island cabinets…

kitchen before 3. jpg

Back of kitchen island where the bar stools sit…the second phase to my kitchen update was to paint the kitchen cabinets. The first step of the  kitchen cabinet transformation I wanted to do was to install beadboard onto the back and side of my island. I didn’t think it would look like I wanted it to just painted grey and I wanted it to wear well in the long run plus I love beadboard so it was the perfect solution! Beadboard is fairly inexpensive, because of my measurements I had to buy two sheets of it at Home Depot which cost me $40 and I still have lots leftover for future projects! We had a friend help us cut it then Isaac helped me install and it turned out great!

kitchen island The second step of course was to have them painted, I was originally going to do them myself but then decided to get a quote from a company as I was nervous I would mess them up then I would have to pay to get them done anyways and would have already spent a lot of time and money on them. The company I had do them actually sprayed a refinishing product on them so it isn’t actual paint. The top cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster and the bottom is Sherwin Williams Dorian Grey ( I used the grey color in my basement so I knew I would be happy with it!) The new hardware is from Ikea (like target and TJ also an obsession)

kitchen after

kitchen after 2. jpg

I’m beyond happy with how it turned out, I think it’s a huge transformation already with the cabinets. Of course I would love to scrap the countertops, rest of the white appliances, sink and backsplash but that will have to wait! I’ll leave you with one more final before and after collage because everybody loves that!

kitchen collage

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