Earth. Shattering. News.

I have something super, crazy earth shattering to tell you all.



I found this out a few months ago and was super pumped about it but I didn’t think they had a whole lot of inventory on there yet but recently they have a lot more and it’s like I can walk into TJ (virtually) anytime I want. Right up there with Target TJ is my absolute fave place to go. So much so that a lot of the employees at both the stores here now know my sister and I…a little embarrassing. Kind of. Not really.

We also love it so much that we both ran into each other at TJ one day on our lunch break without knowing the other was going to be there. Is there a rehab for that? If that doesn’t qualify us as maxxinistas I don’t know what does.

Back to the online shopping bit, I truly am super happy they jumped on the online shopping bandwagon because lets face it we are a lazy people and it is convenient for us late night shoppers. The only part of the site I’m bummed about is that there isn’t a home decor section only shoes, accessories, clothes and handbags. So hopefully that will be added soon because that would make this girl on cloud 9.

If you’ve yet to check out their new website you should definitely go check it out and maybe buy everything so I won’t have the urge to. TJMaxx…you should go.


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Shopping Designer on the Working Girl’s Salary

Shop Designer

Do you love designer clothes? Do you love shopping? Are you a working girl? (or guy no judging here!) Then this post is for you! If you’re like me you have a craving for designer brands-not because they carry a certain label on them but simply because they are of a better quality and design but if you’re also like me paying full price for designer items just isn’t. going. to. happen. So what’s a girl to do? Find a way around it! There are so many sites out there that offer quality, authentic, designer clothes at much lower prices. I want to share a few of these with you that I’ve found and love!


I’ve talked a little bit about thredUP here before. Like I said before this is the women and kids-clothes and shoes only version of ebay, except their clothing is always in excellent condition (as it is used) certain items they get still have tags on them as well. They recently starting selling designer handbags as well. They have brands ranging from Free People to Rebecca Minkoff to Kate Spade and Hudson. I have found their site to be easy to use, search and find exactly what you’re looking for! You can also sell your own clothing through their consignment set up, you simply a order clean out bag, they send it to you (for not cost right now), and you send it back and they will pay you! I just ordered my first clean out bag and will let you know how it goes. If you use this link here to shop thredUP you get $10 and I get $10, give a little get a little right??



Tradesy is really similar to thredUP in that it is like consignment store shopping online except if you want to sell items through their site you will list it (instead of send it in) like on ebay. They will recommend pricing, send you packaging materials and even help you with returns should you need it. I like this site as it’s been around a little longer and I think they have more inventory usually. They also have some higher end items like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. This site is great for seriously anything you are looking for. They have designer wedding dresses (Maggie Sottero and Vera Wang), Loubotin heels (I don’t own any…yet but hey at least my husband knows the brand…someday maybe!) and Lululemon workout gear-hot yoga anyone?-just to name a few! Seriously check out their website, it’s worth perusing! Like thredUP use this link but you get $25 this time…holler!!



The RealReal is like Joss&Main meets Tradesy. Did you follow that?! They have new daily sales full of fine art, handbags, accessories and clothing, for example: Prada and Fendi, How to Wear: Summertime Black and Prints Revolution. They have seriously beautiful and amazing pieces for sale here! You can also consign with them in which you will receive up to 70% of the sales which is super amazing if you’ve ever consigned before. They take all the hard work away from you, you enter in the items in which you will be sending to them and they will email you a packing slip and shipping label in which they will reimburse you for if they accept the item. Here is another $25 credit for you to use while shopping there!

I’m sure there are many more sites like these three that sell designer clothing at amazing prices, do you have a personal fave that I didn’t list? I would love to hear about it! Cheers (with cheap wine of course) to designer shopping on the working girl’s salary!

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Style Icon

style icon

I saw this post today and it inspired me to talk about style icons. If you follow any kind of social media you probably saw Blake Lively absolutely killing it (doesn’t she always though…I mean she is Serena from Gossip Girls) at the Cannes Festival. All 4 of her looks were completely fabulous. What I love about Blake and her style is that it’s always beautiful and right on trend but never completely unattainable for the everyday gal! While I don’t personally know Blake (though I like to think I do) I see her as someone who has an infectious personality that everyone wants to be around and wants to be her BFF. She knows how to dress it up and be high fashion but she also knows how to not take herself too seriously, including her fashion choices.



