One Year Blogiversary

one year blogiversary

Happy one year blogiversary EverydayMrs! Ya’ll I can’t believe it’s been one year since I starting blogging on this little site here at EverydayMrs! I want to thank you all so much for reading and following along with my bloggy adventures. I’m looking forward to this next year and hope to bring you many new exciting things. New DIYs, home projects, fashion faves and more!

blogiversary giveaway

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Thank you again to everyone that follows along with the little blog of mine, I love sharing a little piece of me on the big ole’ internet!

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How To: Make $$ From Your Closet

I have shared with you before about buying designer for less, (if you missed that post you can read it here) however I have yet to share about selling on sites such as some of the ones I’ve discussed. Today I want to share with you my experiences selling my clothes to sites such as ThredUp, Twice and in consignment stores.

make money from your closet

This time of year is a great opportunity to clean out your closet, which I shared some tips about on Monday on my post about how to organize your closet. Once you clean out your closet you might be wondering now what do I do will all these clothes I’ve (hopefully!!) purged? Well I’m here to tell you my experiences with selling my clothes.

Now I know some of you are thinking is it really worth my time trying to sell my clothes? Will I actually even get any money back? Why wouldn’t I just donate them? First off, yes you will get some money. Secondly, some of these companies make it so easy to sell your clothes that make me think why wouldn’t you? And third, donating your clothing is perfectly fine but if you’re like me a little extra cash is always helpful! But please make sure if you are donating you are following their guidelines of what they accept. Many labor hours go into working at places like those that accepted donated items and you might end up wasting their money and time if you are donating many things they don’t/can’t accept. One thing you do need to know is that they will probably not buy back all of your items and you most likely won’t make back what you paid for your items but some money is better than nothing right?

Now let’s get down to selling your clothes. First you need to decide if you would like to sell to a local consignment shop or if you would like to sell them online. I have sold to consignment stores before and yes sometimes you can make more money than online. The cons for consignment stores are that you have to wait to receive your money, sometimes they have a payout threshold (you have to earn so much from your sales before you get paid), and you could waste time not selling an item as it sits in their shop and end up getting it back if it doesn’t sell. I have also sold my clothes to thredUP and more recently to twice. Both of these companies are very similar. thredUP sends you a prepaid bag in which you send back your items to them, twice emails you a shipping label to send your items in. After both companies receive your items and process them they will notify you how much they would like to pay you for the items they are choosing to keep. A few differences are as follows: thredUP will send back the items they don’t keep (if you wish) for a fee of $12.99 where as twice doesn’t send them back unless you reject the full offer which you have to pay a fee of $4.99 and they send all of your items back.

Now to my personal experiences with all of the above options. I have sent in two different bags to thredUP, one larger shipment to twice, and sold to a local consignment store a few times for several months. If I were to rank them in order of amount of money made it would go as follows: (highest to lowest) local consignment store, twice, thredUP. If I were to rank them in order of easiest to most difficult (least time to most time spent) it would be: twice, thredUP, consignment store. That being said I would rank Twice as my favorite option overall. I had a great experience selling to Twice, I loved that they simply email you a prepaid shipping label versus having to wait for the bag to come from thredUP or having to put all my items on hangers then take them to a consignment store wait for them to go through the items and then wait again for the items to sell hoping you hit the payout threshold. The processing time for Twice was also quicker than thredUP and you can have the option of getting paid in a Target gift card which gets send to you immediately (holler!!).

One thing I definitely recommend doing is researching on both of these websites about what brands they accept, there’s no pointing in boxing up all your items if they are brands they don’t accept. For example neither accept brands like Target brands, Forever21 etc. Like I said before Twice gave me more money for my items than thredUP, they also have a wider assortment of higher end designer brands they sell online which to me means that they get more women like myself who like higher end clothing at a lower price and like to resell those items when they are done with them. thredUP doesn’t have as many nicer brands available in their shop. I’m looking forward to selling again after my next big closet purge, who knows there might be yet another big resale website by then that I will have to check out.

So tell me are you cleaning out your closet this time of year? What do you do with them? Sell, donate, can’t make yourself get rid of them?

If you’re interested in shopping at either thredUP or Twice here are some promo codes for you to use to get money off your first purchase. Here’s $10 off thredUP and $20 off Twice. thredUP has women, kids and baby clothing and Twice has women and recently added menswear, both have handbags and shoes.

Happy purging, selling, and shopping!

