Mascara Mayhem

Maybelline Colossal//Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion//Covergirl Clump Crusher//

Maybelline Rocket Volume//Covergirl Flamed Out

Now, I don’t claim to be a makeup expert by any means but mascara is hands down my favorite item in my makeup drawer. To me it makes all the difference. Just ask my sister when she applies it to one eye and forgets the other, or forgets it all together…she has a habit of doing that. Since it’s my favorite makeup item I’m always on a quest to find the best one, usually without spending a whole lot of money. While I find value in spending money on certain things..cough cough fashion..but makeup I have a hard time spending money on especially mascara because I feel like I go through it quickly and like to change it out since it is used on my eyes. That all being said I decided to share the drugstore mascaras I’ve tried and what I thought!

1. Maybelline Colossal- I’m going to be honest, I have a huge crush on Covergirl (may or may not have anything to do with Tswift) so it’s hard for me to like anything made by maybelline but I did give it a shot! I like the thickness of the bristles but I did feel like I had to apply a lot of coats and I already apply a lot of coats of mascara anyways.

2. Covergirl Lash Blash Fusion- Maybe it’s the orange bottle or because I’ve used it for so long but I just love this mascara. It coats super well, is easy to apply. I love the thickness of the brush end yet the bristles are small, short, and thin. I buy it in the very black, always and never waterproof. Hate that stuff.

3. Covergirl Clump Crusher- I’ve also used this type from Covergirl a lot and I did like it, I do think it lives up to it’s name and doesn’t produce many clumps but I don’t really like the curved tip of the brush. I know it works for lots of people but for me it just doesn’t. I think it’s harder to use, harder to coat all your lashes evenly, especially the bottom lashes-yes I do coat my bottom lashes always! And I always put eyeliner on the bottom too-sue me. I told you I’m all about the eyes it’s my favorite feature of my husband, he just happens to be super lucky and have those baby blues. Poor me. I’m just a brown eyed girl, but hey at least I got a song for it!

4. Maybelline Rocket Volume- I haven’t used this one quite as much, I think I just thought I would like it because it has the same shape as most the other bottles but call me a maybelline basher I just think Covergirl is better between the two! Like I said for the first maybelline mascara I have to apply so many more coats to see the same results as just one coat of any type of Covergirl.

5. Covergirl Flamed Out- This one is newer and I picked it up when I was replenishing my lash blast stash last. Say that five times fast. And here’s news for ya, I didn’t hate it. I love the bottle…because that so matters about the quality right? I think so. Anywho I also bought this is very black, the brush has thicker bristles and this funky curve to it which I believe actually coats your lashes best.

So of all those I think I ended where I started, cover girl lash blast fusion is still my fave out of these. Who knows maybe next I’ll do a high end take on mascara…until next time!

Reading in the Real Vs. E-Reading


If you know me then it’s no big secret that I love to read. I have loved reading for a very long time, I would fly through my AR reading books in elementary and middle school and always loved the Pizza Hut’s Book it program. It’s so easy for me to get hooked on a good read and want to stay up into the late/early hours of the night/morning. Times get confusing after midnight! I’ve been inclined to stay up until 3 am because I just had to see what was going to happen in Edward and Bella’s relationship (yup, I went there) or how Nicholas Sparks was going to pull at my heart strings once more.

Ever since I got my Ipad four years back I’ve been inclined to do some e-reading. I loved the ease of being able to quickly tap on my ipad and order a new book, it was easy to take with me anywhere (school, vacation, etc) plus I could do other things on it such as look up a word (but how many people actually use this feature??), increase the font size, increase/decrease the back light. I now have gotten rid of my ipad since my gracious hubby got me a nook. I do like the nook better because it doesn’t have the back light like the Ipad does which makes it read like a normal book. However, there is definitely a difference in the speed and usability of the two. I’m just addicted to apple, what can I say!

Now on to the real deal…call it old school but having a tangible book in your hands is a pretty good feeling. Had I been born today maybe I wouldn’t have that feeling as I might have started out with an Ipad, nook or kindle. One of the main things I love about tangible books are the shear fact that I can lend them out to friends. After getting through with a really good read I love to tell people about it. I feel like a bad person after I tell someone they must read this book and they ask to borrow it and I have to crush their hearts by telling them I read it digitally. (While you are able to lend some books through these devices not all are lendable) Okay that might be dramatic, but I really really hate it!

Another problem I have with e-reading is the pricing. I’ve read several different articles stating that e-reading can be cheaper but I’ve found no such luck. With most of the books you are purchasing you are paying the “fresh off the bookshelf” price. They will have deals on some books or package deals if you are buying a series but for someone who would buy her books off Amazon or at stores like Goodwill or dare I say borrow them from your local library (gasp!) they won’t beat those prices.

There ya have it! Whatever way you like to read is awesome, just read!


How to Tell if You Have the Best Parents

Do you have the best parents in the world? Well, I do and I plan to continue to keep bragging about my family this week! I know that some kids don’t respect, love, or even like their parents all that much, and while I’m sure some have great reason to I am happy to say that I love, like, and respect mine a whole lot more each and every day.

A few fun facts about my parents: they are both extremely hard-working, beautiful (yes my dad is man-pretty), and they have the strongest love for each other.  I am my mom’s mini-me in so many ways: OCD organizer, deep-thinker,  and of course sassy. My mom is such an amazing woman who continues to teach me so much everyday. I will always treasure the weekends filled with endless TJ trips and raspberry cokes from Noodles.
My dad has given me so much as well (including my sarcastic sense of humor) he’s always loved me despite my mistakes, has taught me what to expect from my husband and that I should strive to be the best me I can be.


I just happen to think I have the best parents around and feel so blessed to be in the family they’ve created. I know I have made many mistakes and will most likely continue to but knowing that they will always be there to back me and pray for me is a huge comfort. They have always worked to help me be the best version of me and they have taught me many life lessons. I couldn’t be any happier with the parents God chose to give me. I strive to continue to make them proud, love them, and continue to be a godly daughter to them. I can only hope that I will be a great parent for my future kids as I have had two of the best examples in my life.


My First Best Friend

Best friends.

It’s sometimes a petty word we like to throw around but Kylie is truly my BFF.

I don’t know any two closer siblings than my sister and I (even though she wasn’t too excited when she first found out about me). People usually laugh and say it isn’t possible when we tell them that we don’t fight. It’s true people, we have hardly ever fought. I could count our fights on one hand and one of those is over a pair of shoes. Imagine that.
I sometimes think we should have been twins knowing the connection we have with each other, we can figure out what each others thinking and usually know the end of the sentence we’re trying to say. My sister is more than just a sister to me. She’s been my playdate, babysitter, TJ  Maxx date, friend, cook, interior designer, caregiver, and most important of all she has been the best listener around. I have learned so much being a sister to her and I have learned what true sisterly love is.

We have talked many times about how we hope that our future kids will have this bond that we have. I don’t know why we have it, I don’t know what my parents did so differently that made us this way but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Come back later this week and hear more about the rest of my family!