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Wow, hi guys, it’s been a while! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately, we have had a lot going on! In the past couple weeks we’ve had so many changes: the hubs accepted a new job in Omaha, we listed and sold our house and bought a new one in Omaha. It’s crazy how quick this all happened but we are very excited for this next chapter and adventure in our lives. Since we listed our home we had professional photos taken of our home so I wanted to share one last final home tour of our first home together and reflect on some of my past home projects:

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-001-21-Front of Home-2500x1667-300dpi

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-003-28-Front Entryway-2500x1667-300dpi

I’m going to miss that mint green door!

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-004-1-Front Entry Detail-2500x1667-300dpi

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-005-8-Living Room-2500x1667-300dpi

It’s fun to look back through pictures and see how much this home has evolved over the years

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-007-10-Living Room-2500x1667-300dpi

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-008-13-Dining Room-2500x1667-300dpi

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-010-3-Kitchen-2500x1667-300dpi

My kitchen cabinet transformation

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-011-4-Kitchen-2500x1667-300dpi

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-017-7-Bedroom 2-2500x1667-300dpi

Where all the magic happens for EverydayMrs!

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-018-2-Bathroom-2500x1667-300dpi

Remember that one room challenge last year?

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-014-23-Master Bedroom-2500x1667-300dpi

And this year’s one room challenge

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-015-15-Master Bedroom-2500x1667-300dpi

We just reorganized our basement and were finally starting to enjoy it more! Ha..

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-020-16-Family Room-2500x1667-300dpi

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-023-30-Family Room-2500x1667-300dpi

My faux “bar” I made out of a drafting table

4314 N Dellrose Cir Wichita KS-print-030-27-Deck View-2500x1667-300dpi

There you have it! I’m going to miss our first home but I’m so excited to show you our new home and share all the remodeling and new projects that are going to happen to it. Stay tuned!

Capsule Wardrobe Update

Happy hump day! Did you read about my version of a capsule wardrobe? I’m slowly but surely working on implementing my own version in my closet! I’ll be honest it’s been a little hard to pare down my wardrobe. Not only am I trying to minimize what’s in my closet but also change the way I shop which may sound a little silly but is really the culprit of my closet being the way it is. My goals going forward are to buy pieces that I really love and have a “need” for in my closet.

Untitled #8

I’ve always said that we don’t need anything when it comes to clothes, but we sure want a lot! My husband’s first reaction was that I don’t get rid of a bunch of things because that was a lot of money you know 🙂 but my overall goal is to live a little bit more minimalist while loving what I have. Above are the pieces I’m loving for my summer capsule wardrobe and are so versatile to be  paired with the other pieces that you own in your wardrobe plus accessories! I’m usually not one for such neutral colors but there’s something about light and breezy that I’m loving this summer.

I’m sure you already own pieces in your closet to recreate a similar aesthetic for your wardrobe. I know I own similar items to these already and have been wearing them on repeat this summer and pairing back with some of my fave Stella&Dot pieces! What does your summer capsule wardrobe look like? Would love for you to share on instagram with #everydaycapsulewardrobe can’t wait to see!


Summer Jewel Looks

As some of you may know I started selling Stella & Dot recently and have been having a blast and loving every piece I’ve received! So today I wanted to share some of my favorite summer jewel looks with you.


This is our new silver engravabe with our silver lariat necklace, love these delicates layered together.


I wasn’t so sure about the new Nomad necklace but once I got it I haven’t stopped wearing it! Also love the enlighten bracelet that I’m wearing that supports such a great cause: Every Mother Counts.


This was the perfect piece to wear to Riverfest earlier this month!



How perfect is this arm party?


And these ear climbers, I can’t get enough of them!!!


The ear climbers and arc pendant have been on serious repeat. So tell me what Stella&Dot pieces do you love the most? Take a look here!

Summer Festival Wear

Guess what?! Tomorrow is Friday and I have something from Pink Saloon that I think is going to get you ready for the weekend!


How perfect is this outfit for a summer festival or concert that I’m sure you’re going to?! If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that one of my favorite clothing brands is Wildfox, mostly for their buttery soft fabrics but also because they come up with some hilarious tees and sweatshirts! This tee perfectly fits in both of those categories-seriously I could wear this to bed every night, it’s that soft.


Love how this Jenny Bird collar necklace really dresses up this tshirt taking it from average to fabulous!


Let’s talk about these leather shorts for a minute…I was a little self conscious when I first put them on but got more used to them as I was wearing them. It’s not often that I wear leather in short form 🙂 I actually love how they look and felt on once I got used to them and think they would be such a fun addition to my wardrobe…possibly to my capsule-ish wardrobe?? Now about the shoes, Frye has been my fave boot brand for years but I seriously love these little Frye black and white leather beauties. So comfortable and would go with so many outfits flawlessly!

everydaymrs festival

So tell me, would you wear this outfit?? Where would you wear it to? A summer concert, town festival or just a fun night out with the girls? So many different places to wear it, you’ll be a showstopper for sure!

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