Are Essential Oils for Me?

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essential oils

Whole Foods has so much to offer in their stores and it’s easy to go into their stores because you know that  all of their products they carry don’t have all the “bad stuff” in them and takes away the stress of checking labels. Not only is the food yummy and super fresh, they have awesome beauty products , but they have a wealth of products aimed towards your health. These great products to better your health include essential oils. If you’ve been around blogs, pinterest, news, the web in general (I’ve even blogged about them a little here) you’ve probably seen essential oils being talked about quite a bit. And if you’re like me you might have thought, are essential oils for me?

Last year when I first started really hearing the buzz about oils I decided to try them out mostly for migraine relief. They did provide temporary relief for my migraines but did not completely shut it down, however, when paired with my migraine medicines I did feel it eased the tension while I waited for my meds to kick in. Since then I’ve only used them for temporary migraine relief and stress reasons. I love adding lavender oil to a nice, hot bubble bath to calm me and prep me for bed. I have wanted to start using them for other uses but felt that I needed to do more research that I didn’t have the time for and that it was too expensive. Why does being healthy and living a healthier lifestyle have to be expensive? Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t. If you’re interested in oils you don’t have to sign your life away to those big brands such as DoTerra or Young Living, nothing against them but I don’t want to commit that much money to something I’m not bought into that much especially when I can just run to Whole Foods to grab what I want as I want.

Whole Foods has a couple different brands of oils and a bunch of different types of oils. I haven’t found any research that says one brand is better than another but just that you should make sure you’re buying 100% pure oil. I already had lavender oil but decided to add a couple more that I researched had the most uses: rosemary, lemon, tea tree, and peppermint. I also wanted to purchase a diffuser so that I would be able to use the oils more as a part of our daily routine to experience the full benefits.

If I like the diffuser I bought I plan to buy this smaller one that’s only $10 and can go in a car or in your office to keep giving you the benefits no matter where you are!


I still haven’t officially decided whether or not I think essential oils are for me. But with what I’ve read and continue to research about them I definitely see there has been evidence that people have had success with using oils for different health reasons. I hope that essential oils can improve our lives in a more natural way versus continuing to overuse medicines when they may not always be necessary!

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Summer Decorating Mood Board

I love to change up my decorations for the seasons and/or holidays which usually means changing out my throw pillows, blankets, and a few accessories. Though I’m dreaming a little bigger for summer because I’m still on the hunt for a new coffee table, to see the styles of coffee tables I like go here. Below is a little mood board I created for some summer decorating inspiration, click the board for sources.

Summer Decorating

If you remember my living room I have a white couch and a fun, vibrant green rug I added to the space last fall but the rug above I included because I thought it was just as fun and love the chartreuse, citron and grays it included. I think this rug feels summery but would work well into fall and if you have neutral furniture like me it would be a fun pop of color.

While decorating for summer one of the easiest things to use to add some color and life to the space are plants and flowers and for me I am all about succulents (like I used here). They are like the new topiaries in my opinion. I also love baskets especially for holding extra blankets, because one can never have enough blankets! I also love to change out pillows and when I saw this carpe diem pillow I thought it was perfect, especially for summer!

I hope this inspires you, and remember just because you want to redecorate doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money decorating for each season. Just “shop” your own house to see what you have, what you could move around from another space to make the space your working on seem new. Happy decorating friends!

DIY Bar from Drafting Table

Happy Wednesday, I’m so excited to share such a fun DIY I’ve been working on and am so thrilled over the results! Around Christmas when I was sharing my Holiday Home Tour I also shared our basement living room for the first time. If you didn’t see that living room you can go here. One thing I didn’t share in that post was this awkward space in the living room that has just been sitting empty ever since we moved in because we didn’t know what to do with it. We tried rearranging furniture to make it fit the space better but that didn’t solve the problem. So we just let it sit empty, that was until I had a serious lightbulb (Despicable Me anyone?) moment.


My grandpa bought this drafting table for a whopping $3 at a farm sale a couple years ago originally for my sister as she’s an interior designer and has wanted one. When it wasn’t able to fit in her house it just sat in my parent’s garage like this…


In all it’s beautiful glory. Until I had that lightbulb moment I mentioned earlier. See, I had no use for a drafting table but I did want something to fill that awkward space in my living room and a bar would be just the thing!


