Fall Baking with Whole Foods

I didn’t forget what I promised you last month for my next Whole Foods post so I’m here today with some yummy fall baking plus a couple extras! I started out by heading to my local Whole Foods and couldn’t pass up these beauties as I was entering the store.

shopping for pumpkins

I waited long enough to pick up some pumpkins since our trip was mid October so I had to get more than usual this year…and I wouldn’t mind a couple more 🙂

pumpkin cookies

On to the baking part…I saw this recipe for pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and just had to whip some up! This is such a simple recipe to make, but the dough chilling part is crucial. I used to always ignore that part of recipes and wondered why my cookies always ended up flat and not good the next day. This is why folks, chill your dough! Whole Foods made this recipe easy for me as they had all their fall baking essentials grouped together in one section!

pumpkin choc chip cookies

And here are how the beautiful cookies turned out! To me they taste more like a breakfast cookie but super yummy with a tall glass of milk nonetheless. I also made this recipe with the remaining pumpkin as I figured you can never have too much pumpkin and who wants to let it go to waste?? And like the dough chilling is crucial so is the sea salt in the second recipe, really the icing on the top!

fall front porch

Wonder where those pumpkins when to? All arranged on my “faux front porch” or lack thereof.

pumpkin topiary

I’m obsessed with stacking my pumpkins like topiaries, I would literally buy all the pumpkins if the hubs would let me!

pumpkins and mums

and here are your “average” pumpkins paired with my mum that’s not loving the weather we’ve been having but it looks like fall weather might be here to stay now. Wondering why I still have my “summer” flowers out? 1. I’m alright with mixing colors and bringing seasons together 2. flowers are dang expensive 3. they look so good! So there you have it, no need to just waste things because the season changed or you’re switching up your decor.

This post is sponsored by Whole Foods but all opinions are 100% mine.

Traveling in tech style

This post is sponsored by Verizon but all posts are 100% my own.

Verizon has been so good to me, over the past couple weeks I got to review the Canary after trying it out in my home and then they set up Isaac and I each with a pair of beats headphones to use for our anniversary trip to Boston and D.C. we took over the last week! Not only were the great and fun for us to use but they seriously helped me out on the way there. I got a migraine before our second flight to Boston so I put them on to cancel out some of the noise on the plane and they were definitely a lifesaver in that respect.

beats review 2

Isaac used them mostly just for music with his iPhone and I used them for music, noise canceling headphones, and to listen to books through audible.

beats review 1

Isaac wasn’t all about taking a selfie at 6 am, but I’m always up for a silly selfie 🙂

beats review

After reading Me Before You with my book club last month I noticed the sequel was coming out so I signed up for a free Audible trial and ordered it specifically for our trip before even knowing we were going to be receiving the beats so that worked out perfect!

Beats definitely made our travel better and smoother! So thankful for the wonderful people at Verizon who hooked us up! If you’re looking for the next travel necessity you might look into beats, I’m thinking I might need to add these to my Christmas list. Is it too early to be talking about Christmas? I don’t think so 🙂 #vzreview #vzwmidwest

Safe at Home with Canary

This post is sponsored by Verizon but all opinions are 100% my own!

Over the past couple weeks I had the opportunity to use the Canary Home Security system in our home courtesy of Verizon. I’m not sure about you but myself and my family’s safety is one of my top priorities. I’m a little paranoid when home alone overnight which is why we have an alarm system which provides some added comfort. But what happens when it goes off? You wait for a call from the security system and hope for the best right? Well with Canary there’s a better option than that! It provides you with a camera system that syncs with an app on your phone that anyone can use! I had only briefly heard about this system prior to using it but didn’t know all the details of how it worked so I was excited to get it out of the box and give it a try when it got to my house!

canary security system

Here’s how the canary showed up on my doorstep, so excited to get this baby hooked up!


Verizon also sent along the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for me to use in coordination with the Canary. The Canary was so simple to set up which makes it all the more user friendly. You simply download the app, make sure you have a WiFi connection, and then place it somewhere that has good visibility in your house such as an entry way or in my case the entry hallway that points towards our front door and door to our garage.

canary 2

Once its set up you just leave the Canary alone and where it is and use the app! The app and device do a lot more than just be a security camera. As well as monitor via video/audio feed it can also tell you your homes temperature, humidity, and air quality. The device has a siren that you can enable from a simple touch on the app. It has a live feed as well as a timeline so you can look at past feeds.

Here are some screenshots of what the app looks like:

canary set up

Here’s a look at what it looks like setting up the app, probably took at most 5 minutes, and very minimal effort on my part besides deciding on the best place to set it up.

isaac on canary

Here’s live video feed of the hubs, thanks for helping the blog! I maybe might have sounded the siren on him as well 🙂

canary live

And here’s what the app looks like when you open it up. Shows you the temperature, humidity and air quality.

activity canary

And here’s the timeline with videos of activity. It automatically detects activity and records the video and audio.

timeline canary

This shows when you leave with your phone that its connected to and when you come back so you can see what happened in between. One thing I loved about the Canary was that it automatically arms and disarms there is no button to push or code to punch in. Easy peasy!

home health canary

And here’s a snapshot into the home health side of this. I thought this was a cool feature as well, especially if you have health problems or are just trying to monitor your home’s efficiency. You can also purchase more canaries to have different angles for the video feed which would be great for children’s bedrooms, pointing outdoors, or have multiple entrances to the outside.

If you are following my on instagram @shelbilin or @everydaymrsblog then you might have noticed the Mr. and I were traveling for our second wedding anniversary. Knowing that while we were away the Canary was set up and we could check it on the Samsung Galaxy S6 gave us a little extra comfort in being able to check the goings on while we were away!

Overall I had a great experience with the Canary and would definitely consider purchasing this home security system. One thing I do wish they would add would be an outdoor camera that you could mount either by the garage or deck, whichever would be the best option for you and your family. It’s awesome to see where home security technology is going and that they are adding so many great and easy to use devices to keep you and your family safe! Do you have a home security system? What do you love about it or wish was different?

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A Letter to my Husband

As its our two year wedding anniversary and the title of this blog is EverydayMrs I wanted to pop in and write a little something to my hubby. 



These past two years have been such a fun ride as your wife. I like to use the word ride not only because we started it on a literal (bike)ride but instead of the word journey because journey sounds daunting and not always fun whereas rides are fun. We like rides, we want to go on them, and I want to continue on this ride of marriage!

You’ve taught me a couple things over the past two years about myself and marriage:

Love is not always patient and it is not always kind. Though it usually works better when we try to be patient and kind. 

You challenge me. To be better, to be the best, to do more for you, myself, our marriage and future family. 

I still love the way you look at me and take time out of your day everyday to do the little things that make me happy. Even if it is just making the bed with all my throw pillows and blankets. 😜

Thank you for having so much grace in your love for me. Marriage is a wonderful thing but it uncovers that “ugly” part of you that most likely only your spouse will see. Thank you for loving me enough to look past the ugliness. 

Being married to you has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life and I can only look forward to the next many years and I pray that if we start on the off ramp we always find our way back to the on ramp on this fun ride of marriage. 

Love you always!


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