Oh Hey Friday: 5 Things

I’m so happy it’s Friday, fall weather is in the air (literally) and I’m excited to share what 5 things I’m crushing on this week!

1. Wet Brush


Y’all I had heard about this brush and decided to give it a go because my hair can be a beast when wet (and unlike many other firm believers I don’t have a problem with brushing when wet) and at only $8.99 how could I not give it a go? I’m obsessed with it and won’t ever go back to a regular brush!

2. Nate Berkus Fabric


I had heard that Nate Berkus was designing a line exclusively for Joann’s, and while I’m still obsessed with all of his things at Target I knew it would be good…but I didn’t know how good. I seriously am in love with these fabrics and am scheming up projects to use them for..I’m thinking pillows, recovering chairs…everything!

3. LOFT Style Event


If your weather has been changing this week then you’re probably itching to start wearing your fall clothes and you might really be itching to buy a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe! LOFT is having a 40% off Style Event happening this weekend off everything, new arrivals, every stinking thing and there are some seriously cute new arrivals people. Like this, this and this.

4. Fall Decor


Have I maybe mentioned I’m a teeny, tiny bit excited for fall?? I decorated my house this week and it makes me so happy every time I walk in and see it…so tell me am I the only fall crazed person who has already decorated their home?

5. Midi Skirts


I see my first midi skirt being added to my closet in the near future. I’m loving this one , this one, and this one.

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Decorating for Fall

Pinterest can really be the devil sometimes. You see all these grandiose ideas and immediately want to toss everything out of your house, buy all new stuff, oh and throw in a new house while you’re at it. Most people I know can’t just do that whenever they want, I know I can’t but still I get on Pinterest and dream up these ideas. Doesn’t this fill you with discontentment my friends? It definitely does for me. I think this is true across the board-weddings, our wardrobes, our houses. Everything. Don’t get me wrong I think Pinterest is so much fun and can give you great ideas but it can also fill you with all these ideas that you probably can’t make happen. So where does that bring us and what does it have to do with my fall decorating? Well I’ll tell ya…I was on pinterest last week and started seeing all these fall home decor ideas, it made me so excited to decorate so on my day off I got down to business! I pulled out all my stuff and started to go through it…most of it was actually new I had purchased when it went on clearance last year after halloween. But I wasn’t liking any of it, I wanted new stuff, nothing worked and I was frustrated.

So I took a break, sipped on my chai tea latte, and thought. Here’s how my thoughts went: “I’m stupid…I have all these basically brand new fall decorations and the only reason I don’t like them is because of everything I saw on Pinterest.” I picked myself up, started decorating and was in a much better mood.

Now lets get down to the decorations and my husband wants to know exactly how many pumpkins are in our house…I plead the 5th.

Here’s my fall mantle from last year…

fall mantle

and here’s this years…

fall mantle2

Here’s my fall tablescape, simple and full of lovely fall colors.

fall table

And one of my favorite parts of my fall decorations, I filled up my old feeder with cute little pumpkins! I want to put real, small white pumpkins in there once the stores have them in stock but I like them this way as well!


Walking into my home and now seeing this pictures makes me filled with joy and also makes me feel silly for being so discontent. My hope is that we would all be more grateful for the things and lives that we do have instead of being so discontent with what we have because of silly things like Houzz and Pinterest. Cheers to fall decorating, chai tea lattes, changing leaves and boots!

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The Ring

I don’t think I could name my website Everyday Mrs if I didn’t talk about the ring.


I got married when I was 21 (almost a year ago, I can’t believe it!) so needless to say we weren’t  aren’t made of money. That doesn’t mean that you have to settle for something that you don’t love though. I fell in love with my engagement ring about a year before my husband proposed. My sister and I were out shopping at a local jewelry shop and were looking at rings, because girls like to dream right, when I stumbled upon this beauty. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When the time came and Isaac went with my sister to look the ring was still there…fate right? He happened to go when they were having their annual sale and also did some haggling, thanks love! Had this ring been somewhere like Kay Jewelers, Zales, Helzbergs etc I guarantee the price would have been severely heightened.

When ring shopping its important for both you and your man to know several things. You really should educate yourselves about types of rings, metals, diamond qualities and most importantly: set a budget before you start shopping. Also, know you don’t have to shop at the “main” places like I mentioned above. Rings at those places often don’t always have the best quality for the best prices. However, we did purchase my wedding band from Zales. I find their trendy pieces are often less expensive (especially when paired with a sale such as Memorial/Labor day) than their engagement/solitaire rings.

