Friday Faves

Wow! Has it really been this long since I’ve done one of these posts?? I can’t wait to share what I’ve been loving lately with you! A couple of these things have become a part of my daily routine.

Friday Faves

Lipsense // Off the Shoulder top // Stella&Dot Seine Threader Earrings // Stella&Dot City Slim Black Perf Clutch // Oval Makeup Brush Set

Let’s get started with lip sense, have you heard of it? Lipsense is a true long lasting lip color! No really- it’s smudge proof, kiss proof, rub off proof its not going to budge. I was weary of it at first especially because it is not cheap but I gave it a shot. My lip color drives Isaac nuts because it usually comes off on him and he’s asked numerous times now after I kiss him if I just got him all glossy and glittery and you can’t ever tell now! It literally stays on all day after eating, drinking, I have to rub it off at the end of the day all I do is apply gloss again but the color itself stays. Its awesome!


Wearing Party Pink with glossy gloss.

Next up the biggest fashion trend (in my opinion) out there right now-off the shoulder tops! And I am loving it!! I think the off the shoulder neckline is so flattering on so many different body types, need help styling one? I’m your gal!


This black one is from LOFT earlier in the spring

These next earrings are from Stella&Dot’s newest collection, they are so lightweight and I think are my new favorite earrings. They are definitely something different to get used to (like the ear climbers from the last collection) These little babies are going to be so easy to throw on during any season and make any outfit go from drab to fab.

I love this little black clutch, and who doesn’t need a new one in their wardrobe? It’s at a great price point and looks very high end and chic! I took it with me this weekend to my sister’s bachelorette and it was just the right size.



Bar Cart Round Up

I hope you’re ready to hear lots about the new house because I’m ready to tell you a lot about it! We’re so excited to get started on this new journey at the end of the month but it’s going to take a lot of work so let’s focus on something fun today: bar carts! I’ve rounded up a couple of my favorite ones and I want you to help me decide which one I should choose!

bar cart

CB2 rose gold bar cart // Isabella Serving Cart // Acrylic Bar Cart (similar) // Asher Bar Cart

There are different things I like about all four of these: I’m a sucker for rose gold, I love the round unique shape of the one form World Market, acrylic/lucite is my jam, and the darker one just seems really classy. What would be your vote? Or is there another out there right now that you just love? The best thing about all of these is they are all under $300 where a lot of the decent sized really cool looking ones I’ve seen are around $800-$1000 (insert wide eyed emoji)

At our current house we had a little bar cabinet:

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-007-10-Living Room-2500x1667-300dpi

It’s that little navy one over on the half wall, and I’ve loved it but I wanted something a little bigger and I think bar carts are adorable so I sold the bar cabinet and decided the new house needed a bar cart so the quest for just the right one is on! A super cute bar cart is just one of many things on the list for the new house, I can’t wait to share more of our plans over the next couple weeks/months with you.

EverydayMrs Travels

Happy Monday friends! Today I wanted to talk about travel because it seems summer if any season is the time of travel. I wanted to share some of my travel essentials with you today: my amazing getaway bag from Stella&Dot, the travel jewelry box also from Stella&Dot which is also great to hold essential oils or little things you need at the beach or lakeside, a cute phone case, a pineapple float (just because) and of course my yeti! And what would a trip be without a great app? I teamed up with a really fun gaming app that I’ve been using over my summer travels to the lake, to see family, and our new future home!

Untitled #9
The app is called Word Addiction you can download it here. It is so fun you can play alone or challenge friends and find tips and tricks here.
How to play:

All players have access to all the letters on each turn. Scores are determined by the color of the letter tiles. Build words crossword style in any direction. Earn an extra 100 points for building a six-letter word or adding letters to an existing word to make it at least six letters. Earn 25 bonus points if all 62 letters are used in a given game.

To begin, one player rolls the die to determine the maximum number of letters that can be used on that turn. Build your first word anywhere on the board! Build as many words as you’d like using that number of letters. After submitting that word, the next player rolls the die to determine his/her maximum number of letters to be used on that turn.


62 colorful letters and two blank spaces are displayed around the board for each player to choose from on each turn.


Bridge and blocks are in a different location on each game board layout. You get 10 board layouts that include varying placements of bridges and blocks for free when downloading the app, but you can purchase or earn more as you become more addicted to the game!

Bridges can be used to make two different adjacent words on the board. In the example below, JOT and QUOTED are not linked together by sharing a letter like a typical crossword, but rather, only connected by the bridge.

Blocks are obstacles that stop play in a certain direction. In the example below, the word DRIVE was built up to a block on the left hand side, so another word cannot be formed on the right hand side of the block.


Players earn stars when earning 500 or more points in a game.

Stars can be used to buy more board layouts or to buy blank tiles .

Word Addiction is kind of like an updated version of scrabble but a lot easier to travel with 🙂 I had a lot of fun playing it solitaire as well as playing it against friends like other local blogger Sharmin! I love traveling, going new places and trying new things. What are your favorite places to go, necessities to bring and must have apps?