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Wow, I can’t believe today is Wednesday! Gotta love a short week thanks to Labor Day. Today I’m interrupting my normal posts about fashion and home decor/diy to talk about something different that’s been on my mind lately. If you are what the industry is calling an “influencer” I’m sure you can agree that the… Read More Everyday Instagram

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Getting to Know EverydayMrs

Happy 2017 everyone! I’ve seen some other bloggers posting “get to know me” posts lately and thought I would follow suit. Just a fun couple questions to get to know more about me whether this is your first time to EverydayMrs or not!  Age: 24 Degree: Spanish Job: Interior Designer Sign: Pisces Piercings: just ears Tattoos: 2 Languages: English and Spanish You… Read More Getting to Know EverydayMrs