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Holiday Travel Needs

Are you traveling for the holidays? I’ve got you covered with your holiday travel needs:

holiday travel needs

I take my Stella & Dot Getaway bag with me everywhere! It has a zipper to expand the size of it and it’s a TSA approved carry on size in the smaller and bigger size.

Traveling on planes usually isn’t super comfortable, and I’m always cold. I usually throw on a cozy sweatershirt like this Wildfox one and these fur mules which are my faves are definitely coming with me on this upcoming trip!

I also purchased these Cabeau travel pillows a while back for my husband and I. We love them! They make traveling so much more comfortable. 

I also love a good face mist and hand lotion because my skin becomes crazy dry while traveling. And of course some good headphones and eye mask are always a necessity!

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