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I saw this post today and it inspired me to talk about style icons. If you follow any kind of social media you probably saw Blake Lively absolutely killing it (doesn’t she always though…I mean she is Serena from Gossip Girls) at the Cannes Festival. All 4 of her looks were completely fabulous. What I love about Blake and her style is that it’s always beautiful and right on trend but never completely unattainable for the everyday gal! While I don’t personally know Blake (though I like to think I do) I see her as someone who has an infectious personality that everyone wants to be around and wants to be her BFF. She knows how to dress it up and be high fashion but she also knows how to not take herself too seriously, including her fashion choices.



My ultimate and favorite style icons has to be SJP who also happened to be stunning at the met gala. As herself and of course as Carrie Bradshaw she has so many different looks, the SATC movie was perfect as far as fashion is concerned. While many of her looks (especially Carrie…Manolo Blahniks hello!) can be rather expensive and high end fashion the same looks can still be achieved on the Everyday Mrs’ wardrobe!

Carrie-Bradshaw-satc-movie2 via

While these are only three of the millions of looks we’ve seen on both SJP and Carrie they show you how completely versatile and unique your wardrobe and personal style can be! The most important thing to me, whoever your style icon may be, is that you own your style. All styles are different just like there are all different types of people which is why the world of fashion is always entertaining and beautiful in every designer’s own personal way. If you had to pick one style icon who would it be?

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The Good, Bad and Ugly

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and celebrated all those mama’s out there! Yesterday we made my mom a brunch full of homemade biscuits and gravy, fruit salad and “mom-osas”. Then after that we decided to do a little Mother’s day shopping which inspired this post! We went to Dillard’s and I found some really cute shoes and some not so really cute and by not so cute I mean down right awful. (Excuse the not so great in Dillards is not ideal to say the least and the carpet isn’t the best background plus my red sunburnt legs!)


I don’t think I need many words for this pair. They. Are. Fab. I’m in love with these shoes and think they definitely need to come home with me! Love the nude with the bright chartreuse and the style is amazing. These are perfect spring into summer shoes!


My mom and sister both made fun of me for liking these. While they aren’t the cutest shoes on the block they come in fun colors and they are unbelievably comfortable-you could do much worse than these.


The “much worse” I am referring to are these babies. I really, really, really hope these aren’t coming back. Maybe they will be like the croc thing? For little, little kids only? I love Sam Edelman, my favorite pair of sandals are from him but come on!! I can’t even take these. If you would like you also have your choice of black and camo suede ugliness. Yikes. One of my friends also said it makes me look like I have “old lady feet” so there’s that.

So tell me…what new trends are you in love with or hating on this season?

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Fave Met Gala Looks

The Met Gala which was last night was full of some fabulous looks and some not so fab. I’m usually all about pops of color and as my sister will tell you I encourage people to wear color but for this years Met Gala it seemed to be all about the black and white. And most of those that wore it totally rocked it! Here are my faves:



I think Rihanna usually rocks it and she did it again, she has an amazing figure and can pull off most anything I’ve seen her in!



SJP is channeling her inner Carrie in this I believe, who most times is my style icon.



What can I say about this? They are absolute perfection here.

And my not so fave:



Yikes. I’m all about color but woah, way too much Katie.



As my sister said “She looks like a harlot.” Well said.

What were your fave looks or not so fave looks from this year’s Met Gala?

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Spring Wish List

I don’t know about you but this weather is really helping out my mood lately and has encouraged me to tell you about the new things I’m loving for this Spring! This season is all about bold colors and bold looks, don’t afraid to jump out of your box a little bit and try something new! Spring is about new beginnings isn’t it? What a better place to start than with your wardrobe. Here’s looking forward to more sun, flowers, and blooming trees!


spring wish list


1. Floppy Hat // 2. White Leather Handbag // 3. Printed Harem Pants // 4. Colorful Flats // 5. Statement Necklace

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?