My ultimate and favorite style icons has to be SJP who also happened to be stunning at the met gala. As herself and of course as Carrie Bradshaw she has so many different looks, the SATC movie was perfect as far as fashion is concerned. While many of her looks (especially Carrie…Manolo Blahniks hello!) can be rather expensive and high end fashion the same looks can still be achieved on the Everyday Mrs’ wardrobe!

Carrie-Bradshaw-satc-movie2 via

While these are only three of the millions of looks we’ve seen on both SJP and Carrie they show you how completely versatile and unique your wardrobe and personal style can be! The most important thing to me, whoever your style icon may be, is that you own your style. All styles are different just like there are all different types of people which is why the world of fashion is always entertaining and beautiful in every designer’s own personal way. If you had to pick one style icon who would it be?

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Gifts for the Man in Your Life

In honor of my hubby’s birthday today I decided I would share with you gifts I’ve given him in the past, though I’ll have to share later about what I got him this year as he hasn’t received them yet 🙂


Over the years we’ve been together I’m always trying to give him meaningful, useful, thoughtful gifts. You would have to ask him to be sure but I think I’ve done pretty well so far, though there’s always room for improvement. I get many of my ideas from Pinterest so I can’t take total credit though I usually transform the idea to fit what I’m trying to accomplish.

valentine's day

First gift up is “A Year of Dates” + Fondue Dinner. I don’t know about you but the saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is definitely true with my husband so all of my gifts to him usually include going out to eat, making him a homemade meal, or candy! This gift was for Valentine’s Day a few years back. For our date I had prepared a fondue meal that included oil for the meat, cheese for the bread and then strawberry cake for dessert (he’s not a huge fan of chocolate so I subbed the cake for the chocolate portion of fondue-though I think that’s the best part but I guess it isn’t about me!) The other part of his gift was the “Year of Dates”, I had seen this idea on Pinterest in a variety of different ways so I kind of pick and chose what parts I liked of each and included my own ideas. The premise of the idea is that you have 12 different dates prepared, one for each month of the upcoming year, these dates don’t have to be expensive but the idea is they are already planned and paid for. Some of the date ideas we did were fishing (I later got him fishing poles that year for his birthday), going to the shooting range, bike ride +grilling out, $5 date to Target (we each got $5 and had to buy something for the other person), and movie passes for a movie of his choice. There are so many different ideas you can do and the fun part is that you can tailor it to whatever it is that you both like to do plus you have 12 dates already planned!

shutterfly book

One of my other favorite gifts to give is a photo book. I’ve made several as gifts for our parents, for Isaac, my sister as well as ourselves! I love the ease of putting together a photo book on a website versus just sticking photos in a photo album or scrapbooking, which is a serious pain. This photo book is one I made for Isaac for Christmas one year which documented everything we had done that previous year. I’ve since made it my goal to make a photo book of every year so that we can look back on all we did and accomplished that year. It’s amazing how easily you forget what happened in January that year by the time you reach December. My favorite site to use to print pictures, make photo books and any variety of other photo projects is Shutterfly. I have tried others like My Publisher and Snapfish but have found that I like Shutterfly the best. They are constantly running promotions for  sales on their products and if you follow them on Facebook they share a variety of different promo codes you can use as well, for example right now they are offering 50% off photobooks and free shipping over $30! Way cheaper and easier than scrapbooking and I think it’s a much better way to preserve your photos and memories for years to come.



This is also another famous Pinterest project that many people have made their own versions of. The concept is simple: grab a deck of cards, think of 52 reasons you love your man, assemble. This project is so fun, thoughtful and meaningful. While it might take you some time to think of 52 reasons I guarantee you can do it and he will love the finished product. This is also an inexpensive idea when you might be tight on funds, being married is fun but it’s kind of a downer once you realize your spouse is spending “your” money to buy you a gift so it makes it all the more fun to come up with something creative especially when funds are limited!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, maybe they will spark your creativity for the next gift you have to think up for your man. I don’t know about you but I’m constantly putting notes in my phone of different gift ideas I come up with for him and family and friends too!

Happy Birthday Isaac!

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