Work Wear with a Flair

Dressing for work can be complicated, especially for the ladies! I spoke at a workshop earlier this year about this exact topic for both men and women in a professional setting. When Ministry of Supply reached out about doing a collaborative post I knew this was a great fit!

While I personally don’t have to dress super professional for my job it’s always good to keep in mind what “professional” wear actually is. Our society has become so casual as of late sometimes those lines get blurred. 

Ministry of Supply offers some awesome basics for business attire. I selected the Easier than Silk tee in blush and the Structure your Day skinny leg pant in navy. 

I simply paired these two pieces with each other and added a few accessories. If you do work in a more professional work environment I suggest learning to tone down your accessories. I often see so many women who either wear zero accessories with their work wear or ones who wear too many. If you are meeting with clients it can sometimes become distracting if you have too many on.

Since the two work wear pieces that I selected from Ministry of Supply were more neutral pieces I wanted to elevate the style to have a little more flair. This outfit would probably not be for those of you who have a more strict professional dress code. However if your office is more business casual this could work for you!

I’ve been loving the neck scarf and white bootie trend as of late and thought they were the perfect two accessories for this outfit! And yes, shoes can count as an accessory! Since these booties were white (which makes a statement) and the scarf has a floral print I felt that was quite a bit of accessorizing for a work wear outfit. I simply added a watch and small bracelet and was good to go. I opted for no earrings so as not to be too distracting combined with the scarf.

I love how this outfit is elegant, professional and would be easy to turn into an after work happy hour outfit by adding a jacket. I was also beyond impressed with the quality of the clothing from Ministry of Supply. 

Both the pants and top felt incredible. I definitely understand the name of this top as it feels like silk but doesn’t have all the annoying properties of silk. One of the main things that sold me on this brand are that most of the products I looked at, including what I’m wearing, are machine washable. It’s always annoying to me when I fall in love with a clothing item only to find out it’s dry clean only. This makes this brand all the more attractive knowing there isn’t any special maintenance required!

If you’re looking for a new work wear brand to try out I highly recommend Ministry of Supply. All of their pieces have such classic lines so you could wear them for years to come just by simply updating and changing out your accessories for the season!

This post is sponsored, as always my opinions are 100% my own.

Year 4

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we said “I do”. This blog has brought about so many amazing opportunities. However, one thing I enjoy most is using this blog to document each anniversary, memory and big moment. You can read about year one and year two here and here. I skipped last year as we were in the midst of moving, remodels and new jobs but I couldn’t let this year pass my by again.

I feel like each year our marriage is better and better. So we must be doing something right, right?! Year 4 was so much fun! We settled into our new home in Omaha, completed our first big remodel, tried out a lot of new restaurants, and took Nova on a bunch of walks in our adorable neighborhood! We’ve grown closer, worked at our communication, and loved hard. It hasn’t always been easy and it hasn’t always been fun but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Isaac, thank you for being an amazing husband and friend. Life has been so fun with you by my side, as my husband, for the past 4 years. You are oh so patient with me, kind when I don’t deserve it and love me always. I look forward to year 5 and all the years after that! P.S. Thanks for waking up early on numerous occassions to bring me blueberry donuts from Gerda’s 🙂

Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

A bright, white smile is definitely something to brag about! I’ve used several different teeth whitening products over the years and haven’t found something that truly worked. I’ve tried LED lightsprofessional teeth whitening from my dentist, and white strips found at the drugstore. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me I thought I might as well give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

My teeth prior to the whitening weren’t “not white” but they weren’t the brightest they could be in my opinion!

While I don’t drink coffee, which dulls and stains a lot of smiles, I am big on diet coke. I drink a couple of them a day which I’m sure doesn’t contribute well to a bright smile! I love white teeth but hate all the muss, fuss and expense that most teeth whitening products have.

