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One Year Later…



I honestly can’t believe an entire year has flown by since this magical day that we were wed and became one! It has been one of the best years of my 22 1/2 years on this earth. Tonight at dinner I asked Isaac what he had learned about marriage this past year and he replied that’s a good thing to ask someone: “Marriage is ____”. I agree, marriage is so many things all wrapped into one package. My response was that marriage is one of the most difficult yet satisfying things you can ever take part of…I’m sure much like parenting is as well and we agreed that many of the most satisfying things in life are also the most difficult because if it was easy then we would quickly become bored. I’m so thankful God brought me this loving, caring, funny, quiet, thoughtful man. Cheers to one year my love! Gustafson_0002

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