ORC: We have light!

Welcome back to week 4 of the One Room Challenge! PSA: WE HAVE LIGHT!!

I think this week might be more exciting than last because I was itching to get rid of that awful light that had cobwebs on it, that was one of the things on my list that was first to go when we bought the house. In my opinion lighting can make or break a space. If you have a great looking space but unproportial light, not enough light, or outdated lighting it can really affect how a space looks overall even if everything else is on point! In our first house I changed out most of our lighting but didn’t make it to all the boob lights, I mean why builders, why??


Many people think great lighting is expensive, while it definitely can be there are so many sources for inexpensive yet still great options for lights. A couple of my favorite places for lights are CB2, West Elm, and Wayfair. If you ever find a light anywhere try to get the name and do a quick google search, so many places offer the same lights for different prices! We purchased this light from West Elm and I looooove it!


Love the simplicity yet modern touch it’s bringing to our dining room.


I opted for the opaque bulbs versus clear to give it a different look. Currently I’m voting it should be lowered and hubs says he likes the height…we’ll see in week 6 who wins out! I can’t wait to show you more close ups of this space once it’s all complete.


Minus a dirty back door and an unstyled table (but where’s the fun in the final reveal if it’s shown perfectly now?) we are well on our way to a new, beautiful dining space! Next week I’ll be getting to more detail and styling of the dining room before we wrap up fo week 6 in two weeks. It’s crazy when you’re doing a project like this how quickly 6 weeks can fly by! Don’t forget to head over to Calling it Home to see all the other guest participants and their amazing projects they are working hard on.

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Bootights for Fall

Can you believe it’s fall?? Which can only mean one thing: it’s boot season!!

Do you want to know what really irritates me about boot season though?? Having to wear socks over my fun tights, or if I’m wearing boot socks having my boot socks be super bulky around my feet. Fear no more boot lovers, there is a solution: Bootights! You may remember when I posted in the Spring about how to wear Bootights 3 ways, well now I’m back with a new pair of bootight socks from their fall line.


I loved wearing these bootight socks! They were so comfortable. Also the colors in the bootights are the perfect fall outfit to go with a multitude of outfits.


I love the folded over look also, I’m thinking these would be great with my hunter boots folded over the top instead of my hunter boot socks.  I love the hunter boot socks but they are really thick making them not comfortably if it’s not terribly cold. These are the perfect weight for when fall weather is just beginning and the Midwest can’t make up its mind wether it wants to be hot or cold.


If you’re in the market for a great pair of tights or boot socks I would definitely check out Bootights!

This post is sponsored but all opinions are 100% my own.

ORC Week 3 Fresh Space in need of new things!

Welcome back to week 3 of the one room challenge! No worries if you’re just now starting to follow along you can catch up by seeing the before pictures from week 1 here and the fresh paint from week 2 over here. Okay now that you’re all caught up let me share with you what’s happening this week!

Now that we have a clean slate to start in with the fresh paint my dining room is screaming for some furniture to fill it’s bare bones. The obvious is a dining table, maybe some chairs, and a few other key pieces-one I’m saving for close to the end to share 🙂

At our first house I had an antique oval drop leaf table that I loved but the hubs wasn’t quite as big a fan. We also had serious space restrictions in our dining room at our old house so we weren’t able to have a very large table. Therefore, we knew we would be investing in a new dining table for the #hickoryhouse. I found several that I liked but ultimately we decided on this one from West Elm:


We also couldn’t beat the sales price of this table. It is seriously heavy ya’ll with those solid oak legs!

So now that we have a new, much larger table I need more seating. The thing is while I would love to buy new chairs, part of the challenge in “one room challenge” for me always is to stay on a budget! I needed to get creative about how to add more seating without spending a whole lot, or any at all. Did I score some free chairs you ask?? Not quite, though that would be awesome 🙂 Although this house is larger than our last it’s laid out much differently. That’s one of the reasons I purged a lot from our old home before moving. There were a couple pieces I couldn’t part with though even though I had no where for them to go at the #hickoryhouse. One of those items I couldn’t part with was a bench I bought a couple years back at TJ Maxx for our entryway. I love it and feel like it shows my style so well! So, new seating without costing anything? Check!


And of course how fresh would a space be if it didn’t have a little plant life? My fiddle leaf fig made it all the way from Wichita to Omaha in the back of a moving truck! Now if only this room had some better lighting…there’s always next week!

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Buy This, Not That: It’s Finally Fall!

Now that it’s feeling like fall, some days more like winter, it’s time for another Buy This, Not That! Fall fashion is so wonderful with all the layers and jewel toned colors.



Buy This: Steve Madden Edit Bootie Not That: Stuart Weitzman Calare

Don’t get me wrong I love Stuart Weitzman boots, unfortunately they don’t fit in my budget!! Burgundy and velvet are so in this fall season. I love how these Steve Madden boots fit the bill perfectly, both in look and budget.

Leather Jackets

Buy This: BLANKNYC Easy Rider Not That: BLANKNYC Leather Moto

Leather is also a good fall staple, I mean who can go wrong with a leather jacket? This faux leather easy rider jacket also comes in black but I really love it in the green as well. You can see it on me on my instagram!

Diamond Initial Necklaces

Buy This: Covet Pave Initial Necklace Not That: Bony Levy Pave Diamond Initial

Diamond initial delicate necklaces are so in right now but sometimes hard to afford! Stella & Dot’s new line, Covet, is all about fine jewelry and genuine leather. I personally have this Covet necklace and haven’t taken it off since I got it!