EverydayMrs Office: Hickory House

Happy hump day! Is anyone feeling the after effects of that monday/tuesday we had after Memorial Day weekend? I know I am! So I thought I would bring you a space in the hickory house that I have yet to show on the blog yet-the EverydayMrs office.

Since I work from home plus have this little blog of mine a home office is definitely essential. And for me having an office that inspires creativity and brings in a little natural light is important to me! 

I received this map of Omaha to place in my home and I thought what better spot than my new office in my new city! The map also comes in a blue and white color way and would be so fun in a man cave or little boys room.

I picked up a simple white frame from IKEA to frame it in and it works perfectly in my new office space.

The curtains are from Anthro last summer, but they have so many cute curtains this season as well.

Before we moved last summer when I was trying to sell things I came across someone selling this vintage rattan Peacock chair. This is seriously one of my must have pieces and when I found it for a steal of a price I had to have it. Though it took a little convincing of the EverydayMr since I was supposed to be selling things after all and not buying new!

I love how it looks in my new office. Brings the old with the new which is exactly the entire theme and feel of our 1930’s house.

Over here of course I have to have an area for all my Stella & Dot jewels. My office also doubles as a dressing area as my full length mirror is in here and I keep most of my accessories in here as well.

And what would an office space be without pictures of all the people (and pup) I love most!

Also, if you didn’t notice my office walls are a light, bright and fresh minty color. 

Do you have a home office or a space inside your home that inspires creativity? Thanks again to Jennifer at Modern Map Art for sending me this awesome Omaha map print!

DIY Cable Railing

Happy Friday ya’ll! Need a little house project inspiration? It looks like this weekend is the perfect “stay inside and complete a project” type of weekend! If you’ve been following along you might remember we remodeled our master bath and master bedroom. In case you’re not up to date this is a little smidge of what the space looked like when we moved in:

Definitely not horrible but not the best either. The bathroom was our main focus as it was teeny tiny but the bedroom needed a little help also. One of my biggest problems with the room was the railing. It completely protruded into the room and took up more space than necessary.

My immediate solution that I wanted was a cable railing. I had this priced out and for such a small area it was astronomical, so that was out, or so I thought. (Disclaimer-I’m not saying that the companies who sell this product are crap-I’ve seen them in person and they are awesome. It has metal posts, not wood and is definitely seamless.) I knew I really wanted this look and needed to figure out how to accomplish it for much less. I did lots of research, watched a couple youtube videos, and found the supplies we would need for pretty cheap. Now all that was left was to convince the EverydayMr to help!

Considering we had already ripped out the half wall/railing that was there we obviously had to do something. I showed him the numbers of us doing this versus someone else and it was pretty much a no brainer.

I bought the cable, fittings, and cable cutter from this website. For our posts we just used 4×4 poplar from Lowes that we cut to the height we wanted (42″). And I watched this video to get an idea of how to do it and what we needed.

We completed this project over a few evenings. The first evening took about 4-5 hours and we felt like we hadn’t completed anything. We learned while cutting the cable you couldn’t just cut it willy nilly or it wouldn’t fit into the fitting easily. And by not easily I mean we were considering calling it quits throwing the cable out and hiring someone. Not dramatic, at all.

We came back the next evening feeling like we knew a little bit more about what we were doing this time around. A couple hours later and we had all the cables where we wanted them and were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

I still have left the top railing in it’s natural color because I can’t decide if I should stain or paint it to match. Also, I was completely done with the project and didn’t want to paint another thing ever again. Again, not dramatic, in the least. So I’ve left it and still haven’t decided. Overall though I am SO happy with the outcome especially considering the cost. My top advice if you are going to tackle your own cable railing is to measure, and then measure three more times before cutting wires. Another tip is to have a strong man to crimp the fitting onto the wire-this is tough!! Thanks EverydayMr for the help on that one especially. And last, if you have an idea go for it! In just cable materials it cost about $75 + the posts and railing at $40 overall it was less that $125. Way, way better deal than the $2,500 I was quoted for this little area (that didn’t include labor). There you have it, our latest #hickoryhouse project complete! As in one of my fave real interior design book, The Nesting Place, don’t be afraid to make holes in the walls and complete home projects for way less money than people say it can be if you put forth the effort!

Weekend Guide: Charleston

This past weekend I surprised the EverydayMr with a short weekend trip to Charleston for his 25th birthday! I’m here to give you all the deets on where to go and what to do in Charleston. We started out by flying to Jacksonville to meet up with my sister and brother in law and then drove to Charleston by way of Savannah.

