Eating Healthy(ish) with Whole Foods

Hey EverydayMrs readers! I’m back today with an amazing post brought to you on behalf of Whole Foods but as always all opinions are 100% my own and EverydayMrs approved.

healthyish whole foods

If you’ve been to Whole Foods, especially lately, you’ve probably seen some amazingly colorful fresh produce. Including these beautiful heirloom tomatoes that come in bright red, slightly green, and orangeish. I love to eat (and cook) fresh, yummy food. I try to serve my husband and I healthy (ish) food because hey, sometimes you just need a cookie, or fried cheese with those lovely tomatoes.

healthy whole foods

This recipe was actually from the Whole Foods email newsletter. Do you receive those? If not you definitely should, they include amazing recipes from bloggers (insert raising hand emoji), that is typically using the produce and or other foods that are in season at your local Whole Foods.

When I saw this recipe I immediately thought of my mom and her love for tomatoes so I knew that I had to make it for Sunday dinner. It was definitely a hit and I plan on making it again. To make this easy fresh “salad” you will need:

1 lg heirloom tomato (or any tomato you prefer)

1 pkg of halloumi cheese

fresh dill

fresh basil

salt and pepper


*all of my fresh ingredients were bought at my local Whole Foods

I first cut up my tomato and arranged it on my plate, then I started to heat up some EVOO in a pan to pan fry my halloumi cheese (it took just a couple minutes each side) add that to your plate of tomatoes sprinkle with dill, basil, salt, pepper, drizzle with EVOO and you have yourself an amazing salad!

healthy with whole foods

Another thing that I’ve been planning to try after receiving this Spiral Vegetable slicer were zoodles. Have you tried zoodles? Been curious about them? I know I was so I went to Whole Foods picked up one large zucchini and some pesto sauce. Then I went out to my backyard and picked some fresh cherry tomatoes to put on top.

healthy zoodles

Can you believe this is just from one zucchini? After sending it through my spiralizer to make my zoodles I sautéed them in some olive oil then added the pesto and added my cherry tomatoes to the top. Can you say yum? I was actually surprised how much I liked them, I wouldn’t compare them to regular noodles and have not tried to make anything like lasagna or spaghetti with them as I think it makes for a completely different meal. If you’re looking for an option to change it up for your lunch or dinner while being healthy(ish) this is a great option for you!

So do you try to eat healthy in your home? What are your go to’s?

Beautiful Home Tour Pt. 1

So I might be a little bit biased with my title since it is my parent’s home and all. But biases aside, this before and after is pretty amazing y’all. I’ll start with the upstairs this post and hope we get through it all but I don’t want to overload you…and have to keep you coming back for more!

Here are a couple before shots of my parents home, sorry for the poor lighting in these. I always think that people try to make the before shots look worse than they are to make the afters look so good. But I think they speak for themselves 🙂

beautiful home everydaymrs

This is the front sitting room, or what we like to call the discipline room 🙂 My mom had been slowly updated some of her fixtures and furniture over the past year and a half or so so it wasn’t everything that changed all at once.

beautiful home everydaymrs

Here’s the formal dining room and one of the spaces that I think has the biggest impact in the after photos.

beautiful home everydaymrs
This is the hearth room-mantle and fireplace. So funny now seeing the outcome of the after in person how different it is to look at all the before pictures. Seems so outdated which is weird because it isn’t, just has transformed into a completely different look and style.

beautiful home everydaymrs

Here’s the kitchen…which really went through two phases over the past couple years. The backsplash and paint color (which gets changed again) and some appliances had been updated prior to the huge home renovation.

beautiful home everydaymrs

This is looking into the kitchen/hearth/dining from the discipline room. Like I stated before some fixtures were changed before so the globes over the island were changed before as well as the dining room fixture.

Now for the afters:

Love the feel that my parents went for. You can definitely tell how their interior design style has evolved since moving into this house over 10 years ago and I love all the options they chose from the light walls to dark trim and flooring and awesome accent pieces such as their “starship” light!

beautiful home everydaymrs

Remember that formal dining room?? Bye bye pillars and brown walls, hello open floor plan!

beautiful home everydaymrs

And this is the sitting room next to it as it all flows now, obsessed with the barcelona chairs and the awesome deal we found them for! You know I’m all about a good deal-I get it from my momma!

beautiful home everydaymrs

My mom, like me, likes to reuse things if possible so she/we spray painted quite a few accessories in her home that she was using before as the shape still worked for places maybe just not the color. Always try to think outside the box when redoing or redecorating any space. Spray paint is cheap and fairly easy to work with. We spray painted vases, frames, accent furniture, even the frames of big mirrors!

