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February Favorite Things

february favorites
This weather and this cold my body is brewing inspired me to do a favorite things post! Though these are just a few of my favorites they are definitely at the top of my list! So this month here is what I am loving:
1. Birchbox-my parents gifted me a subscription to birch box for Christmas and I am loving it. Each month you get a box full of goodies. It changes month to month and you can go online and insert your preference i.e. if you have dry skin, like to paint your nails obsessively etc. Also if you like the samples they send you, you can purchase them on birchbox.com and get a discount! Score!
2. FUR VEST. I seriously love fur and vests so combining the two just makes my day!
3. Leather pants err jeggings/tights these are leggings that look dressy, need I say more?
4. Snow boots…sorry but with this weather I had to. I have been wearing my Target snow boots non stop this week and they have been amazeeeing.
What things are you loving this frigid february??

Snow Day Numero Tres

Annnnnd el fin of the snow days! These last three days have been great and usually I would be bummed to go back to work tomorrow but it’s Friday! How awesome is that?? Today I braved the snowy, icy streets which I didn’t love at all it’s super freezing and it made me wish I was on a beach so bad…so I went to Target. Basically the same thing.

Because my body was feeling the effects of all my painting yesterday and am really feeling this cold come on I wasn’t as productive as yesterday so I did a lot of this:


watched some more Law and Order SVU


and instagrammed some pics of my cute snow boots (ju are velcome)

I did however clean up my mess after painting the bathrooms and did a light load of laundry! It was a snow day after all I couldn’t be too productive right? Pleaseeee tell me I’m right

Until the next snow day!…or tomorrow


Snow Day Numero Dos

Well I’ve been way more productive on this bitterly cold day and super duper happy that I didn’t have to work today because leaving my house the one time I did today was the worst decision. Instead I stayed inside and decided to tackle my baseboards in the master bath and upstairs bedroom with paint! Thanks to Virginia at LiveLoveDIY I have successfully and beautifully painted the baseboards in most of my house. Upgrading your house by painting your honey oak (which I absolutely hate) trim is a relatively simply-though time consuming in which you’ll want to drink. a lot. and pay someone to do it-but don’t! (well you can drink but don’t pay someone) You can paint your trim and you only need a few simple tools which are listed on LiveLoveDIY. Here are a few pics of the master bath…


In the middle of waiting for my coats of paint to dry I made one of my mother-in-love’s recipes that the hubs loves. He was so so happy I decided to make it, I guess the way to a man’s heart is really through him stomach. Especially my studly husband! Julie (Isaac’s mom) is an amazing cook and there are several of her recipes that are world famous according the the Gustafsons at least-one of them being Chicken Tetrazzini. I’m so thankful for her giving me some of her recipes that Isaac loves so that I can make them as well. I also love love love my recipes box that I got at one of my showers thrown by Julie’s super amazing awesome friends! I hope your snow day was as productive, warm and blessed as mine was! Wishing you warm warm thoughts.



Snow Day Numero Uno

Snow day, snow day everybody clap your hands…or something like that. This snow day called for an all day Law and Order SVU marathon, bubble bath, some light cleaning, and starting a pot roast for dinner.

crock pot

The hubs and I love a good pot roast, we both love it for eating and I love it because it’s one of the easiest, yummiest recipes to make. If you love a recipe that you can toss a few things in the crock pot and leave it all day and come home to a yummy roast and amazing smelling house then this is for you! To make mine I use the following:

1 boneless chuck pot roast

a dash of red wine vinegar

1 c water

1 beef bouillon cube

salt and pepper to taste

and thats all folks! About an hour or two before serving I’ll add carrots to the roast and let them cook all the way through and of course you can always add potatoes as well. This meal is great for it’s ease and ours usually makes at least two meals because the next night I make hot roast beef sandwiches…another one of our faves!

What do you like to do on your snow day?