For both Isaac and I it was important that I got the ring I wanted as I don’t want to upgrade later on. I like the idea of always wearing the ring that I got married/proposed to with, though that isn’t forever and I reserve the right to change my mind 😉 It was also very important to us though that we absolutely would not go into debt over a wedding ring and wouldn’t spend a fortune. I think too many times we get overwhelmed with all the wedding craziness and don’t think sensibly (or at least I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t think sensibly sometimes!) and end up falling in love with a ring that is way out of our budget. Remember his money (or lack thereof) will be yours also once you get married!

Another way to save money is on your man’s ring. I don’t know if you’ve checked out men’s wedding bands prices but they. be. crazy. for what they are. My husband is a simple man (thankfully one of us is!) and wanted a plain silver band, no frills, no fuss. We found his ring on Etsy for a seriously reasonable price and I surprised him with the engraving!



Another option if your budget is really tight, or you just like it better, is a ring tattoo! A ring tattoo was something I’ve thought I wanted for a while before and since we got married. While I absolutely, seriously, literally am in love with my rings (and my husband- a lot) I wanted to still have a symbol of our marriage when not wearing them-at home, working out, running errands, outdoors etc. About a month ago I took the plunge and went for it, took about 5 minutes from set up to finish and I am so happy with the outcome! Facing me it’s a lowercase “g” for our last name and facing others it’s an uppercase “I” for Isaac, super thankful for my genius friend who thought of it!



No matter what ring option you opt for the important thing is that you love it. At the end of the day its not the size of the diamond, the shape of it, or how much it costs that matters. Everytime I look down at my rings or my tattoo I smile because of the one who gave it to me and how much love that man has for me. Any type of ring he gave me would have told me that, but it doesn’t hurt that he chose the one I loved so much because he knew that would make me happiest. That means the most to me!

Living Room Update

living room update

I shared a couple weeks back about my trip to the promise land…aka IKEA and wanted to share a few things that I bought on my trip to IKEA in Dallas as well as my fave TJ Maxx. Why are they so much better in Texas? Everything’s bigger…and better in Texas (or so I hear). Prior to my trip I had ordered this rug as you see up above, it’s an Overdyed rug from RugsUSA…they have some of the best deals on rugs, free shipping and so so many options! Two of my huge area rugs are now from there. I took a chance on this rug wasn’t sure if the pop of color would be too bold, but I decided I like to be pretty bold, it is in my fave color palette and the rest of my room is grey and white…so I went for it! I couldn’t be happier with my decision, I think it fits the space well and is so “me”. How much better could a rug get? Unless maybe it served me wine or something…



The reason I really went to IKEA was for a bookshelf or hutch that would fit this little wall. What we had here previously was a thrift store piece that I had tried to redo and failed. FYI laminate furniture + latex paint=no bueno. I had looked at many options online at IKEA before going so that I would have some sort of game plan and not be overwhelmed and want everything once there (this happened anyway) I had narrowed it down to two and wanted to see them in person to make the final decision. I’m so happy I chose this one. It was so fun to restyle and find more purpose and use in this bookshelf. It now can properly store what needs a home as well as be a pretty thing to look at!

living room update 1

On to my little “g” nook (have I mentioned I love the letter g and using it everywhere in my home??), I’ve had this rocking chair (which I still love) but felt like it needed a little pizazz to feel like it really was it’s own little corner of the room. I added this fun faux gray sheepskin to the back and a Kate Spade pillow and I think I added just the right amount of pizazz to it!

living room update 3

I love switching around my accessories and adding new fun little things I find. It makes a space feel new without a complete overhaul and spending lots of bucks! I owned everything here except for the sea urchins. I recently bought those little guys and love how fun they are (and their price)…seriously I want to put them and hang them everywhere!

living room update 4

Probably the highest valued treasure was this beauty I came home with! My very own, $12 fiddle leaf fig!! As if they hadn’t already IKEA really won me over with this little guy! Can’t wait for it to grow big and tall and bring me all sorts of joy…brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it!

Where did you get that?

Overdyed rug via Rugs USA

Hemnes Bookshelf via IKEA

Sea Urchin Decor via Target

Kate Spade Pillow ($12!!!) via TJ Maxx

Faux Sheepskin via Ross

Fiddle Leaf Fig via IKEA

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