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Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

A bright, white smile is definitely something to brag about! I’ve used several different teeth whitening products over the years and haven’t found something that truly worked. I’ve tried LED lightsprofessional teeth whitening from my dentist, and white strips found at the drugstore. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me I thought I might as well give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

My teeth prior to the whitening weren’t “not white” but they weren’t the brightest they could be in my opinion!

While I don’t drink coffee, which dulls and stains a lot of smiles, I am big on diet coke. I drink a couple of them a day which I’m sure doesn’t contribute well to a bright smile! I love white teeth but hate all the muss, fuss and expense that most teeth whitening products have.

So I was totally game for trying something new! I loved Smile Brilliant’s super easy process for whiter teeth. Once you sign up they send you a box with easy instructions to follow to make molds of your teeth. You send those back and in about a week you have your custom fitted teeth whitening traysto get to whitening! I loved the ease of this professional at home whiteningsystem. I used the whitening gel about once every other night or every two nights for an hour. After that I used the desensitizing gel for about 15-30. For me I think the desensitizing gel made all the difference. I hate using whitening products just for my teeth to hurt afterwards. The desensitizing gel helps with this! Not only does it help with teeth sensitivity it is also supposed to help prevent future staining.

Here are my after results! 

And here is a stacked picture the top being my before and the bottom being my afters. I love that this brightening process didn’t take very long to achieve results! The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system definitely brightened up my smile and gave me more confidence. Pictures are everything when you’re a blogger, and having a bright white smile makes the photos so much better! 

Lucky for you, you can enter to win a whitening kit for free! To enter to win use this link: and for those that aren’t winners use the code: everydaymrs15 for $15 off a tray!

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