How To: Shellac Mani at Home

Ever since I tried shellac for the first time I’ve been absolutely obsessed. I almost always have to have my fingernails (and toenails!) painted all the time because I love it but regular polish just stinks at staying on hands. Mine would chip usually the same day and then you have to wait for what seems like forever to be dry. Shellac is the cure to both of those problems. For probably about 2-3 years I’ve been going to the same place to get my shellac on and was completely happy with it though they continue to raise their prices (which is still well below many other places) and don’t get in new colors often (which I’m all about changing up my color choices) so I decided to try a different route!

I read and researched several different brands of at home gel/shellac kits and found the consensus to be about the same. They all included an LED lamp, one color, and your top and base coat. So off to Target I went. My options were the Sally Hansen kit or the SensationNail kit, I went with SensatioNail only for the fact that it was $20 cheaper!


The kit includes everything you need to get started and I purchased another color as well so I would have two different color options to start out with as the kit came with a Raspberry color as shown on the box. I followed the simple directions they included, which are the same steps that are being done if you’ve gone to a nail salon before to get shellac and I think it turned out pretty well! It probably took me 10 minutes in total, I completed one hand first then the other so that I wouldn’t risk messing them up in the process!


It was only my first time and I think the white turned out pretty well, I did end up doing 3 coats of white since it was a lighter color and didn’t have as good coverage! I think the next time will be ever better as I get the hang of it more but pretty much the same technique as painting with regular nail polish. For $40 after two times of doing it, it will have paid itself off! And getting a new color is $10 which they say should last you about 10 times. Sounds good to me! So tell me are you as obsessed with shellac as I am?

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Kitchen Inspiration


I’ve shared before how much I don’t love our builder grade house and will love love love to upgrade it as we can! We’ve already made so much headway since moving in. Almost all the walls are now painted, baseboards and trim are sparkly spanking white and we have wood floors in the main upstairs areas! One thing that has remained though ever since we moved into our house is our honey oak kitchen cabinets. I’ve been itching to get rid of/paint them so badly and eventually would love to redo do the whole shebang! So today I threw together an inspiration board for everything I’m thinking that I want to include in my kitchen.

Like I said my main priority (since the floors are now redone) is to paint the kitchen cabinets. I debated over this for a long time about what colors I wanted to have them painted or if I wanted stain. I also debated whether or not to do them myself. No one else in my family was up for the task of helping me and it would have taken me about a week-week and a half to complete the project so I started looking at other options since I work full time! I found a local company who refinishes cabinets at a very reasonable price. They have a special coating they do to cabinets that is supposed to be more durable which is exactly what I wanted! I decided on doing the top cabinets white and the bottom gray, this project is underway as I type and should be finished by the end of this week which I am over the moon excited for!

Another element that I really wanted to add to the kitchen to give it a little lift and interest was beadboard to the island. Like all of the rest of my cabinets it was honey oak as well and just a big slab of that on an island is no bueno. It also had taken quite the beating so beadboard came to my rescue on that one! While I would love for it to be mint green like the island in the above picture I don’t think hubby would be on board!

Once the cabinets are all refinished I would like to get new countertops, sink and backsplash. Those things are a long ways off but it’s exciting to me to start looking at ideas, seeing what I like etc. Isaac and I both love butcher block and concrete countertops so I could see us doing one of those options. Though the concrete would probably have to be a DIY (like these) because they are pretty pricey! I also want to do something super interesting, funky and different for our backsplash. I think the backsplash is a great space to use in a kitchen to throw in some personality. Especially in our case where we don’t have a huge area for backsplash it wouldn’t be over the top.

I can’t wait to share with you my kitchen once the cabinets are complete! Stay tuned for a huge transformation.

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Image Sources: Grey & White Kitchen, Backsplash, Countertops, Island, Hardware

Would you Like to Know It?



Just wanted to drop a quick line to share this awesome website and feature on Instagram that is every fashionista’s dream come true! Watch the video below to see how it works!


How It Works // LIKEtoKNOW.IT from LIKEtoKNOWit on Vimeo.


I just signed up and have already liked several of my fave Instagrammers outfit and immediately got an email after with clickable links telling me where their outfit came from! How awesome is that? So just head on over to their website to sign up, and start seeing the featured looks on their page from instagrammers as well as whenever you see someone grammin’ with like to know it you can like their picture and it will email you. Such a fun way to find new websites to shop for clothes as well as new Instagrammers to follow!

And just for even more Tuesday pleasure I’ll leave you with this…

Fab Friday Find

Fab Friday 1 ¬† Happy Friday everybody! I don’t know about you but I am ready for this weekend and what better way to be ready than to wear a fabulous dress! As I’ve said before TJ Maxx is one of my absolute, all time favorite stores which is where today’s fab find is from! This boho hippie dress is perfect for so many occasions: date night out with the husband, outdoor summer concert, or just a day of shopping! fab friday 2 ¬† Paired with your fave sunnies, (which in my case are Ray Ban wayfarers but I borrowed my sister’s aviator’s for the occasion) a fabulous arm party, and a clutch for your essentials you are ready to go!

fab friday 3

Where’d ya get that?

Boho Dress: TJ Maxx

Ray Bans: Sunglass Hut

Marc Jacobs Clutch: Nordstrom Rack

Arm Party Bracelets: Lily & Laura, Alex & Ani via Pink Saloon

Dolce Vita Heels: Pink Saloon

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