Happy Friday loves! I’m back today sharing another item that I think is an absolute wardrobe essential: the denim jacket. And not just any denim jacket,the perfect denim jacket. I love jackets of all types, in fact one of the last wardrobe essentials I shared was a suede jacket. A denim jacket is essential in my closet as it can be paired with so many items. Whether you are dressing up or just playing it casual it’s the perfect accessory.

denim jacket

There are so many ways to wear a denim jacket and so many different options of the types of denim jackets out there!

denim jacket

My closet has just a couple denim jacket options. Because seriously ya’ll I wear them all the time! I love classic ones, ripped ones, unique details and heavier ones for the colder months also.

denim jacket

I know this photo is recycled *gasp* but I wanted to share truly how often I’m wearing my denim jacket! This one I got from Zara in the spring because my everyday denim jacket needed an update. 

denim jacket

Just a little selfie action for you here showing one of my other faves-a denim jacket lined with fur. This one is older from LOFT, heres a similar one at a great price point. It’s perfect for the colder months when you don’t need a coat but a flimsy jacket isn’t quite enough either.

denim jacket

As you can see here I literally take my jacket everywhere. If you’re like me you are cold in restaurants, movies, etc so taking a jacket along is a necessity. 

denim jacket

For some reason I think finding the perfect denim jacket can be hard. There are cropped ones, long ones, boyfriend fit, dark denim, black denim, white denim. The list goes on! 

denim jacket

I’m linking up a couple from the Nordstrom sale that goes through August 6th that I’m loving if you’re on the hunt for a new denim jacket! 

BP Ripped Denim Jacket-if you can tell from the pics above I love black denim, thinking I might need to add this to my wardrobe!

Embroidered Jacket-loving the embroidered details on this one that sets it apart

Madewell Jean Jacket-this one isn’t on sale but I think it’s the perfect classic denim jacket

That’s it folks! Is a denim jacket a staple item in your closet? Where is yours from?

bold fashion: KCFW

I love going to fashion shows. It’s so fun to see new designers, inspiring collections, and all the fabulous models, kiddos included. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to attend KCFW again, this time for the Fall/Winter 2017 season. When I was thinking of how to describe this season’s runway, “bold fashion” was the term that came to mind. This season’s designers and collections definitely didn’t disappoint the inner fashionista in me. 

This first collection I’m going to show you was so 70’s inspired to me and had all the jewel tones every fall fashion lover will envy. Tiffany Brown’s “Chelsea Girl” collection was probably one of my favorites during Friday night’s runway. 

One of the reasons I love fashion shows are because it shows off a bunch of fun, unique pieces. While this collection definitely still had those, it also contained so many “wearable” pieces I would love to have in my closet!

The wide leg look is so flattering on many body styles, though I’m not sure I could wear the pleated look on the backside. Maybe it would help though 😉

Nasheli Juliana’s line was a little “flying nun” inspired if you ask me! So fun and bold for sure. 

This kid’s collection by Ethel & Dean is everything I totally see my future kids wearing. It’s still whimsical and kid friendly but so unique and different from all the other adolescent fashion out there.

Love the bold fashion prints, accessories and details in this collection. Not to mention the kid models were so stinkin’ cute and took that runway seriously!

I really enjoyed Joshua Christensen’s line as well. Love the use of bright colors paired with bold prints or accesories. I love a designer who isn’t afraid to get a little on the wild side!

These are truly just a sampling of some of my faves from the Friday night runway show. Later this week I’ll be sharing more from Saturday’s, which was the final runway for this season’s KCFW. It is going to be so much harder to pair down my faves from that evening. Be prepared for an even more photo packed post!

Master Bath Remodel

Happy Friday! What better way to go into the weekend than share my finally finished master bath remodel?! I’ve been talking about this day since we moved into the #hickoryhouse and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all. 

master bath remodel

The master suite in the #hickoryhouse is in the upstairs which is what I believe to be used to be a completely unfinished “attic”. I shared some more before photos of the whole house and master bedroom here. As you can see the ceiling height follows the roofline making it angle on both sides of the long room. It does this same thing in the bathroom and the owners prior to us chose to put the shower underneath the angled ceiling. This normally wouldn’t be a problem except when the ceiling is only an inch higher than my head and my husband is about 8 inches taller than me! Also, a single pedestal vanity wasn’t going to work for us. We knew when we bought it this was going to be one of the main focus areas that needed to be remodeled immediately.

master bath remodel

Little did we know “immediately” would be about 6 months time. Where are Chip and Jojo when you need ’em?? 

master bath remodel

My husband and I (read mostly the hubs) did the demo portion of our remodel. The plans for the new space were as follows:

