The day I met the Mr…

If you knew me you would know that I am a T-Swizzle lover….even if she doesn’t do the headbanging real well and can’t dance to rap music to save her life. Any who back to the story…she’s the sole reason we met…because she decided to open her concert tour in Omaha and not tour in Wichita that year….well that’s not quite the whole story.


My freshman year of college I decided to buy my sister and I tickets to see Taylor Swift in Omaha for her birthday…why Omaha? Isaac’s aunt (who happened to be my younglife leader and whom I babysat for) had family there and her daughter wanted to go so we decided to make a girl’s trip of it and all go! A couple months prior his aunt started joking that I should meet her nephew (who happened to be graduating high school that same weekend of the Tswift concert) she totally meant it as a joke and never could have imagined where God would take it from there and use her as a huge tool to bring us together! He then not long after facebooked me and we talked for a while casually then proceeded to ask for my number and if you know Isaac at all this is not his personality to do so and then I gave it willingly! Over the next couple months we text each other on and off like we were old friends then on May 27th we went to pick up his sister to go to the Taylor Swift and we met each other for the first time….in a bro tee. The next night we went on our first date…which was super awkward but then got better as the night went on. Upon leaving Omaha I knew he was the one but had no idea how it was going to work he was planning on going to University of Nebraska at Lincoln and I would be going to Wichita State. Over the next few months God worked in big ways and he changed his plan to go to UNL and was going to go to WSU which his parents were supportive of as well and we officially started dating.

Since then we have only grown closer to each other and learned continually about each other. We thank God constantly for bringing us together and are still amazed by how it happened all the time as a little over two years ago we had no idea the other even existed nonetheless that we would be getting engaged and married at 21!