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Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

A bright, white smile is definitely something to brag about! I’ve used several different teeth whitening products over the years and haven’t found something that truly worked. I’ve tried LED lightsprofessional teeth whitening from my dentist, and white strips found at the drugstore. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me I thought I might as well give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

My teeth prior to the whitening weren’t “not white” but they weren’t the brightest they could be in my opinion!

While I don’t drink coffee, which dulls and stains a lot of smiles, I am big on diet coke. I drink a couple of them a day which I’m sure doesn’t contribute well to a bright smile! I love white teeth but hate all the muss, fuss and expense that most teeth whitening products have.

So I was totally game for trying something new! I loved Smile Brilliant’s super easy process for whiter teeth. Once you sign up they send you a box with easy instructions to follow to make molds of your teeth. You send those back and in about a week you have your custom fitted teeth whitening traysto get to whitening! I loved the ease of this professional at home whiteningsystem. I used the whitening gel about once every other night or every two nights for an hour. After that I used the desensitizing gel for about 15-30. For me I think the desensitizing gel made all the difference. I hate using whitening products just for my teeth to hurt afterwards. The desensitizing gel helps with this! Not only does it help with teeth sensitivity it is also supposed to help prevent future staining.

Here are my after results! 

And here is a stacked picture the top being my before and the bottom being my afters. I love that this brightening process didn’t take very long to achieve results! The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system definitely brightened up my smile and gave me more confidence. Pictures are everything when you’re a blogger, and having a bright white smile makes the photos so much better! 

Lucky for you, you can enter to win a whitening kit for free! To enter to win use this link: and for those that aren’t winners use the code: everydaymrs15 for $15 off a tray!

How to Whiten Your Teeth

EverydayMrs Goes to the Farm PTII

A couple weeks ago I had the priviledge of going on the second part of the farm food tour. Last fall I went on the first part of the farm tour, I posted about that here. You might have seen some of my journey on social media but I wanted to dive into a little more here and share what I learned. 

This tour was quite different from the first tour I went on. We weren’t on any farms per say this time yet learning more about what happens before products get to the farm or after they leave. The tour started out at Elanco in Kansas City. Elanco makes products to enrich the lives of the animals that our food comes from. 

We then made our way to the St Louis area. That evening we went to Edgewild Winery for dinner.

And of course I can’t go on a trip and not snap a few outfit pics!

The food at Edgewild was amazing, my favorites would be the truffle fries and salted caramel cake-super balanced diet!

We had the pleasure of meeting one of the chefs there as well as having dinner with Tony from Tony’s Family Farms. Tony provides the tomatoes they use at Edgewild, I challenged Tony that they weren’t the “best in the world”. Tony pulled out a couple boxes of them from the kitchen and proved me wrong. These tomatoes were seriously juicy and the perfect shade of red, I could eat them daily!

We started out Day 2 at Monsanto’s St Louis campus. Now, I know some of you may have conflicting thoughts towards Monsanto but try to hear me out. I think we learned so much from the folks at Monsanto about where our food comes from. When I say where it comes from I mean how it starts, at the seed level. 

Monsanto was very open with us and answered any and every question that we had. We had the pleasure of hearing from many people that work at Monsanto including a toxicologist, registered dietitian, engagement director, a bee expert and several others.

Part of our day at Monsanto included a tour around Monsanto’s impressive facility. From their greenhouses to the labs to the exterior area that houses their bees I learned quite a bit. One thing that really stuck out to me is that Monsanto really cares about the products-GMO or non-gmo- that they produce. Touring the facility it was apparent that so much time, effort and money goes into producing these products. Also, it wouldn’t benefit them to produce something that harms us. The picture above shows a controlled experiment they were conducting. One plant had round up ready sprayed on it and the other plant did not. They then introduced insects to the plants and as you can see they are tearing up the plant on the left-the one without round up on it. 

This is a similar experiment, using a GMO plant and a non-GMO crop to see how pests would affect them. You can clearly see how beneficial these products are to farmers. Not only can they produce a stronger, heartier crop but they can have higher yields which will help feed our growing population.

After a full day of panels, tours, learning and conversation I came away with the thought that we truly don’t know enough about our food. We think we do and there is so much news out there that tells us what is in our food. I would caution you the next time you read an article about your food to make sure it is factual evidence and not “fake news”. Also, while grocery shopping and selecting items for your family make sure you understand food labels and what they really mean. For example, while on this trip I had a raspberry yogurt for breakfast one morning. The yogurt said “non-gmo” on it. I was confused by this as there are only 10 GMO crops out there, Monsanto makes 8 of them, and raspberries aren’t one of them. We discussed this at Monsanto with the folks there and the farmers that were on the trip with us. We found out the “non-GMO” label was referring to the cow’s milk, meaning that the cows that the milk came from hadn’t eaten GMO crops.

Do I think it’s wrong to label our food? Absolutely not. However, I don’t think we understand completely what those labels mean. I encourage you to read more information about your food, food labels and where it comes from. Talk to a farmer, ask them questions, believe me they want to talk to you! 