So first thing I had to do was to remove the laminate top on the drafting table and then sand her down. My mom and I got a serious arm workout while working on this drafting table, but it was already starting to look better! After some chipping, sanding and some more sanding it was time to get down to the next step. Painting and staining.


I spray painted the base of the drafting table white and stained the top of it a dark ebony color. It took on a complete transformation in just a short time and very little money. Next up was to move it to said awkward space, add some bar stools and a few necessary bar accessories!


I found these bar stools at none other than TJ Maxx when I wasn’t even looking and loved how well they matched the bar but showed some contrast in the wood color and graining.

The “rough” look of the top of the drafting table/bar may be a little too much for some people but I love it and fits with my vintage “Bait and Tackle” metal sign I picked up a few years back at a local flea market and is still one of my favorite finds to date. Also back in that corner are two pieces of furniture I’m “storing” for my sister that came from my grandparents. There is a lot of character packed into this little space and I love that it tells a special story.


Along with the new barstools I added my fave moscow mule mugs, a cute little drink dispenser, tumbler and decanter, all the essentials for any functional bar. I can’t wait to be able to entertain in this “new” space. And I loved being able to share this project with you all!


So what do you think of my drafting table that I turned into a bar?

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One Room Challenge: Spring Wk 6

Wow! I can’t believe it’s the final week of the One Room Challenge and the reveal of my guest bathroom that I made over in 6 weeks on a teensy, tiny budget! Most of the main products I used were leftovers from my parents house and would have cost me a couple pretty pennies if I had purchased myself. This project was definitely a challenge to figure out how to use all these leftover materials to make one gorgeous space. That’s the key word of it being a challenge right??


Before I get ahead of myself let me remind you of the before…


I’m literally freaking out over this transformation!! Here is the finished product:

orc 1

Without too much gloating I’m pretty impressed with myself and how this space turned out without a whole lot of planning that went into it. As I shared before my parents used this wallpaper in their master bathroom and had just enough leftover for me to do an accent wall in my guest bathroom. (and I think you still have to look really hard to see my little mistake of not lining up one part correctly)

orc 2

Along with adding in some final touches to this space I wanted to frame the bathroom mirror. I’ve had several tutorials on how to frame your own mirror pinned on pinterest for such a long time and finally decided to try it out on this project and I have to say I think it turned out so well. So well that I want to do it to our master bathroom next.

orc 3

I love mixing my metals and think the gold is the perfect accent on top of the metallic pewter/silver wallpaper! These gold starbursts are from Hobby Lobby and I scored them each for 50% off earlier this week. Target also has similar starbursts (which I also have) but they aren’t as bright gold or as big.

orc 4

This towel hook was here before and I decided to spray paint it gold like I did with the light so it would match. You might notice the light fixture is a brighter gold than last week and you would be right! After living with the color of gold on the light for a couple days I decided I really just wasn’t happy with it. So when you don’t like something you just fix it! Which means setting up a crazy spray paint tent with big black trash bags. Wait, did I do that?? Yes, yes I did and it worked like a charm. Spray paint no where but on the light, exactly where I wanted it to go and I am so much happier with the color now.

orc 5

Another close up of my DIY concrete countertops and  a fun black and white fringe hand towel.

orc 6

Loving the mix of geometric prints this shower curtain brings to the wallpaper but not being too much as it’s white and a little sheer. Sadly the only thing that wasn’t complete by the deadline were the towel hooks for these awesome Nate Berkus for Target fringe towels. There are supposed to be here tomorrow…of course so I will add pictures once I get those put up. They will be the perfect last thing to complete the space.

Thank you so much for following along with me on this 6 week challenge and thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting and all the designers and other bloggers who participated as well! I’ve loved being a part of this and look forward to the next challenge and seeing what all the other participants did with their challenge!

*All towels, rug and shower curtain are Nate Berkus for Target. Paint is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Gold starbursts from Hobby Lobby. White vase from Gordmans.

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