So I was totally game for trying something new! I loved Smile Brilliant’s super easy process for whiter teeth. Once you sign up they send you a box with easy instructions to follow to make molds of your teeth. You send those back and in about a week you have your custom fitted teeth whitening traysto get to whitening! I loved the ease of this professional at home whiteningsystem. I used the whitening gel about once every other night or every two nights for an hour. After that I used the desensitizing gel for about 15-30. For me I think the desensitizing gel made all the difference. I hate using whitening products just for my teeth to hurt afterwards. The desensitizing gel helps with this! Not only does it help with teeth sensitivity it is also supposed to help prevent future staining.

Here are my after results! 

And here is a stacked picture the top being my before and the bottom being my afters. I love that this brightening process didn’t take very long to achieve results! The Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system definitely brightened up my smile and gave me more confidence. Pictures are everything when you’re a blogger, and having a bright white smile makes the photos so much better! 

Lucky for you, you can enter to win a whitening kit for free! To enter to win use this link: and for those that aren’t winners use the code: everydaymrs15 for $15 off a tray!

How to Whiten Your Teeth

Have Funds, Will Travel

It’s no secret that the Mr. and I love to travel! Ever since we first were married we knew it was a goal of ours to travel as much as we can. We think marrying at a young age has given us the opportunity to travel, enjoy life and make many memories together prior to having kids! However, I often get asked how we manage to travel so much. The easy/not so easy answer to that is a budget. Though I don’t enjoy budgeting, I married a smart man who knows how to put an effective budget into place so that we can achieve the goals we have set for us! 

Our larger travel goal is to make it to Europe next year for our 5th wedding anniversary. It will be Isaac’s first time there and I’ve been itching to go back! However, we knew we still wanted a small getaway this fall to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We decided on doing a long weekend in Colorado Springs as it was drivable and wasn’t too hard on our budget. 

Gas is relatively cheap right now so if you can drive to your vacation spot it will definitely make vacations more attainable! We also chose to do it over Labor Day weekend so we didn’t have to use many vacation days-also a great way to get more vacations in in a year. 

We spent the most money on meals, but tried to be smart where we could. I brought along breakfast bars so we only ate one breakfast at an actual restaurant. Most of our lunches were pretty casual so we could spend the most on dinner. 

We had a great time visiting the local sights in Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak, Seven Falls, the Royal Gorge and even a local winery! 

Though it’s not the beach-which is typically my first pick for a vacation-it was definitely a breath of fresh air. We don’t have these views in Nebraska and for some reason they never get old!

Since we had a car we visited a couple towns around Colorado Springs including this cute historic city, Cripple Creek, nestled in the mountains. 

While we do a lot of walking around, sight seeing, and window shopping we usually don’t do much actual shopping on our trips. This cuts down on our vacation costs immensely. 

While visiting some of the local sights, like the Royal Gorge, weren’t the cheapest adventure it was a great way to spend a couple hours. We’ve also become more accustomed to spending money on experiences versus physical items. 

It’s much more enjoyable to look back on vacations together and think about all the things we’ve experienced together versus some shirt we bought that we probably don’t even have anymore! 

However, the hubs did make the first purchase of the trip which was the patagonia hat he’s wearing in this pic! I gave him a lot of grief over that 😉

Loved this bridge over the Royal Gorge that had flags of most of the states people come to visit from.

On our way back from the Royal Gorge we stopped at the Holy Cross Winery. It was such a cute little winery and we may have even brought back a couple bottles!

The Seven Falls at the Broadmoor was beautiful. We also enjoyed driving around the Broadmoor hotel at all the gorgeous grounds and amazing houses in the neighborhoods surrounding it. 

We ended our vacation with a fabulous dinner and dessert at this cool underground bar!

While we haven’t taken a trip every anniversary, we always try to do something special to celebrate. Last year we had recently moved so we just had a nice dinner out, for year 2 we went to Boston and DC, and for our year 1 celebration we had a staycation. A staycation is definitely a budget friendly way to still have a “vacation” in your own city! It’s so fun to look back and see how we have celebrated each year. Our weekend getaway to CO Springs was technically our celebration for year 4 even though our actual anniversary isn’t until October 12th. What is your favorite way to celebrate anniversaries? And what travel tips do you have?