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Favorite Fashion Brands

Favorite Fashion Brands

Since working in a fashion boutique and having the opportunity to be a buyer and go to market I’ve had the chance to try, see, feel, and learn more about fashion brands. As part of being a stylist we were always trying on the new shipments that came in full of beautiful goodies and because of that I learned what brands I loved and that I would stick by. These are only five of my favorite brands that I’ve come to love and wear again and again, a few are staples in my wardrobe!

1. Wildfox-I talked about this brand in one of my previous posts. Though it’s fairly pricey for “just a sweatshirt” it simply is not just a sweatshirt. If you feel one of their products whether it’s a tee or a baggy beach jumper as they like to call their sweatshirts you will be hooked. Especially if you decide to buy said BBJ, you will become obsessed and you will buy one again and again…you’ve been warned. But in all seriousness not only does it feel good but it doesn’t make you look like a slob when you’re in the mood to dress down and just be in sweats. Wildfox in my opinion has taken dressing in sweats to a completely different level. After you’ve read this post go buy a wildfox immediately…seriously it’s that good.

2. Hudson Jeans-This is definitely a staple in my wardrobe and since I first tried them on it immediately became one of my favorite fashion brands. Hudson is an incredible, premium denim brand. Before trying Hudsons I thought that designer or premium lines were crazy expensive and Gap jeans were just as good. This is seriously not true…I am a fairly thin woman who is fairly tall and it is hard to find jeans that hug my figure (thus making me look like I actually have a figure) and that wouldn’t stretch out over a time. My first pair of Hudsons that I bought over two years ago (that I wash and dry regularly) still keep their shape. My favorite style is the Collins skinny which unfortunately they don’t make anymore, but I also love the beth baby boot and the krista skinny. I can’t speak enough about how great these jeans are and how they are worth every penny, I even got my mom hooked!

3. Kate Spade-Onto handbags…I am a girl who love loves to change up her handbag therefore spending a lot of money on one is hard for me to do…enter Kate Spade Outlet. Really good outlets like Kate Spade and Saks Off Fifth are the best thing to grace this planet. I know I’m dramatic but for a girl who loves fashion these stores are amaze. Anywhooo back to Kate Spade…what a lovely lady. She makes beautiful handbags like the lovely mint one I included in this post (yes mint is my fave color) they are of great quality and the company backs that up. I had a problem with one of the first bags I had and they refunded me…quick and easy no problemo and I went to buy another. I am willing to pay good money for items that are beautiful, of good quality, and have a great company who is willing to back up their quality and brand.

4. Vince Camuto-I’ve just recently become a lover of Vince…he’s become my secret bf. I actually see a lot of him at TJ Maxx believe it or not and Dillard’s carries this brand as well. Vince Camuto’s style I would describe best as “the working girl who knows how to have fun”. The styles are so completely on trend and aren’t afraid to take risks. I love the styles that hug your figure (in great fabrics that don’t look like they are hugging), are in fun colors, they love leather (who doesn’t?)  and he plain knows fashion. Check him out and he too can become your new bf.

5. Alex and Ani-Alex and Ani is a fairly new jewelry brand who uses recycled metals and are made entirely in the US-for those of you that like that kind of thing. For those of us who plain like fashion these are adorable. They come in both gold and silver and a variety of different charms and beaded styles. For a girl who likes some good arm candy they are perfect for stacking, mixing and matching. The bad thing is though you can’t buy just one. I have two initial charms, a dove charm, tree of life, two different beaded ones, and a cross wrap.

I hope you check these brands out because they easily have become some of my favorite brands that I love to shop for and see what they are coming out with next! What are your faves?

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