-move the wall that divides the bed from bath to line up with the closet wall

-move the shower to the center of bath in front of the window

-two, separate vanities on the new dividing wall

-all new fixtures and finishes

Sounds simple right?? It probably would be except we live in a house built in the 1930’s. We actually didn’t run into too many major issues that kept us from carrying out the plan we had. However it just took longer and cost more money than we expected. That being said, it was all worth it now that we have a beautifully finished bathroom that suits our needs! Take a peek:

master bath remodel

Because of some plumbing obstacles we changed the shape of the shower a little bit which actually in turn made it longer and we have a little “drying off” area that is still in the shower. I love this because it keeps the water in the shower versus out of it 🙂

master bath remodel

After peeling back the glass blocks that were covering the window on the exterior wall we figured out that that window had to be replaced which was an unexpected cost. However the new window is sealed much better and has obscure glass so we’re not putting on a show for the neighbors-neighbors you can thank me later!

master bath remodel

Another issue/obstacle/cool feature is the linear drain I wanted to be installed. Can hardly see where said drain is?? That’s the point! 

master bath remodel

While I wanted this updated bathroom to be modern and fit our style I also wanted it to not feel out of place in our 1930’s tudor style home. Though the tile guys didn’t love me for the amount of subway tiles that are in that shower, I think it keeps a little authenticity to the age of the home. 

master bath remodel

I did, however, have to jazz it up a little with my style with these floating vanities. I love the gray wood grain finish on them and they suprisingly have a good amount of storage in them as well. 

master bath remodel

master bath remodel

And that’s all for the bathroom! I’m doing a few finishing touches on the bedroom this weekend while we will be snowed in. I can’t wait to share that with you next week as well!


Source List:

Vanities: Wayfair

Floor Tile: Daltile LP 121 Grigio

Shower Floor Tile: Black Matte Hex from Home Depot

Shower Walls: Lowes

Shower Plumbing Fixtures: Shower Head, Handheld with Slide Bar

Vanity Sconces: Lowes in store

Teak Corner Bench: Homegoods

Mirrors: Target

Farmhouse Decor with a Modern Twist

Now that we are (cross your fingers) about to move upstairs into our permanent master bedroom it was time to transform this room into the guest room. We’ve been staying in this room since we moved in and have been remodeling the master bedroom. I can’t wait to show you more of the master bedroom once it’s complete but for now we’ll focus on the guest room!

Since this room will be where our guests stay I wanted it to feel inviting, fresh and airy. I took to Gordmans to find a couple things to update and freshen up my space! The vibe I was going for was farmhouse with a modern twist. Think typical farmhouse Fixer Upper combined with the awesome modern house Jojo did a couple weeks ago-all the heart eye emojis! 

gordmans farmhouse decor

Gordmans has great decor for an even better price! It’s on my list along with TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Target when I’m looking for great home decor. I went into Gordman’s not really knowing what exactly what I was looking for. And then I found this amazing tobacco basket replica. A couple years ago my sister and I were at a flea market and saw several huge antique tobacco baskets and it’s been a big regret ever since that I didn’t purchase one and I haven’t seen one since! While this isn’t a “real” tobacco basket it was a much better price so I know it had to come home with me. 

gordmans farmhouse decor

I went shopping around my house for the bedding. One of my favorite things to do as it’s like playing musical chairs with the decor in my house. I think the shaggy white coverlet with the geometric pattern perfectly blends a farmhouse feel with a modern touch. 

gordmans farmhouse decor

I love wood floors and love that these are original to our 1930’s tudor home, however that can feel a bit cold in a bedroom. This super plush sheepskin like rug I picked up at Gordman’s really softens up the room. And it’s literally the softest thing ever, I’ve caught Nova trying to go into our rooms multiple times over the past week just to lay on it!

gordmans farmhouse decor

The wooden tobacco basket pulls in the perfect wood tones from our more mid century modern dressers to bring it all together.

gordmans farmhouse decor

gordmans farmhouse decor

Another thing that Gordman’s has an abundance of is faux greenery. I had such a hard time picking out these cute little succulents! 

I mean, how cute are these darling little baby succulents? Love the geometric little pots they are in and they don’t have a super fake look also which is perfect, because who remembers to water plants in a guest room??

One more shot of this little glimpse of the modern farmhouse touch in our guest bedroom! Thanks so much to Gordman’s for sponsoring this post and having so many great decor options. Just a little PSA as well Gordman’s is having a little in store event for National Love Your Pet Day on February 18th. If you all love your pet like I do head into your local Gordman’s with your pets to shop. There will be lots of in-stre giveaways, gifts with purchase, contests and prizes. Plus let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to take their pet with them everywhere they go??


This post is sponsored by Gordmans, however all opinions are 100% mine. 

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