The last evening we had dinner at Pastaria in Chesterfield, which is one of Chef Gerard Craft’s restaurants. There really aren’t words to describe this meal, it was amazing. I had the pistachio ravioli because it sounded so interesting I had to try it. It was worth it! We also had arancini (fried risotto balls), seasonal bruschetta, bread and housemade gelato. Yum!

Our last stop of the tour was at Central Missouri Meat & Sausage. They are a smaller meat processing plant that has a restaurant there as well. We were able to tour their facility and talk to them more about how meat processing works. One of my huge takeaways from this stop on the farm food tour was that a USDA inspector has to be there at all times when they are processing meat. I had no idea that there was someone there during all operating hours. I just figured they popped in every once in a while to check in on things. I don’t know about you but that made me feel a whole lot better knowing that an inspector is there at all times to ensure our food is processed correctly according to US law.

Probably my favorite part of the tour, the baconator!

After last fall’s farm food tour I didn’t know it was possible that there was still so much for me to learn about our food and where it comes from. This farm food tour definitely proved me wrong. I learned an immense amount of information this time and I think there is still so much out there that I still don’t know enough about when it comes to the food I eat. If you too are curious to learn more about where the food we eat comes from I encourage you to talk to a farmer, contact the associations below or comment on here and I will get you connected with the right people!

Special thanks to KS Farm Bureau, KS Soy Bean and KS Pork Association for hosting this amazing tour.

Cauli Rice Bowls

It’s a new year so it’s the perfect time to try new things! I have been hearing so many things about cauliflower rice lately so I had to try it out. However, I wasn’t quite sure what the hubs would think of it! So I decided to use the cauliflower rice to make chicken enchilada “rice” bowls. I chose this recipe since the cauliflower rice wouldn’t be the predominant flavor since it was our first time trying it!

I love my Cuisinart pressure cooker I got right before Christmas! I still haven’t used it to it’s full potential I’m sure but I love what I have made with it so far. I used the pressure cooker to make my chicken. I simply threw in the frozen chicken with red enchilada sauce and turned it on high pressure for 25 minutes. 

Yes, you read that right. Frozen. Chicken. ya’ll! I’m a pro at forgetting to defrost meat in the morning or the day before so the pressure cooker really saves the day for me. Once the chicken was almost finished I popped the cauliflower rice from Whole Foods with garlic powder into the microwave for 5 minutes. Once it was finished I added in some cilantro and lime juice for the perfect cauliflower lime rice. 

Then I added all sorts of yummy toppings-it can really be whatever you want! I used black beans, peppers, corn, black olives, cheese and more cilantro. 

I loved it! It had a super fresh taste and wasn’t heavy at all. I’m excited to use cauliflower rice in other recipes to make them a bit healthier. This cauliflower couscous recipe looks like a great side dish to try next!


This post is sponsored by Whole Foods but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Better Beauty Kit: Trilogy

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Did you know besides amazing food with great quality standards Whole Foods offers a great selection of beauty products that also meet high standards. All of Whole Foods beauty products meet the strictest standards for quality sourcing, environmental impact, results and safety. 

everydaymrs trilogy

Recently I was lucky enough to get to try out the Bare Faced Beauty holiday kit-a Whole Foods exclusive with Trilogy. I’ve tried out several beauty and wellness products from Whole Foods (like these) but haven’t found anything I’ve been really in love with. Let’s face it, there are SO many options for beauty out there its hard to find what you really love. I like to call myself a serial beauty shopper. There is no one specific product that I really feel an “allegiance” to as far as beauty goes. I change foundations, mascara, etc whenever I run out because there is constantly a new “it” product out every month! 

everydaymrs trilogy

One thing that has become important to me lately is how I treat my body. What usually comes to mind when we think this is what we eat and our exercise level. Well, I don’t know about you but I have several skin issues and have for a long time. I definitely believe this probably has a lot of to with what we eat, but wouldn’t it also have to do with what we put on our body? Especially being a woman we cover ourselves in different products daily-clothes washed in laundry detergent, makeup, lotions, and potions oh my! 

everydaymrs trilogy

However, it is really hard to find beauty products that don’t have things in them that I can’t pronounce! This is where Whole Foods comes in. I’m more an “in moderation” gal, so while I’m probably not going to go au naturel I sure can try! I’ve heard SO much about rosehip oil lately and was excited to get to try it out first hand.

everydaymrs trilogy

I loved these Trilogy products from Whole Foods-they felt good going on, smelled good, and made my face feel good when I woke up the next morning! This beauty kit includes ultra hydrating face cream, vital moisturizer, make-up cleansing balm, hydrating mist toner, and rosehip antioxidant oil. After trying out these products from trilogy, I definitely want to try their cream cleanser that goes along with this line of beauty care. 

For more information on Whole Foods beauty standards, as well as a list of 400 unacceptable body care ingredients visit

This post is sponsored by Whole Foods but all opinions are 100% my own.