Holiday Sips & Eats

To me the holidays are all about family: time spent with them, laughing, talking and of course eating and drinking goes along with all of that! Being raised in a family with two grandmothers who seriously knew how to cook I love still having their recipes to carry on traditions that they started and making some of our family favorites that stemmed from them! (to see the photo book cookbook I made for my mom go here)

However, it’s also fun to start some of your own traditions to add to those you already have! Something I decided to try this year for the holidays was a holiday sangria recipe!

holiday sangria

I looked up several recipes on Pinterest and decided to just kind of do my own thing! I think you can add anything to sangria and it will be yummy. For my recipe I used:

1 orange

1 gala apple

1 green apple

1 c pomegranate arils

1 bottle Riesling

You put all of that into a pitcher let it sit for at least 24 hours to all the juices start mixing together and then it’s ready to serve over ice! I topped each glass off with champagne and it was divine!


Another recipe I added was a delicious peach pie, because who doesn’t love pie? We have a peach tree in our backyard that produced a huge amount of peaches this summer so I saved a bunch and froze them for occasions just like this one and believe me I thanked my smart self who decided to do that this summer because they made for one scrumptious pie!

peach pie

I wanted to make this pie with my store bought crust (it’s my favorite) a little fancier. So I got out a leaf cookie cutter to make the top crust!

peach pie 2

What do you think? I have to say I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, not to mention it tasted just a s yummy as it looks!

peach pie 3

and what’s peach pie without some vanilla ice cream to go with it??

So what are you cooking and baking during this holiday season?

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A few notes about coats

I’m not really sure why but I have a serious obsession with coats. There are just so many seriously adorable styles, colors, patterns that I just want almost every coat that is made! So I want to share with you a few that I’m loving this fall and winter season all that come in under $150:


Mint Coat // Lavender Long Coat // Olive Anorak // Grey Drop Shoulder // Cape Coat

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you might have picked up on the fact that mint is my favorite color (it was our “pop of color” for our wedding) so it may come as no surprise to you that a mint coat made my top 5! I love the fit of this coat perfect if you want a little oversized but not a lot!

I’m obsessing over this long lavender coat (so much that this is the second time I’ve blogged about it, to see the first post go here) I’m not sure why I love this coat so much…nevermind I do: 1. the color is fabulous (pastels are so in this season) 2. the model is wearing this with tennis shoes 3. it would look amazing dressed up as well! there ya have it…3 reasons why this coat is awesome!

I couldn’t write this post without talking about the Olive Anorak coat from LOFT. It’s been a hit at our store as I’m sure it has everywhere else also! I have a coat very similar minus the fur or I definitely would have gotten it. I love the slouchy, edgy look it has all while keeping you cozy. The hood and fur all detach making this an awesome jacket as well!

When I was trying to decide if I was going to purchase the buffalo plaid vest from Gap (hint…I did) I was perusing their site and found this gray drop shoulder coat and then saw it in the store a few days later. The fit is similar to the mint one in this post except it has the drop shoulder which I love in so many different styles of clothing and who doesn’t love a simple gray coat? (insert girl with raised hand emoji)

And last but not least another hot trend this season is the poncho/cape coat. If you have the budget I would totally tell you to get the Monogrammed Burberry Cape I mean yes everyone has it but I love it…hello SJP and Olivia  but for those of us who don’t have $1500 to drop on a coat one like this from Zara is just as cute (okay, almost).

I have been on the hunt for the perfect dressy, yet can be casual, coat for the season and can’t decide. So if you had to choose which one would it be?

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Beauty Tips: Defining your Brows

After I bought my new mascara a couple weeks ago I decided to try something else new: defining my eyebrows. I had seen several posts about this dipbrow pomade that was easy to use and would make your eyebrows look like this:


Okay so maybe that was just my take…and the pomade won’t make you look exactly like that…but close right?

before dipbrow

So here is the before, I’m just wearing my regular old makeup which includes Urban Decay’s Naked foundation, bare minerals powder, Nars blush and cover girl lash blast mascara. It’s fine but nothing that’s going to knock your socks off.

after dipbrow

And here you have the after where I applied Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomade in soft brown, my new fiber lash mascara, and sephora’s brand of eyeliner in infinite beige on the inner areas of my eyes to brighten them up a bit! I’m loving this look and how the pomade just adds some slight definition to give me a little bit of a bolder look. I’m usually not too adventurous with my make up and was worried how the dipbrow pomade would look or if it would be hard to apply and I would end up with super scary eyebrows that in no way match my hair color. I might even try to define them more and make them a little thicker…we’ll see how adventurous I become! So what do you think? Are you trying any new beauty products?

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Fiber Lash Mascara Review

One of my new favorite beauty products is this fiber lash mascara and as promised from Friday’s post I’m here to tell you all about it! I got this mascara just a few weeks ago and am already completely hooked! If I could only choose one makeup product to use for the rest of my life hands down it would be mascara. Eyes are one of the best features of women in my opinion and anything that draws more attention to them is even better! Head on down this post to see the results of this glorious mascara…

Here is the before picture of me wearing my regular Covergirl mascara, as I said in this other post of mine about mascara this is my favorite mascara out of all drugstore mascaras and numerous higher end mascaras like Marc Jacobs and Benefit (which are far pricier than the fiber lash mascara I found on amazon).

before mascara

While I think this under $10 drugstore mascara is some serious bang for your buck I was impressed by the fiber lash mascara. I was worried about how easy it would be to apply but it is pretty simple! Below are the results….

after mascara

This is after two coats of the fiber lash mascara, you can add as many coats as you like but I’ve never seen the need to go beyond the two coats though I might have to try just for fun to see the results!

before after mascara

And here is the comparison picture so that you can see the results and differences better. It makes my lashes look so much longer without looking fake or like scary lashes. I’m so pleased with this mascara for how it turned out and for the price. Both my mom and sister tried it last weekend and loved it…my mom already ordered it as well, that’s how much she liked it!


And one more for fun! So what do you think? What new beauty products are you trying?

Stay tuned, later this week I’m dipping my feet…err eyebrows into a new beauty product I’ve never tried before!

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