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Happy Cyber Monday! Switching it up from all the gift guides and what to buy on Cyber Monday with a yummy post. Today’s post with Hiland dairy is sharing my cheesecake recipe that I love baking as it’s super easy. Most people make pumpkin or pecan pie for the holidays (which we had both of, don’t worry) except several of my family members aren’t huge fans of those options. I made this one last week for Thanksgiving and it aimed to please. It was the first dessert gone in fact!  


I love any recipe where I get to use my Kitchenaid as it makes the work so much easier! Plus, my kitchenaid is my favorite color. For my cheesecake I like to use the recipe that I posted above that I adapt a little each time I make it! I’ve made it a couple times now and I love how quick, easy and delicious it tastes. I hadn’t used Hiland’s products for my cheesecake before and I enjoyed adding in some heavy whipped cream. Because, let’s face it, whipped cream makes everything better! Also, Hiland is giving away a kitchenaid mixer and coupon prize pack by signing up for their holiday email list here.


The most important part of a cheesecake is it’s creaminess and Hiland’s dairy products help with that! I chose to top my cheesecake with fresh strawberries but the options for this are endless! Cherry pie filling, whip cream, you could add some pumpkin into the filling and then drizzle the top with caramel. I’m getting hungry just thinking about all the ways to eat this!


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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and will have an amazing holiday season to come, happy baking!

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