Cauli Rice Bowls

It’s a new year so it’s the perfect time to try new things! I have been hearing so many things about cauliflower rice lately so I had to try it out. However, I wasn’t quite sure what the hubs would think of it! So I decided to use the cauliflower rice to make chicken enchilada “rice” bowls. I chose this recipe since the cauliflower rice wouldn’t be the predominant flavor since it was our first time trying it!

I love my Cuisinart pressure cooker I got right before Christmas! I still haven’t used it to it’s full potential I’m sure but I love what I have made with it so far. I used the pressure cooker to make my chicken. I simply threw in the frozen chicken with red enchilada sauce and turned it on high pressure for 25 minutes. 

Yes, you read that right. Frozen. Chicken. ya’ll! I’m a pro at forgetting to defrost meat in the morning or the day before so the pressure cooker really saves the day for me. Once the chicken was almost finished I popped the cauliflower rice from Whole Foods with garlic powder into the microwave for 5 minutes. Once it was finished I added in some cilantro and lime juice for the perfect cauliflower lime rice. 

Then I added all sorts of yummy toppings-it can really be whatever you want! I used black beans, peppers, corn, black olives, cheese and more cilantro. 

I loved it! It had a super fresh taste and wasn’t heavy at all. I’m excited to use cauliflower rice in other recipes to make them a bit healthier. This cauliflower couscous recipe looks like a great side dish to try next!


This post is sponsored by Whole Foods but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Master Suite Plans

Happy Monday! If you’re in the midwest today you might be snuggled in for the rest of the day like I am. Because #icestorm. So I’m taking full advantage and planning for our master suite. If you’re following along with @everydaymrsblog on Instagram you’ve seen some remodel pics. While I did a lot of updating in our first house this master suite is our first true remodel. I shared a few pictures a couple months ago when we first bought the house (see here). Since then we’ve done quite a bit including painting all the ceilings, trim, crown and walls on the main level. We’ve also switched out the lighting on the main level. But as with most old homes it doesn’t stop there! 

We knew when we bought this house the master suite was a top priority to remodel. The master suite in this house is in the top level of the home, which used to be the attic. So we have angled ceilings and some layout issues to work with. Here’s what it looked like when we bought it:

These stairs come up from the main level in the dining room. 

Looks over to the bathroom and closet 

Closet area

Looking from the bathroom side over to stairs

So, what are we planning to do with this space? 

  • demo bathroom wall to increase bathroom space
  • move shower from under angled ceiling to center of bathroom, in front of window
  • new vanities, lighting, flooring in bathroom
  • replace laminate flooring in bedroom with carpet
  • close up 3 cut outs in bedroom
  • install new stair railing
  • install all new trim
  • paint
  • build new bed

Just a rather small list right? #not Right now we are ready for tile in the bathroom and seeing some huge progress. Here’s a little mood board I put together for the feel and look I am going for in this space.

I’m excited to share more of our progress on instagram with you so make sure to follow along @everydaymrsblog and I will of course share the final reveal here! 

Getting to Know EverydayMrs

Happy 2017 everyone! I’ve seen some other bloggers posting “get to know me” posts lately and thought I would follow suit. Just a fun couple questions to get to know more about me whether this is your first time to EverydayMrs or not! 

  1. Age: 24
  2. Degree: Spanish
  3. Job: Interior Designer
  4. Sign: Pisces
  5. Piercings: just ears
  6. Tattoos: 2
  7. Languages: English and Spanish
  8. You Might Not Know: I majored in Spanish though my job has nothing to do with that
  9. Special Talents: Multitasking
  10. Sports: I played basketball when I was young (that wasn’t my calling-sorry Dad), then volleyball in middle school, but really dance and theatre were more my speed
  11. Hobbies: I love to blog, shopping (is that a hobby? for me I think it is!), reading, decorating
  12. What I Miss: Living close to my sister and parents
  13. Qualities I Value Most: Sincerity, Genuine, Passion
  14. Favorite Color: Mint of course
  15. Favorite Food: let’s do type of food-Mexican!
  16. Favorite Song: yeesh-I don’t even know where I would start!
  17. Favorite Concerts: Taylor Swift-all three times I’ve seen her. I mean she is to credit for my marriage
  18. Favorite Flower: Iris
  19. Favorite Movie: One Fine Day or Stepmom
  20. Favorite Book: This is a hard one, I like so many! The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, House Rules by Jodi Picoult (really everything by her), All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr-just to name a few!
  21. The reason I started blogging: I first started blogging in college on a different blog after I had experienced some life changes and then continued once I was married to share about the things I love: being a newlywed, designing our first home (and now the second), and fashion primarily.
  22. Fears: Hmmm…I wouldn’t say I have a big fear of anything
  23. Last thing that made me cry: our bathroom remodel 
  24. Last time I said I loved someone: This morning
  25. Meaning behind my blog name: EverydayMrs was created shortly after I got married and is centered around the lifestyle of an “everyday” Mrs
  26. Currently Reading: Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes
  27. Last person I talked to: Isaac 
  28. Places I want to visit: Greece, Turkey, Portland OR, Alaska
  29. Last place I traveled to: Belize
  30. Any Instruments I play: I used to play piano

Hope you enjoyed reading along, can’t wait to see where 2017 is going to take EverydayMrs. Stay tuned 🙂