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Basement Remodel Plans

Chatting up some basement remodel ideas and inspirations! Because of an unfortunate pipe that burst in our basement we were forced to revamp our basement a little sooner than planned. Thankfully, insurance is footing part of the remodel!

Since we live in an older home our basement is kind of interesting. It has an exposed ceiling that the previous owners painted a dark blue. I actually don’t mind this. If it were drywalled there would be way too many soffits where the pipes come down. The lighting layout is interesting down there, I changed out the weird “boob” lights with some cheap IKEA ones a while back. It still doesn’t provide enough lighting so I’m thinking of adding some of these hanging lights from Target on the sides of our couch.

Which brings me to my next point- the sofa. We put our old sofa down there as kind of a temporary solution. I had this sofa pre EverydayMr and I’m ready for it to go. It’s not terrible but doesn’t fit my design aesthetic anymore. A sectional would also work better for the space as it’s a nice sized basement living room! Now if I could only get the hubs to agree on this one!

Of course we are replacing all the carpet as that was the one thing that was most damaged. This might be what I’m most excited about! The carpet down there before was a brownish/beige fleck carpet which I’m not a huge fan of. I’m loving the one I linked from Shaw that has somewhat of a pattern to it. This is definintely going to make the biggest impact as far as updating the space.

And lastly-I want to add some double barn doors that lead to our storage area and laundry room. Not only will it block off that space from the living areas but it will add some much needed interest. My only debate is I can’t decide I want something new or if I want to repurpose some doors that fit with the age/style of the house!

Shaw Carpet // Barn Doors via Pinterest // Sectional // Hanging Lights // Hanging Light

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