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Prime Day Deals!

Happy Prime Day! I told my hubs that Prime Day is like a national holiday which means it deserves it’s own post! Instead of a Buy This, Not That post it’s more like just buy it all because it’s all such a good deal. 

Instant Pot // Roomba // Vince Camuto Watch // Splendid Dress // Handheld Steamer // Designer Jeans up to 60% off-love these

These are just a few of the great Prime Day deals that are out there. First things first, if you aren’t a prime member you have to be to take advantage of these amazing buys. We use our prime membership so much that I get irritated ordering online from other companies now because not only do I usually have to pay shipping but it definitely doesn’t arrive in two days! I also love Prime as I’ve started using the subscribe and save program to order things like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent that I can never remember if we’re out of when I get to the grocery store. Not only does it show up on my doorstep every month or month or two depending upon the schedule but if I subscribe to at least 5 items I get 15% off! I love a good deal-especially on things that are necessities. 

Hopefully I’ve talked you into Prime by now-and no I don’t get anything if you sign up I just love my prime membership that much! Now onto some of the deals I included above: do you have a pressure cooker yet? I love mine and this is a great deal on one of the post popular ones out there. While I don’t have a roomba I’m trying to convince the hubs I need one and I’ve heard this is one of the best deals ever offered on a roomba. And one of my top, all time, must have products is a clothes steamer. I have a standing one but thinking a small handheld one would be great, especially for travel!

As far as clothing, handbag and accessory deals Amazon is having 30% off a bunch of amazing fashion deals. I listed a few up above that caught my eye but there are so, so many more! 

Now get to shopping! Also, don’t forget that deals do expire and can sell out so if you see something you like act on it!


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4th of July

It’s Friday which if you have off Monday and Tuesday (like I do!) it’s the start of your long, long 4th of July weekend! (insert salsa dancing emoji) I’m popping up on the blog to share a little of how I decorate for the 4th + a little 4th of July outfit inspo!

I know that a lot of people don’t like decorating for “small” holidays such as the 4th of July, Valentine’s day, Easter etc. I kind of find that idea funny as every other holiday, “big” ones included are still just a day! 

I enjoy decorating for all holidays, big and small! Though I certainly don’t go all out like I do for Christmas I enjoy having a few, cute, unique pieces for the different holidays or seasons.

A couple things that I’ve always wanted in a home are a front porch and somewhere to hang flag bunting. Well color me tickled this house has a front porch and it’s perfect for flag bunting-it’s even painted blue which is the perfect patriotic color for my flags! I ordered these flags from Amazon Prime of course, you can find them here and get them just in time if you have a prime membership!

I also picked up these little flag printed bows at Walmart for $1 each to put on my small pots. And how can you decorate for a holiday without changing out your wreath?? You can’t I tell ya! I didn’t have a 4th of July themed wreath already and I didn’t want to make/buy a completely new wreath. I found myself in Target (shocker) in the dollar section and saw this cute hanging galvanized aluminum cutout of the United States. Immediately snatched it up before knowing what I was going to do with it! I already had my beloved boxwood wreath hanging on the door and I thought it would be cute paired with my dollar section cutout. And guess what?? I love it together!

I couldn’t be happier with how my few, small patriotic decorations turned out! Definitely goes to show it doesn’t take a lot of money, time, or effort to make a space fun, themed and beautiful!

Now that we have the house looking festive all we need is a patriotic outfit to go with!

You might remember this red off the shoulder top I shared on my instagram a few weeks back from Foi Clothing

I love this top so much and can’t get enough of the off the shoulder trend, so hopefully it doesn’t go out of style any time soon! These shorts are from LOFT last year (shop similar here), the sandals are Sam Edelman (similar here).

Those tassel earrings are Stella & Dot, I also love the black and white tassel ones they have right now as well. What I love about these tassels are they can also convert to a really cute stud as well. I love decorating for any holiday, party what have you and love sharing it with you! Would love to see what you guys are wearing for the 4th and how you’re decorating!

Making Builder Grade Custom

Do you ever find yourself on Houzz and Pinterest loving all the home design and decor pins but thinking “that could never be my house” or “I don’t have that kind of budget”? I certaintly felt that way in our first home! This is not to say there was anything wrong with our house but I felt like aesthetically it didn’t match my decor or overall feel I was going for. So today I wanted to share with you some of my top tips for making a builder grade home feel more custom. Here was our home when we moved in:

Ha! Kidding that’s the after! This was actually our home when we moved in:

 Again, nothing wrong with it per say, but it just wasn’t super thrilling. For one let’s talk about bland. The house and trim color were barely a shade apart and that brick. I have nothing against brick, I live in an all brick house currently. The problem with that brick though was that it was probably the cheapest brick around and just felt and looked cheap. No variation to it whatsoever. Second, the landscaping. You can’t see it really well in this picture but it had red lava rock in the beds, making the red brick and rock stand out even more. 

I think one thing that holds us back is sometimes it’s overwhelming to figure out where to start. And by looking on Houzz or Pinterest you feel like it all has to be done at once. While that’s great if you can make that happen it’s not realistic for most people’s time and budget constraints. I always think a good place to start is to paint your space. Paint can change a space so quickly and is relatively inexpensive. 

Paint is primarily what spruced up the exterior. We got rid of the ugly red brick color by painting it white and painting the siding gray. Add in a fun front door, new exterior lighting, pots and change out the red lava rock with river rock and we had so much more curb appeal!

Of course I didn’t take many pictures when we moved in because 1. I didn’t have a blog then and 2. Instagram was so new! Above is a picture of our kitchen after I painted the walls and put new hardware on the cabinet doors. Like holy wow, honey oak. So, so much honey oak in that house. So if you can picture that honey oak on all doors, trim, cabinets then you get the gist. 

