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Dining Room


Welcome to my dining room! In here we have lots of fun colors (like mint painted walls eeek) that truly show my style personality. This is one room in my house that I feel is completely done and I absolutely love everything about! This room looked super builder grade with its gross laminate, off white walls, honey oak trim, and 90’s fabulous chandelier (even though our house was built in 06, I know I don’t get it either). Okay now that I ranted let’s do this thang


These are my burlap curtains that I sew all by myself (with the help of my sissy, thanks!) including putting in grommets. I’m pretty dang proud of them…even if the lines are a wee bit crooked…but I tell myself you can barely tell especially from a side shot. Tell me you agree.


Next up is my beloved ikea expedit piece in gray with casters on the bottom. For the size of this piece and the fact that it was less than $100 I think it makes for a great pseudo buffet in my dining room. While it definitely has decorative pieces just for show it has four great sized baskets that I store all my extra dining linens in! I also made that cute fluffy knock off wool Anthro wreath which I originally put up during Christmas season but it’s managed to stick around cause I love it so much.


Here is the view from the kitchen which displays my honeycomb chandelier quite well if I do say so myself. I think the light definitely adds to the space and brought it to a completely different level. Also you can get a different view of my drop leaf antique store table and rattan wood chairs.

Where’d ya get that?

Drop Leaf Dining Table: Antique Store $150

Rattan Wooden Chairs: TJ Maxx $50/ea

Honeycomb Chandelier: World Market $120

Ikea Expedit with Casters: $100

White lamps with Burlap Shade: TJ Maxx $30/ea

Burlap Curtains: Casa de Shelbi $20

White Curtains: Big Lots $8/pk of 2

Rug: Ashley Furniture $100

I was sitting in my living room last night (which opens up to the dining room) looking at it and was just filled with joy that myself (and sister) did the work to make it look how it looks and I feel so at home in it. Thank you so much for coming to take a peek at my dining room, hope you loved it!


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