How To: Organize Your Closet


One thing I love to do at the start/end of every season is to go through my closet to reorganize and purge. I think this is important for everyone to do as I find you forget some of the items in your closet including those that you wonder why in the heck did I ever buy this? Which makes it easy to purge those items 🙂 It’s also good to take this time to reorganize so that you can see and get to everything as you need it. As I have a small closet, it is technically a walk in closet but one of the smallest I’ve ever had and for a girl who loves and works in fashion this poses a problem which is why I must do this several times a year.

I’ve seen many instagrammers and bloggers who have been doing a capsule wardrobe which I honestly just can’t do, not solely for the fact that a capsule wardrobe is 33 items (including shoes!!!) but that this would require me to get rid of a lot of pieces in my closet that no I don’t wear all the time but I do wear them for special occasions etc and there is no way I could recoup what I paid for them so to me that seems like a waste. If you’re doing a capsule wardrobe by all means more power to you it’s just not for me!

So if you’re like me and the capsule wardrobe isn’t for you let’s get down to how I organize my closet and why I think it’s important (regardless if you have a small or large closet):

  • it’s a good time to get rid of items you no longer wear, that no longer fit
  • to do the first you will need to try on those items to decide a. if they do fit and b. if you even like/will wear again
  • take this time to reorganize your closet by what’s best for you, for example if you wear a lot of scarves but you keep them on a top shelf where it’s hard to get to then try to find a different solution that makes them more accessible
  • take your wardrobe to the next level! lay out items you don’t wear very often with items you do to see how you can mix and match them to make different outfits

For those with small closet here are some things that I have found to be helpful:

  • if you have a walk in closet use child sized hangers (I got mine from TJ but I found the same ones on amazon here) on the bottom rows of your closet so that there is more room to walk in the space
  • maximize shelves with storage bins with labels and only use top shelves for items you don’t use often or to store off season clothing
  • add shelving with hanging shelves like these for items like sweaters or if you need more hanging space add a hanging rod like this one
  • if you love to accessorize (hello! I do!) then make all of your accessories easily accessible with belt hangers, scarf hangers, jewelry organizer for my jewelry I used an over the door rack to hang all my necklaces on so they are all right there easy for me to see and grab which one I want!
  • use shelves on the floor underneath the closet rods to house your shoes so they aren’t crowding the floor space you walk into
  • organize by color or by style (whichever is best for you!)

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty with pics of my closet to see how it all came together, sorry I forgot a before picture!

closet child hangers

walk in closet

shelf organization

So is this the prettiest closet you’ve ever seen? Most likely no, I mean we would all love Carrie Bradshaw’s (SATC 1 or 2, take your pick) closet…

Carrie Closet Organization 2

maybe someday right?? But mine is organized and it works great for me and makes it easy to get into every morning! The bottom-line is that your closet doesn’t have to be beautiful or have expensive organization in it to be functional. The main things are to go through every item in your closet, purge, then get to organizing!

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Book Page Wreath DIY

I’m all about wreaths, in my opinion your front door should never be wreath less no matter the season! So when I find a wreath to make that works for any season I’m all about it! Last year I made this Anthropologie DIY knock off wreath that I bring out when I decorate for Christmas and keep up all winter long! For a seriously budget friendly home decor project keep reading:

wreath 7

So this year I decided to make another wreath with things I already had lying around the house: a book page wreath to be exact! All you’ll need is a wire wreath, a book you don’t care about ripping pages from and every crafter’s lover: hot glue.

Speaking of hot glue guns I saw this product not that long ago and think it would be a great addition to my craft room and for any crafters out there!

Back to the book page wreath…

wreath 1

I used two different books that were two different sizes so that the first two layers were bigger and the rest were smaller! Both books I used were biblical which I thought was a neat aspect that my wreath would be filled with scripture and filling my home with it as well.

wreath 2

The first layer was easy to assemble and pretty quick…all it involves is rolling each book page one at a time then hot gluing it to the wire wreath, and don’t worry each one doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly like the one before. In fact, its better if they aren’t!

wreath 3

Here is the first layer finished, remember they don’t have to be perfectly next to each other and lined up as you are going to be continually adding on layers of book pages.

wreath 4

And here is the wreath with the second layer of the larger book pages. See how they fill in the gaps?

wreath 5

And now onto the third layer with the smaller book pages…

book page wreath

 And here is the finished (for now) product, I’m thinking it might need another layer, what are your thoughts?

book page wreath 2

 You might be asking where this is in my house, it’s in my craft room which I will be sharing more about that space later this week plus one of my prized possessions that’s on display in there as well. Hint hint.

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