Here are a couple photos I found going way, way back on Instagram! Here’s the mantle in the great room that attached to the kitchen/dining. More honey oak! And you can see the original wall color that was everywhere in the house. Pretty much the same off white that’s on the exterior of the home.

After all walls were painted (Sherwin Williams Dovetail in main living spaces, Sherwin Williams Watery in kitchen/dining) something needed to be done about the flooring. There was an awful vinyl “tile” (think one sheet, not actual tiles) in the kitchen/dining and all bathrooms except the master. In all living spaces and bedrooms was a cheap low pile off white carpet. The builder was also so kind as to bring that into the master bath…who does that?? So we picked out a Pergo engineered hardwood at Home Depot that was installed in all main spaces, entry, and bathrooms. 

Now let’s get real ya’ll. This did not happen overnight. Just the mere fact of painting all the walls took a while especially because we had vaulted ceilings. We started in the kitchen/dining and did the great room and entry later. We didn’t paint the master until right before we were married and I painted my office after that. And then even later, the basement living room. The wood floors happened right before we were married and were a wedding gift from my parents. We also had the kitchen cabinets refinished the summer after we were married which you can read about here

Having our kitchen cabinets refinished completely changed the look and feel of the kitchen. Add in new hardware, new faucet and new stainless steel appliances over time (the dishwasher never got changed out!) and you have a completely new space. 

Had we stayed in the house I wanted to do new backsplash and countertops as these were laminate and the backsplash matched and was off white. However, all the other changes that happened in here it kind of made the countertops and backsplash disappear. If you can accomplish that in your space that’s awesome as countertops cost so much!

Another big project I did after wood floors went in was to paint all the trim on the main level white. If you’ve ever painted your own trim you know it’s no joke. That was a huge job, time wise, but made all the difference in my mind. And of course some cute decor can help as well. Everything in this picture decor wise is either from TJ Maxx or Target, because duh.

For one of the One Room Challenges I participated in I redid this bathroom that was our guest bath on the main level. You can read all about that here. I learned something amazing about myself during the time we lived here: I was willing to give anything a try if I wanted it bad enough. Take this bathroom for example, had I ever put up wallpaper before? Heck no. Did I teach myself how to anyways? Heck ya! I only did one wall as an accent and because I didn’t want to commit to doing the whole room. I repurposed leftover wallpaper from my parents house so I paid nothing! Another huge task I put my hand at is that concrete countertop. This was probably the most work I’ve ever put into a project but well worth the effort!

The master bedroom was the result of another One Room Challenge as well. Read more about that here. Walls are Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray.

Another top tip for making your builder grade home more custom is changing out the lighting! This made for a huge difference in all the spaces we did this in. Like the dining room, entry, master, and bathrooms. A couple of my favorite sources for inexpensive lighting are World Market, Wayfair, and IKEA. And lastly, furniture and decor that makes you happy and fits your aesthetic will make all the difference for your home. So making your home feel more custom is to simply make it unique to you. We aren’t bound by Pinterest or Houzz though it does give good ideas! I find more enjoyment in seeing an idea and figuring out how to accomplish it on my own and/or cheaper, like I did with our cable railing in our current house.

To recap my top tips to making your home more custom on a budget:

  1. Paint! Walls, trim, cabinets. Basically everything.
  2. Flooring! This might not be necessary or doable for your budget but think outside the box like painting over laminate in a space or pulling up carpet and staining concrete
  3. Lighting! Find unique, size appropriate fixtures for your space to literally brighten it up.
  4. Furniture & Home Decor! Find pieces you love that match your style. Check facebook trade sites if new isn’t in your budget.

Making our first home feel custom didn’t  happen overnight. It was an ongoing process from when we moved in to when we moved out. It took a lot of time, effort, planning and sometimes redoing because I made a decision to hastily. That’s the beauty of DIY, you can always DIY again, though it may irritate your husband 🙂 If you live in a home like I first did I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration! 

To see all the pictures of our previous home go here.

EverydayMrs Office: Hickory House

Happy hump day! Is anyone feeling the after effects of that monday/tuesday we had after Memorial Day weekend? I know I am! So I thought I would bring you a space in the hickory house that I have yet to show on the blog yet-the EverydayMrs office.

Since I work from home plus have this little blog of mine a home office is definitely essential. And for me having an office that inspires creativity and brings in a little natural light is important to me! 

I received this map of Omaha to place in my home and I thought what better spot than my new office in my new city! The map also comes in a blue and white color way and would be so fun in a man cave or little boys room.

I picked up a simple white frame from IKEA to frame it in and it works perfectly in my new office space.

The curtains are from Anthro last summer, but they have so many cute curtains this season as well.

Before we moved last summer when I was trying to sell things I came across someone selling this vintage rattan Peacock chair. This is seriously one of my must have pieces and when I found it for a steal of a price I had to have it. Though it took a little convincing of the EverydayMr since I was supposed to be selling things after all and not buying new!

I love how it looks in my new office. Brings the old with the new which is exactly the entire theme and feel of our 1930’s house.

Over here of course I have to have an area for all my Stella & Dot jewels. My office also doubles as a dressing area as my full length mirror is in here and I keep most of my accessories in here as well.

And what would an office space be without pictures of all the people (and pup) I love most!

Also, if you didn’t notice my office walls are a light, bright and fresh minty color. 

Do you have a home office or a space inside your home that inspires creativity? Thanks again to Jennifer at Modern Map Art for sending me this awesome Omaha map print!

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