Garmin Vivofit Review

Verizon lent me the Garmin Vivofit for the purposes of my blog. Follow #vzwmidwest for more tech updates!


When Verizon lent me the Garmin Vivofit I was excited to get to work trying it out! Since I haven’t had or used any other fitness trackers I can’t compare it to anything but itself. I enjoyed the Garmin and seeing how many steps I could get to in one day. It was also cool to use the app to track patterns and input your calorie intake as well. While the Garmin, or any fitness tracker, won’t make you lose weight it might be that motivation you need! I found that it pushed me to see if I could get more steps each day and at least get to 10,000 steps (or about 5 miles) a day.

Totally unrelated to it’s capabilities and function they really need to make wearable tech more fashion friendly, and I’m not talking about the Tory Burch cover for the fitbit that costs as much as the fitbit itself. While it looks good the price just doesn’t make sense! The hubs didn’t really understand why it had to make a fashion statement. Men.


I had to document the day that I got the most steps which was 17,648! This was before I worked out as I just wanted to mainly document the steps I was taking on a regular basis without working out. If I didn’t work retail and worked a desk job there’s no way I could get to this many steps in one day without intense cardio workouts. So have you tried a fitness tracker? What were your thoughts about your wearable tech?

Whole Foods: Beauty Week


hello beauty

This week is beauty week and Whole Foods is celebrating by releasing their quarterly beauty bag on Saturday March 21st at 10am! To get your beauty bag head to your local Whole Foods to claim your beauty bag for only $18 for $60 worth of products! This is such an awesome deal!

whole body

Like their quality food standards they also have high standards for their skincare as well.

Whole Foods Market has stringent standards for its Whole Body and Beauty products. Here’s why:

  • Skin is the largest organ in the body—what you put on it, you put in it
  • The industry is under regulated. Whole Foods Market enforces quality standards and Premium Body Care standards which prohibit the use of chemicals and synthetic fragrances and ingredients found in many mainstream products available at department stores
    • A great resource on toxins in beauty care products is the EWG —  they are a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to documenting toxicity in consumer products.

If you’re interested in learning more about Whole Foods beauty products and what to look for you should check out the Whole Foods blog.

A few more tips of what to look for in your beauty products:

Ingredients to Look For

Essential Oils

A.K.A: Look for names of individual plants or extracts

We encourage cosmetic producers to use fragrances derived from natural essential oils.           

Mineral-Based Color

A.K.A: Mica; iron oxides; titanium dioxide

Because many synthetic colors are petroleum based, we encourage cosmetic producers to explore the possibilities of mineral-based color.

If you have questions about what makes our body care and makeup different, our knowledgeable Whole Body Team Members can help. They’re also great at finding just the right product and color to help your beauty shine!

I can’t wait to get my Whole Foods curated beauty bag on Saturday as well as save on other beauty brands at Whole Foods such as Weleeda, MyChelle and more 3/20-3/22.

Rocksbox Review No. 2

I received my second Rocksbox and I’m loving it! If you’re new to Rocksbox it’s a box subscription service that you pay $19/month for to get 3 designer pieces of jewelry on loan! You are free to purchase the pieces once they are sent to you or you can just send them back when you’re done renting them and they will send you 3 new pieces! Plus get your first month free by using the code: “shelbibff7”. To see what I got last month go here.


In more detail here are the 3 designer pieces I received this month:


Moon & Lola Druzy Studs


Loren Hope Sarra Cuff


Perry Street Whitney Necklace

I added this necklace to my wishlist so I was so excited when I received it! It’s super easy to add things to your wishlist. You can go online to their website and add things to your wishlist or when you see other people posts things from their rocksbox or rocksbox post things on instagram you can just comment #wishlist and it will be added! So cool! So have you tried rocksbox? For this jewelry freak it is the perfect subscription for me and I have tried quite a few different ones and I definitely have gotten the most out of this one! Dream Day Style Challenge

When contacted me to create my own dream day collage I was all for it! Even though my “dream day” has already happened, you can see that here, it’s fun for me to create a new dream day!

Loverly is basically like pinterest just for weddings but an added bonus is that you can shop the looks you see on their website! You can also create different wedding registries from their website and so, so much more! I definitely wish I had known about this site when I was planning my wedding.

Now on to the dream day style challenge! The setting I chose for my Loverly Dream Day is City Glam:


I chose this setting as it is very different compared to the setting of my actual wedding day and it’s pretty impossible to have a city glam wedding in Wichita, KS and I wanted to choose something that would be completely different than the weddings most people have in the midwest.

More specifically here is what I envision as the backdrop for my city glam wedding:


Isn’t that amazingly gorgeous?? In love with all the flower petals, the gold accents, the chandelier, and the cityscape in as the backdrop!

Below are a few details of what I envision for my city glam dream day. For me a wedding is all in the details. I wanted my dream day to be all about the lovely, beautiful accents that really make a wedding.

Dream Day Style Challenge

This is the wedding dress: BHLDN Emma Gown I love BHLDN and they make some seriously gorgeous gowns. How beautiful is this ombre dress?? For the bridesmaids I went very untraditional as I chose this Aria Jumpsuit how fun would this be for your ‘maids? I’m not sure why wedding cakes have become such statement pieces of weddings but they definitely are and I think this one takes the cake (pun intended) I love those gold starburst accents, definitely fits with the whole vision of my city glam wedding! I also included a picture of what I envision as the tablescape for the reception. Again I went with gold and used a pop of color such as the emerald shown in this picture. For my style I love the use of neutrals in a wedding and then adding in your color with small accents. And what’s that sparkly arrow you ask? It’s a sequin arrow! How cool would it be to have those on the ground to guide your guests to the reception or the ceremony?

If you are in the process of planning weddings you should definitely check out Loverly’s Wedding Hacks, they have many other tips and tricks on their site as well!