Of course we had to stop at Paula Deen’s restaurant, Lady & Sons for lunch. The biscuits ya’ll…SO good. 

After that we worked off some of those scrumptious biscuits and fried chicken by walking around the city. 

We went down by the river and loved all the old buildings, old brick roads, and gorgeous big old trees! So much beauty in old things.

After we had walked off some of our lunch we were back on the road to Charleston. We stayed in an adorable Air Bnb close to King Street that was in perfect walking distance to many resturants and shops. 

We did a sort of impromptu progressive dinner to try to experience as much as we could. The rooftop at Stars was amazing. Great views with great looking people. I definitely recommend ordering the Flight 75!

After drinks we headed to Proof for a couple apps and mules and then ended at 492 which has a great patio right on King street. All of the food was so good we didn’t even have room for dessert, which is really saying something, I love dessert!

The next day we walked about 5 miles seeing all the old houses or rather mansions and ended up at the water for lunch.

There was so, so much to see I was completely in awe. This post is super picture heavy because I simply couldn’t get past all the beauty that was Charleston!

One of my fave houses-that ivy on the steps is incredible!

Also loved Rainbow Row-how about that purple house??

And then we found ourselves at the Charleston Distillery, so neat to see this process.

And we made our way back to Stars for dinner. Definitely one of the top restaurants I’ve been to, very good!

What’s a good vacation without brunch? We tried out Hominy Grill, super cute location with even yummier food.

This city was different than other U.S. cities I’ve been to and almost seemed a little more like Europe to me. There aren’t many skyscrapers in Charleston and it seems the highest points are all the steeples-and there are a lot of them!

We hit up another rooftop at Vendue, this one was closer to the water.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

What would be touring a new city without checking out a couple shops??

^^ That’s the EverydayMr if you couldn’t tell 🙂

And of course we had to add a little more history to our trip, it is Charleston after all. We took a ferry out to Fort Sumter which was a great experience.

Also got great views of the Ravenel bridge from the ferry!

Thankful for this bird that entered my shot at just the right moment!

Cool looking out through the Fort to see the entire city of Charleston!

Our last restaurant stop was at 5 Church, which you guessed it was in an old church. 

Honestly probably one of the coolest looking restaurants I’ve ever been to. The stained glass was incredible.

Loved all the light fixtures and live edge tables as well. Perfect mix of old, new and different textures.

The food, rose, and company was great! Isaac got a free dessert for his birthday, the bread pudding. We were both skeptical at first as we’re not big bread pudding fans. However, it was so SO good!! Definitely recommend this restaurant and save room for dessert. Overall, the trip was a success and the hubs was happy which is all that mattered! Charleston quickly became one of my favorite U.S. cities. I’m not one to usually want to visit the same place multiple times although I would love to go back here. We only touched a smidge of the city and history in a short weekend that this place had to offer. 

Wardrobe Essentials

It’s fun to bring introduce new, trendy items into my wardrobe each season. However, this can be expensive and leave you with a closet full of items that quickly go out of style and that you don’t love. Today I’m starting a new series to share a couple of my fave wardrobe essentials that I’ve invested in. 

First: The It Jacket

A suede jacket is definitely one of my most loved essentials. I got this one about 6 months ago and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth! I found it 70% off at Nordstrom Rack, go here. With the ever changing midwest weather it’s so hard to plan even just one day’s outfit. You can wake up in the morning and it be chilly and by the late afternoon it can be fairly warm out, am I right?? This jacket is the perfect solution for that. It’s stylish, neutral and warm but not too warm. It’s also versatile throughout the seasons. Essentials for me typically means fairly versatile, neutral items. They can be season specific like a good pair of jean shorts or a gray cashmere sweater. 

Essential doesn’t have to equal expensive either. However, if it’s something you can wear again and again you won’t want it to wear out quickly. I love shopping at places like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack or sales racks at higher end boutiques or department stores to find good deals on quality items. 

Here are a couple other ways I styled my suede jacket:

Here I paired it with some navy joggers (similar HERE), my fave transitional booties (also thinking about getting these for the summer!) and a basic white button up. 

And here again with skinny jeans (definitely will be a follow up post in the essentials series!), a flowy flirty top and this amazing choker!

I’ve literally worn this jacket no less than 50 times in the last 6 months. In makes me feel good when I wear it, it has a great fit and goes with almost everything. Do you own a suede jacket? Or what’s your go to jacket in your closet?