Gettin Crafty

I love the blog/social media world. I have instagram to thank for becoming obsessed with The Big Red Heart. If you’re into handmade goods you will definitely want to follow her she does some amazing work! I was inspired by her and wanted to try out some hoop art. Since I had never tried it before I wanted to start with something simple otherwise I would get way, way over my head and then feel like I have to finish it. #OCDprobs

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it seemed simple enough for a first timer


I gathered my materials:


Followed her instructions which are super, duper simple and here’s what I ended up with:

hoop art

As Isaac liked to point out Kansas is not near as interesting of a state, I can’t say I disagree with him, but it is what it is! So for $5 and maybe 10 minutes I think this a pretty cheap, easy, and fun craft. I’m going to try a “G” later this week because I’m obsessed with G’s ever since I found out I was going to have a new last name. That hoop might be a little more complex but I think I’m up for the challenge!

Have you tried anything new lately? Tell me!

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I Dated this Guy Once Book Review

i dated this guy once

This is an account of my true and honest feelings toward this book. The author describes it on her website as:

“A true story of traveling, life, love and relationships. A little bit of sass, a little bit of laughter, a little bit of crying, and a lot of mediocre guys. Red wine recommended.”

I found this book to definitely be a fun account of the author’s life experiences especially in the realm of relationships. It was a very quick, easy and entertaining read for me. I found this book a fun read as the author is from KC, claims to be a Christian and tells her stories quite hilariously. While she talks a great deal about her relationships she also talks about her faith quite a bit as well. One of my favorite quotes was:

“I am not a Christian because I always do what is right or even because I know what is right…Being a Christian is a daily struggle, but I am a Christian because I have faith.”

Preach on sista. I related with that excerpt so much as she is so right, being a Christian is a daily struggle and I can see how easily others can think Christians are hypocrites because we do struggle. The struggle is part of it, sin is part of it. There’s no way around it but we still have faith like Toni says. I even found myself judging her as I was reading it because if she is a “christian” then why does she act like that? Do people say that when they look at my life? When I’m at my worst do outsiders see me and think wow, there’s something different about her, she must be a Christian because she wears a cross around her neck. Or do they think that jerk just cut me off, so much for that Jesus fish on her car. I hope it’s the first, I really do, but sadly I doubt that’s everyday.

Back to the book…Like I said, I liked it I really did but sometimes while reading it it just felt really random and like she was just spitting all her thoughts, all her past relationships, and emotions out onto the page. But then I got to this quote:

“You see, my writing is not always meant to provide answers. Sometimes it is meant
to question. I am young. I write down my thoughts. Forgive me for not always knowing
the answers. I am not looking for agreement or judgment or pity or anything, really.
I write because I love to write. It is my own personal, therapeutic method of sorting
shit out. If you’ve read this far, you might actually like me and my venting.”

Totally changed how I thought about it. If someone is writing down a true account of their lives thus far it most likely is everything I said being spat out onto a page quickly before you forget where you were going with it or what you were going to say. We all should be doing things we love just because we love them not for anyone else, but for ourselves. I think that is one of the biggest takeaways I got from this book once I finished reading it, you were not only laughing constantly but you felt for her. Her feelings became yours.

So…should you read it? I would say yes. It is a good, fun, light, easy read. It might cause you to question your life, relationships and even your faith.

Outdoor Living Made Easy

As I’ve shared maybe a few too many times on all social media outlets I’m super happy about this weather we’re having. Even on the days it’s super windy…that doesn’t even get me down because it’s still at least 70! It looks like this weather is here to stay for a while so I sold our current outdoor furniture on Facebook, the deck received a much needed paint job and we bought new furniture that’s just and bright and cheery as this season is! We are so excited to spend a lot of time on our newly redone deck this spring and summer, hopefully our weather will be so nice as to cooperate.


Here’s our deck last summer pre new paint and furniture…while super cute in my opinion (I’m a sucker for outdoor string lights) the table was just way too large for our deck space and it was hard and awkward to get around!

Iphone 215

Thanks to Isaac’s parents we also got a new grill to fit in with everything else new we have out on the deck. He is super pumped (my words not his) about grilling on it and I’m excited to try to start grilling out on it more…we’re talking kabobs, grilled veggies and more! What do you love to grill?

Iphone 244

I had to throw in a picture of this gorgeous bloom that was white on Easter Sunday and last night I noticed it is now a gorgeous deep pink. Do flowers make you as happy as they make me? I sure hope so.

Iphone 247

I’m just as excited about those teal chairs as Isaac is excited about his new grill…and he doesn’t get visibly excited about many things!

Iphone 252

If you are wondering what those bright orange planters contain they are succulents! I’ve told you before how much I love succulents, they are awesome for so many reasons, 1. they are adorable 2. they don’t require much water 3. you can dye them like this

I saw a great idea for what I could do with all those telephone insulators I have that involve succulents that might have to be my next project!

  Iphone 249

It’s super simple to create an outdoor space that is functional and works for you while looking good all at the same time. No matter the budget you have its important to keep in mind what you are going to enjoy for years to come and also what will hold up in the elements…especially if you live somewhere like Kansas where we’re subject to all seasons! The worst thing is buying something, no matter what it is, on the cheap and it only lasts one time. I would rather buy something of medium quality that I really like and will last for some time so I can get my money’s worth. You can also head on over to my instagram to see all the flowers I planted by our front door as well as painted a few of our planters to match my mint green front door!

Also stay tuned to one of my new found favorite drinks that I hope to be serving up on our new pretty patio! Hint: Russian workhorse

Where’d ya get that?

Threshold Bench– Target

Threshold Teal Chairs- Target

Chair Pads and Pillows– Target

Orange Planters- TJ Maxx

Little Baby Succulents- Lowes

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Spring Wish List

I don’t know about you but this weather is really helping out my mood lately and has encouraged me to tell you about the new things I’m loving for this Spring! This season is all about bold colors and bold looks, don’t afraid to jump out of your box a little bit and try something new! Spring is about new beginnings isn’t it? What a better place to start than with your wardrobe. Here’s looking forward to more sun, flowers, and blooming trees!


spring wish list


1. Floppy Hat // 2. White Leather Handbag // 3. Printed Harem Pants // 4. Colorful Flats // 5. Statement Necklace

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?