beautiful home everydaymrs

Here’s the gorgeous hearth room-another big transformation in my opinion. My parents opted to get rid of the fireplace and centered the tv which I think looks amazing. We talked my dad into this mantle, love the natural wood and what it brings to this space. Such a beautiful element.

beautiful home everydaymrs

If you remember my kitchen transformation you will know that I love gray cabinets in kitchens! Love how their kitchen turned out and I’m only just a teensy bit jealous. The gray cabinets and dark flooring pull in the colors in their backsplash so much better now, they knew what they were doing when they picked that out before they had even planned all these big reno plans. Funny how well that worked out.

beautiful home everydaymrs

This is looking in from the formal dining room all the way back to the hearth room.

beautiful home everydaymrs

To me, light fixtures can make such a huge difference in a space and doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Many home improvement stores have great cost effective options that can easily transform a space. And how about those beautiful countertops?? My dad gets all the credit for those beautiful babies!

It was a long process for them (that originally started with just changing the floors!) but I think so worth it…you would have to ask them though, I wasn’t the one who had to live through it! My parents made and came up with the majority of the ideas for their home which I think is amazing and I loved getting to help along the way, especially with the furnishings and decor.

Stay tuned to see into the rest of their beautifully designed and decorated home!

Special thanks to mom and dad for allowing me to blog about their house 🙂

Looks from the Fitting Room

Working in retail I have the opportunity to try on (and buy) lots of clothes. Perks of the job right? I love fashion, loving seeing all the new trends that are coming out this fall (hello 70’s) and putting new looks together in the fitting room! Hope you enjoy seeing a couple shots from the fitting room of what I’ve been wearing and trying on lately.

look 1

Outfit Details: Max Jeans Anorak Vest // Lou & Grey Tunic Tee  // Black Legging Jeans old similar here

I LOVE this outfit so comfortable and “cool girl”. Have you tried on Lou & Grey? Lou & Grey started out as LOFT’s lounge collection and grew into it’s own lifestyle brand. It’s everything cool, breezy, and comfortable. They’ve started opening their own stores and they are amazing. I visited the one in Dallas a couple months ago and can’t wait to go back!


Outfit Details: Autumn Anorak // Sleeveless Blouse // Citizen Flares old similar here

This jacket has been on repeat for me and I’m loving that flares are back in style. Really all denim styles are back, it’s kind of a free for all as far as denim goes. High waisted, skinny, boyfriend, flares, straight etc.


Outfit details: Same blouse and denim from above // TOMS Booties // Belt old similar here

The fitting room is such a special place. We decide to take a risk or stay in our comfort zone. Me personally I like to push people to step outside their comfort zone a little bit, try something new. I just want all women that step into our fitting room to feel beautiful and leave with a confidence they didn’t walk in with.


Outfit Details: Sienna Stripe Poncho // Solstice Wash Skinnys

Did you see my last post on ponchos? I love this one, it’s light so it’s a great transitional piece to wear now and keep wearing all fall season long!


Outfit Details: Leafy Shirtdress

How cute is this easy shirtdress? Love the leafy print, I’m thinking this with booties would be adorable and could even pair back with tights and a cardi to wear it into the colder weather.


Outfit Details: Sienna Stripe Poncho // Sam Edelman booties older I have these too // Scallop shorts old // Red crochet tank old

Here’s the poncho another way, I’ve been trying to step out of my box more recently and I think I like to take fashion risks anyways but I am really liking this look? What do you think? Are you taking any new fashion risks?


Hope everyone has a great Friday, go shopping for some new fall pieces. Treat yourself!

Rocksbox Review No. 5

Happy Monday lovelies!
rocksbox review

I love happy mail. If anyone doesn’t love fun mail you might need to check your pulse. So when I get a new Rocksbox in the mail I may or may not get “jumping up and down” excited. This honestly might have been one of my favorite Rocksbox to date! I received another Kendra Scott piece and I think I may have jumped on the bandwagon, feel free to call me a basic white girl. I deserve it.

rocksbox review 2

Along with the Kendra Rayne Necklace in Emerald I received and ECRU metal diamond shaped ring and Gorjana drop studs. The earrings and ring were such simple pieces but complimented the necklace so well.

rocksbox review 3

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to give Rocksbox a try? Use the code “shelbibff7” to get your first month of Rocksbox completely, 100% free! And once you do please come back here and let me know what you think! Also follow me @everydaymrsblog on Instagram to see what I’m wearing my latest Rocksbox pieces with!

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