5 Things Friday

1. My love affair with Ikea continues just as strong as ever, stay tuned next week when I share my findings!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.04.24 AM

2. Excuse the poorly lit dressing room shot but I’m obsessed with this all leather skirt from Banana Republic. However, I’m not at all obsessed with the $225 price tag it has so I will continue to love it from afar. I’ve looked at faux leather options but after trying on the real deal it’s just not the same..maybe it will go on major sale?? A girl can dream.

leather skirt

3. I already received my first little welcome package in the mail from Whole Foods and I can’t wait for it to open next week!

whole foods

4. Remember those flats I wanted? Well I decided to get them and love them! You can get them here.


5. A couple weeks ago on my day off I went around town thrifting to some of my favorite spots and I found this mirror that I’ve been wanting to find/make for a while now. While I didn’t end up buying it because it didn’t fit into my budget, I’m still obsessed with the idea and want to find a yoke that I can fit a mirror into.

yoke mirror

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 That’s all for today, stay tuned for some more exciting things coming up!

Whole Foods is Here!

I teased on my instagram yesterday about getting a sneak peek of Whole Foods Wichita and promised to share more details on the blog. You didn’t think I would let you down did you? Nope? Good.

Thanks to Kansas Women Bloggers (who I did a series for back in July) I was invited to be a part of Whole Foods Blog Ambassador program and I am still completely freaking out about it! Yesterday we received a tour of the beautiful new store, a plethora of info about Whole Foods as a company, some samples, and yummy goodies to take with us also!


If you’ve been to a Whole Foods before, even just walked in the door, you probably understood that their brand is all about providing healthy, delicious, and local foods. I love one of their core values they shared with us yesterday: “win-win partnerships with suppliers”. Whole Foods has many partnerships with local farms and produce plants which supports our community and they also are big believers in partnering with other facets in the community such as non-profits. Non-profits they are currently supporting are: YWCA, Wichita Children’s Home, United Methodist Open Door and Bike Walk Wichita. One of their programs they have that benefit our community are days that they hold called “Your Change Creates Change”. On these days for every reusable bag you use when you shop Whole Foods you can choose to get back 10 cents per bag or you can choose to donate it. Four times a year they also donate 5% of all sales back into the community. Below is what you see right when you walk through the front doors, this section will house all the fresh produce and in the back is the seafood counter.

whole foods 3

 Not only does this store look amazing, which by the way is designed to reflect our own community. This involves aviation features such as an airplane wing that acts as the coffee bar (unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of this as they had it covered up so you’ll just have to go see for yourself!) and reflections of parts of our nature such as sunflowers. But the quality of Whole Foods doesn’t stop at the appearance but continues throughout. Whole Foods was the first certified organic and healthiest grocery store in America. They have some of the highest standards of quality I’ve ever heard of a store having. All their prep work is done with barriers so there’s no cross contamination. You also will not find any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup.

whole foods 4

When many people think of Whole Foods they think $$$, heck I even thought that walking in, I left with a different mindset though! The area shown above is their bulk section that has flours, beans, spices, and rice that you are allowed to buy in bulk at very reasonable prices. Below are the dried mangoes we tried…and then later tried them dipped in chocolate. Can you say yum??

whole foods 5

Overall my experience, feeling and thoughts about the brand as a whole were amazing as I was walking about of there. I don’t want to spill too much more because I want you to form your own thoughts, opinions and experiences as well. I can’t wait for it to open next week so that I can try even more of their products, can you say skincare?  Stay tuned for reviews of Whole Foods products in the future!

whole foods 6

Just a few of the scrumptious samples we were given to take home today, excited to try the rest! Here’s to delicious, health(ire)y eating!

Whimseybox #2

Remember that one time when I got my first Whimseybox and completely failed? Yeah, I don’t either.

I got my second box a couple weeks ago and had some crafting time available yesterday so I got down to business.


This box was all about DIY polymer clay jewelry. It was fun and super simple, theres something almost therapeutic about kneading clay. One thing I’ve really liked about receiving Whimseybox so far is that the crafts they have are different and unique. They aren’t your typical crafts you think of which is awesome. I love to try to my hand at new things…even if I do have to fail a few times!


First you had to knead the clay and mix your colors until it had a marbled look that you liked. Then you cut it into the shapes that you preferred. I pretty much followed the instructions on how they shaped theirs for the first time…I have lots of clay still left so I’m anxious to try again. This picture of the clay was after I had kneaded, marbled, and shaped and right before I baked it.


After 15 minutes in the oven and some time to cool I added the glass glitter and chain/earring posts and here’s the finished product!


I’m much happier to know that I succeeded at this Whimseybox! I love crafting, especially when it turns out like it’s supposed to/you wanted it to. Like I said before it’s fun to get subscription boxes in the mail, I haven’t quite decided if they’re completely worth it or not. At least the ones that I’ve tried out…I’m curious to know what subscription boxes you’ve tried and what you think about them!

If you’re interested in signing up for Whimseybox or just shopping there for great craft supplies (they have some cool stuff-hello calligraphy and flower paper crowns) here’s my referral link, you can get $15 off by using this link!

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Why have a cookie when you can have a cupcake?

One of my good friends, Cara, loves to bake and decorate cupcakes, and I have to say she is pretty talented! She makes all different types of cupcakes, can decorate them to pretty much anything you desire and makes adorable pull-apart cakes as well!

For my going away party at work she made my fave cupcakes which are cupcakes in an ice cream cone! For these the cupcake is funfetti but she makes so much more: red velvet, lemon, homemade vanilla, double chocolate chip, strawberry and any others upon special request. She also has gluten free options as well!




I love supporting her in this new business venture, it’s awesome to see your friends doing what they love and being successful at it! Here are a few more examples of other types of cupcakes that she’s made and decorated super adorably!


Here’s an example of a pull apart cake she did for a one year old’s Owl themed birthday party.


These are mini sunflower cupcakes, I seriously love them! They are so, so cute!


And this one is a cupcake flower bouquet…who wouldn’t love cupcakes instead of flowers?? So much better in my opinion.

So the next time you need are planning an event (or just have a craving) think to yourself…why have a cookie when a cupcake is SO much better! Email wichitacupcakes@gmail.com to place your order with Cara!